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don't rest your head


    [DRYH] Is there a way to reverse the exhaustion death-spiral?

    Now, I like the way exhaution works in DRYH: The more you push yourself, the more you can do, but the more you risk is spiralling out of your control. For the core game, and some of the hacks I've seen for it, it works brilliantly. However, it seems an odd fit for certain other possible hacks...
  2. T

    Don't Rest Your Pyramid Head

    I'm sure somebody else has already done this, but just in case: Has anyone else noticed how easy it is to turn DRYH into Silent Hill? You just have to strip away a few parts and hey presto, restless dreams and seeing towns and such. 1. Get rid of insomnia/sleep. I know this is like removing...
  3. Carreon

    [DRYH] Fullmetal Alchemist Hack

    Warning Heavy Spoilers, You where warned. This is a small hack that has been floating around in the back of my head the entire weekend. It seems to me that Don't Rest Your Head would be good for doing a fullmetal alchemist game if you made the following changes to the sheet. My name is: And I...
  4. B

    [DRYH] The Mad City

    I've been thinking of running a game of Don't Rest Your Head that would take place mostly in the City Slumbering, I was thinking of using the mad city as a place like the Spirit world in W:tF, a place were you only go when you have to and were dangerous and strange thing come from. The main...
  5. B

    [DRYH]Don't Lose Your Mind, Expanded Edition

    I loved the Don't Lose your mind Supplement for Don't Rest Your Head, but I was sad when it finally ended, I was hungry for more, so I thought I'd start a fan made expansion here on the forum. Here is my example of a new madness talent in the style of DLYM. M Is for monster...
  6. B

    [1-shot] Don't Rest Your Head

    I purchased <B>Don't Rest Your Head</b> in Oakland a while back, and made a character <a href="http://innocent-man.livejournal.com/402088.html">here</a>. Seemed like a lot of fun, and since Rob got his wires crossed and couldn't run <B>In A Wicked Age</b> last night, I decided to run this...
  7. B

    Don't Rest Your Head....um, WHAT?!

    What IS this game? It looks freakin' great! Who's played it and how much fun is it? is it a short-run game or can you have long-term campaigns? Are you always in the Mad City? Details, man!
  8. Dimfrost

    [DRYH] Hacking for dark Baroque fantasy

    The setting is Pradova: a dark, sprawling metropolis, vaguely Baroque or Renaissance in style, governed by a sinister prince, located somewhere far out in the faerie realm, where reality becomes less and less tangible the further you go from the city. There are rumors about a coming war against...
  9. Mostlyjoe

    Sell me on...quite a few indy games actually.

    Okay. I've been living in a cave. I 'woke up' to the far fuller range of Indy RPGs. And other 'lite' to complex games. So, lets start with: Sell me on Don't Rest Your Head Just how creepy fun is this game? On that note...Sell me on Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies, what is this going to be...
  10. Blackwingedheaven

    [Don't Rest Your Head] The Feynmen

    In his great article series, Wushu Skidoo, Dan Bayn posits a setting called "Destroyer of Worlds", which is about Richard Feynman spontaneously reaching enlightenment during the Trinity nuclear test and his subsequent quest to hunt down the world's nuclear scientists. In a follow-up article...
  11. Blackwingedheaven

    [DRYH] Musical Influences

    So, I'm running a Don't Rest Your Head game on Monday nights (alternating with a Changeling: The Lost game) and I'm one of those GMs that lives in his own peculiar headspace filled with music. That is, I use music heavily during my games, I tend to think of various characters as having their own...
  12. Scattercat

    [DRYH] How does it play?

    So far, I've only run it via a PbP forum, which is suboptimal for all the back-and-forth discussing and interpreting that goes on. (I sometimes feel it's a bit like an I Ching reading; you throw out the dice and they can mean whatever you want them to mean.) I'm planning on running a test...
  13. M

    [Interest] DRYH- Don't Rest Your Head

    (If I did this wrong, please let me know. I'm new to this website) Hey, I'm not really sure how to make this post, but I'm interested in finding a basic, non-modified game of DRYH, as it's the only game that I actually have the book for right now. I've never played before, but I've read though...
  14. M

    Bloomington, Indiana- Player - Looking to join a game

    Play Location/Method: Bloomington, Indiana. Online also works. Game/System: D&D 3/4th edition. Looking to play something more modern; Don't Rest Your Head would be great. Player or GM: Player, trying to find a game. I can most likely bring another player, if needed. Time/Frequency: Any...
  15. C

    [DRYH/A Dirty World] Playing on a VT?

    I really want to play/run this game online because no local players would enjoy it. Doies anyone have any hints/tips for running it either on a graphical interface or IRC? I'd love to have some sort of gprahical representation for the nifty dice mechanics :)
  16. TheMouse

    DRYH hacks

    People keep hacking Don't Rest Your Head to change the focus of it. For instance there's Bailywolf's "Can't Best Your Dad," found here: http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?t=412782 Post your -- or someone else's -- DRYH hack. I'm curious to see what people have done with it.
  17. Bailywolf

    [DRYH Viedo] Yeah, it's pretty much like this.

    Right Here. Lets do one of those 'post a video that's like the game' threads, but instead of something easy like Exalted (where you can post Jet Li being a friggin badass, and totally win), lets do it for Don't Lose Your Mind. Creepy, surreal, with a burst of action, a hint of people losing...
  18. F

    [DRYH] Madness Dice and Madness Talents

    Hi, after reading a bit the game and Don't Loose Your Mind I got a bit confused about Maddness Dice and Madness Talents. You can always use Madness Dice to do something awesome, but still just mundane action even if you are doing them at a superhuman power level. So with Madness Talents you...
  19. F

    Don't Loose Your Mind is wow

    Hi all, I got yesterday my copy of that book and flipt through it. Man it is a product of a genius and an ill mind at the same time. I just say "A is for ant". Crazy shit is in that book, but it lifts DRYH to a totally new level and an even cooler game. You may ask, why a game about madness...
  20. S

    [DRYH] Don't Rest Your Mind supplement OOP?

    I noticed it is out of print at IPR. Is it going to be back in print at some point?
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