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domains at war

  1. S

    [Sell me on] Domains at War

    For the past five years or so I've been going OSR with D&D, using the old BECMI, mostly because my kids were interested in the game and that was the easiest version to teach them. But it also opened my eyes to a whole bunch of D&D that I'd missed the first time around, like Warmachine and...
  2. The Wyzard

    Has anyone played Domains at War?

    Autarch is a company that produces ACKS, a highly-rationalized version of B/X D&D that focuses heavily on stuff like trade routes, armies, name-level stuff with castles and domains, etc. They produced a mass-combat system called Domains at War, which looks to my untrained eye to be pretty neat...
  3. K

    [ACKS] Domains at War is finally out

    As a backer of the original Kickstarter, I've got my Backer's PDFs and have been able to see those as they've progressed. Sometimes making discussion about it up to this point difficult, since I forget people can't see what I can. Well that's all changed now; Domains at War is out. It has two...
  4. S

    ACKS: Domains at War - Any way to get it?

    I've come late to the ACKS party. I have the core and the player's guide but what my soul truly desires is Domains at War. I finished the free starter edition and as soon as I had I tried to see if I could get the full version. My search has been fruitless though, it looks like if you didn't...
  5. T

    [ACKS/Mass Combat] Domains at War: what will you do with it?

    Domains at War is, like its inspiration Chainmail, a set of rules for fantasy/ancient/medieval warfare that can be played as a stand-alone wargame; integrated into a stragetic campaign; or used to handle mass combat in any RPG that shares concepts like hit points and armor class. It's currently...
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