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  1. W

    Disney all-in on Star Wars a mistake?

    So my wife and I (no kids) are planning a trip to Disney World, and some of the headlines are that that the new Star Wars Land in DisneyLand doesn't have the numbers expected as does the Star Wars theme land in Disney World might be softer than expected. I am reading articles about the Last...
  2. K

    Someone Has Put Way Too Much Thought Into Goofy Cartoons

    So, I ran across this this morning and decided it was right up OM's alley. While I don't dispute the implications of it, this is really not unique to Goofy. After all, Mickey has nephews, and Minnie and Daisy have nieces, but those are the only family members we know of for them. Furthermore...
  3. K

    2019 Disney Legends Announced

    To get ready for this year's D23 expo, Disney has announced the 2019 class of honorees. Some of the more notable ones... James Earl Jones- Well, DUH. Between the Lion King and Star Wars, it's amazing it's taken this long. Robert Downey, Jr.- The funny thing is, if you read the article, they...
  4. K

    Happy 50th Anniversary, Herbie The Love Bug!

    On this day in 1969, Disney released The Love Bug in theaters, spawning several delightfully ridiculous movies and a ridiculous TV series. The franchise is better than The Fast & the Furious, and Herbie > Lightning McQueen. There, I said it.
  5. K

    Frozen 2 Teaser Trailer

    Want NOW! Damn, that's how you do it! Elsa versus a tidal wave, reindeer stampede, Anna with a sword.... YAAAAASSS!
  6. N

    Disney is making a live action Lady and the Tramp remake

    And they are filming it in the city I live in! Should I try to get roles as extras for my dog and I? Also, I wonder how they will handle the... problematic nature of the Siamese cats?
  7. Crinos

    [Big Hero Six the Series] Anyone else watching this?

    I noticed that the second episode was up for free on Youtube, so I caught it, liked what I saw, and have been working my way through the series on Amazon Prime. First of all: The episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_J8_mC_5Qr8 Couple of thoughts: 1) The animation is... kinda not...
  8. K

    [Disney] Disney Halloween Spooktacular!

    Since it's Halloween, I decided I'll (try to) post various Disney Halloween-themed videos! You're more than welcome to join in of course, but there are a FEW rules. 1) It must be Disney. Now, that covers a lot, so Muppets, Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars are all fair game. 2) It must be vaguely...
  9. K

    [Disney/ AMC] Dream Big Princess Movie Marathon

    Well, "marathon" might be an exaggeration, but Disney and AMC (and a handful of other participating theaters) are re-releasing several Disney animated films over the next few weeks. September 15-21 is Beauty and the Beast, followed by Mulan, Tangled, The Princess and the Frog, and finally Brave...
  10. K

    [Disney] Happy 75th Anniversary, Bambi!

    Today marks the 75th Anniversary of the Disney animated classic Bambi. While admittedly I don't hold this as in high regard as Snow White or Sleeping Beauty, it is without question one of the best looking films in the canon. And there is some powerful storytelling, particularly with the "Man has...
  11. E

    [VLTTP] Just watched Lilo and Stitch

    I remember it coming out but I was in my early 20s and would never have watched it; I did think Stitch looked really cool though. Now I'm 39, watching Disney movies I've never seen (cos we're going to WDW next year) and I don't care what people think any more... So, impressions: - On the...
  12. kitty voodoo

    [Bigotry & the Beast] Alabama Drive refuses to show Beauty & the Beast because its got the Gay

    http://www.theblaze.com/news/2017/03/03/why-an-alabama-movie-theater-wont-show-beauty-and-the-beast-remake/ http://fox6now.com/2017/03/03/owners-of-drive-in-theatre-opt-not-to-air-beauty-and-the-beast-over-homosexual-character/...
  13. dshaffer

    [NECRO] Pewdiepie dropped from Youtube/Disney

    https://www.nytimes.com/2017/02/14/business/pewdiepie-youtube-disney.html?_r=0 https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2017/02/14/pewdiepie-youtubes-most-popular-star-dropped-by-disney-over-anti-semitic-jokes/?utm_term=.4c57dd7be4e4 So it looks like Pewdiepie is in trouble. I'm not...
  14. K

    [Prelude to a Poll] The 3rd Annual Other Media Best Disney Animated Film Ever!

    2016 is drawing to a close, so I figure it is time to once again open that can of worms and determine what Other Media thinks should be included on a poll for best films from Walt Disney Animation Studios. Now, a note. This is to determine the best film, not the one you find the most enjoyable...
  15. K

    [Disney] The Moana Discussion Thread (SPOILERS!)

    I just got back from it, and I enjoyed it heartily. Still humming some of the songs. I will wait a post or two to discuss it more fully, so no one gets hit with spoilers on the mouse over on the main page.
  16. K

    [Disney] Best Pirate Movie?

    Since Talk Like a Pirate Day is soon to be upon us, I thought I'd put it to you, Other Media, to determine which Disney film featuring pirates is the best. These are films that were theatrically released, by the way. The nominees! Treasure Island (1950) Peter Pan (1953) Davy Crockett & The...
  17. K

    [Disney] Elena of Avalor

    While it doesn't officially premiere until Friday on Disney Channel, it IS onDemand, so I watched it. First- this takes place after the movie Elena & The Secret of Avalor, which Disney Channel will apparently air in the fall. BRILLIANT. There is a brief summation at the start of the episode...
  18. K

    Happy 30th Anniversary, The Great Mouse Detective!

    Released on this date, July 2, 1986. Credited as the first Disney animated feature with computer animation (though technically The Black Cauldron had some too). This is an important film because after the aforementioned Cauldron, WDAS was arguably at it's lowest point. GMD was a marked...
  19. K

    [Disney] Wreck-It Ralph 2 Officially Announced

    On Facebook today, Rich Moore, Phil Johnston, and John C. Reilly officially announced what Reilly had been saying for some time in an unofficial capacity- Wreck-It Ralph 2 is officially scheduled for March 2018.
  20. K

    Re-evaluating Snow White & The 7 Dwarfs

    When talk of the best Disney movie comes up, or when the issue of the best Disney princess is discussed, Snow White is usually left by the side of the road. Often, the rational is that it's the first film, and Disney has done so much better since then. Others bring up character or story issues...
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