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don't rest your head

  1. Bailywolf

    [DRYH/Venture Brothers] Can't Best Your Dad

    Inspired by TheMouse. "What's on the outside?" "What's on the Inside?" "Why are you a failure?" "What would it take to make you a success?" "What just crashed through the roof, intent on killing you?" You roll 3 COOL dice. That's the slim chance you have to pull something off and look...
  2. P

    [Tell Me/Sell Me] Don't Rest Your Head

    I hear good things about this horror game. I'm in the mood to expand my horror collection with something from Indie Press Revolution, so tell me about this thing.
  3. B

    [DRYH] Argh.

    I thought DRYH was cool from the very first time I saw it, and really wanted to play. It's not exactly traditional D&D, however, so half of my group will simply refuse to play it; I never bothered to ask 'em. Instead, I talked to two of the guys who seemed more open, and they were good with it...
  4. M

    [DRYH] Ideas for using it as traditional dark fantasy?

    I know there are a lot of options out there for what I want to do, but when I walked over to the bookshelf to grab my Burning Wheel books I saw my copy of Don't Rest Your Head sitting there right beside them and it got my wheels turning (forgive the pun). I love DRYH. I feel like the mechanics...
  5. Scattercat

    [DRYH] Framing Conflicts and Using Talents

    I'm running a little semi-solo game for my wife, and I find myself continuing to have difficulty with framing conflicts appropriately, particularly with regards to the rules about using talents in the game. I had similar cognitive difficulties with Primetime Adventures, when we tried playing...
  6. B

    A DRYH challenge thread!

    Hey all, I've been mucking about with some DRYH mods, inspired by the inimitable Bailywolf, when I realized that since they are so fun to do, we need more of 'em!!! So the rules of the thread are simple and easy... give us a setting to DRYH-ize, then see what people come up with! So, I...
  7. A

    DRYH new game

    Ok, so I just picked up "Don't rest your head" recently (I got the PDF/book bundle) and am thinking of running it this weekend for 3 of my friends. First off, let me say that I love the setting and the feel of the game. It is a nice gritty game that I feel is on par with Unknown Armies in...
  8. F

    [WUSHU/DRYH]A new experiment in combining

    Hi all, it is time again to fuse two nice systems and see if we can create something interesting out of them. So why WUSHU? WUSHU is a nice free form and fun RPG. It allows you to define your personal traits works with d6. Why Don't Rest Your Head? DRYH is a fun game with a lot of action...
  9. B

    Don't Rest Your Head: a new hope

    Looks like we're finally going to play something that isn't D&D, and I'm going to run it. Darren, Al, Drew? If by some weird trick of fate you've stumbled on this thread, please go away. Fear for me... I've been trying to put together a basic idea for the night; since it's going to be a...
  10. V

    [DRYH] Wax King's Coin

    So I finished rereading Don't Rest Your Head a day or two ago and there's always one thing that's been dragging in the back of my mind about it. You have The Wax King who is the only individual seemingly capable of establishing any kind of currency. Which is fine considering the rather...
  11. indra

    [DRYH+Changeling] Don't Rest Your Hedge

    I really dig the new Changeling, but I think that fitting it into the Storyteller mold misses an opportunity: Clarity and Wyrd should be tied together so that more of one always means less of the other. This models what I see as Changeling's central premise, being caught between two worlds. I...
  12. Bailywolf

    Don't Quench Your Thirst

    First off, before the questions, a statement- You are a vampire. You consume human life to perpetuate your own life. You were once human, but are now more and less. You thirst. It is an addiction. When you don't drink, your skin itches, your teeth ache, you see things... crazy psychotic...
  13. C

    Don't Cross the Line (DRYH superheroes)

    When I wrote that title, I wanted to type "Don't Cross the Streams" and try to come up with something more Halloween themed, but that's not what prompted the post in the first place. I dug out my DRYH book from the shelf and out flopped a folded bit of paper with some superhero notes scrawled...
  14. Bailywolf

    Don't Rest Your Spirit of the Century

    Answer these three Little Questions: What's your name? What do you look like? What's your shtick? Answer these five Big Questions: "Why do you risk death?" "What just happened?" "What do you stand for?" "What made you who you are?" "What is your fate?" Pick your Responses (3 total...
  15. Bailywolf

    DRYH beat me up and called me names, and I liked it

    I got to play a short DRYH demo run by a friend of mine at a recent Halloween open house type thing at Tyche's Games here in Athens. Tyche's stocks DRYH as well as other hip indies (my little cadre of rogue gamers have been pushing hard for it). Its kind of a renaissance in gaming hereabouts...
  16. mitchw

    PDQ and Don't Rest Your Head, could it work?

    Now that Evil Hat (Fate, SotC, Don't Rest Your Head) is going to be publishing Atomic Sock Monkey games (PDQ, Dead Inside, Zorcerer of Zo, etc.) I wonder what kind of cross-overs between their products would work. There was already a thread about combining PDQ and Fate. I wonder how PDQ...
  17. F

    [DRYH] It is plainly just awesome!

    Yesterday me and a few buddies tried Don't Rest Your Head. It went well..partly because of the characters and the players, and partly because the systemis easy and fun. That the players sets the first scene like in Don't Rest Your Head or Sorcerer is just great it makes it easier for the GM and...
  18. C

    Sell me on...Don't Rest Your Head

    I've been wondering if this game is worth buying ever since I saw the review of it on YouTube. Anyone ever played it or ran it? What's it like?
  19. Rain242

    [DRYH] A Visit to the Mad City

    So last weekend I finally got around to running a game of Don't Rest Your Head. Unfortunately, as this was dropped on me rather at the last minute, I had barely any prep time, and we only got characters generated about half an hour before beginning. To this end, I decided the best course of...
  20. tigermuppetcut

    [DRYH] Anyone used it to run Kult?

    Care to post what you tweaked, what worked well and what didn't etc. I love everything about DRYH except the Nightmares (they come off as silly) but Kult was really nasty and unsettling , I'd like to marry the two.
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