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  1. Aliana

    Calling all Dragon Age PBP Roleplayers

    Hey guys, I'm building an online PBP roleplaying game based on the Dragon Age series for anyone interested. Primarily storytelling-based, will be great for PBP roleplaying writers. Freeform / forum-based. i.e. no dice involved. Original characters are allowed, but canons can be played too...
  2. Jürgen Hubert

    [Spoilers] Thoughts on Dragon Age: Inquisition

    [For the record, even though I have not yet finished the DLC you can consider me thoroughly spoiled - so no restrictions on the comments.] I played Dragon Age: Inquisition back in 2015, some time after it came out (and after I played through the other Dragon Age games in quick succession - my...
  3. CarrotandStick

    [L5R] Dragon Age: Inquisition - Rokugan Edition?

    So I'm thinking of running an L5R game for a small group of great roleplayers; very character driven, etc etc. I'm thinking that taking the basic shape of Dragon Age: Inquisition and applying it to Rokugan would be a great opportunity to resolve a lot of L5R's sometime problems with campaign...
  4. salinea

     A dragon age inquisition where i play [No Spoilers]

    So i was posting about my inquisition playthrough on this place (failfandomanon if you're curious) but the guys in the comments kept spoiling me so I'm kind of done with it, and I was wondering if there would be any interest into that if I relocated this here instead? I'm kinda more than halfway...
  5. E

    Dark Fantasy: Seeking Dragon Age Alternatives

    I've been running a biweekly Dragon Age game for 1.5 years and have become disenfranchised with the Age system. Looking for alternatives, hoping for some help! My primary grievances with Age are with skill checks (skills are spread across 8 attributes and often require some hunting to find)...
  6. Castille

    Dragon Age: Escape From Tevinter. Ideas?

    I'm starting a game for some new players (with a couple of experienced ones) & we like the idea of escaping the Tevinter Imperium for more hospitable (and not blood-magic-crazy) lands. I am going to start them at the Tevinter border, having to sneak past patrols to get free & head south. Being a...
  7. Z

    Dragon Age with another system?

    Hi! The title says it all. I'm curious to know whether any of you have ever tried running the Dragon Age setting with a system other than the official AGE system. If so, what was your experience like? What did you like the most? What didn't work out in the end?
  8. St.Just

    [DA:I] So, replaying Inquisition

    (I thought we had a thread about this, but there doesn't seem to be one on the first three pages, so eh, here we go). Since at some point it apparently became a personal goal of mine to replay every Bioware game I own this year (Well, DA:O excepted), I ended up plowing into this after DA:2 with...
  9. calliban

    [Dragon Age/Fantasy AGE] What are the differences, and how compatible they are?

    I am a big fan of Dragon Age games, and own all boxed sets (TBH I own all material Green Ronin put out from DA, including the new core book); I recently got Fantasy Age as a gift. I never had the chance to play it, but I intend to change it. I am starting to read the rules (I'm using the core...
  10. St.Just

    [DA2] Replaying it after a couple years

    And maybe it's all those Telltale games making me realize that I'll totally play a game for good characters and well-written dialogue, but I'm actually enjoying it even more than I did last time. :D I mean, the combat is actually a lot of fun as well (even if keeping Merril alive long enough to...
  11. Turelie

    [DA:I] The Trespasser DLC out September 8th

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUQKGFMfXx0 So the last DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition was just offically announced at PAX! The information they gave before showing the trailer was: Two new features, the "Golden Nug" and a player wardrobe, will be released free as a part the patch...
  12. NinjaWeasel

    [AGE] What Are The Differences Between The Core Books?

    So, like a lot of people, I've had my interest piqued by the AGE system recently and there's a reasonably good chance I'll be picking up Fantasy Age before too long. However, I'm well aware that there's a Dragon Age compiled core book out now and Blue Rose is coming along as well. I've heard...
  13. Tensen01

    [Dragon Age/AGE] Suggestions for Sci-Fi

    So I'm going to be running a Sci-Fi game and I've been heavily inspired by Titan's Grave on Youtube to try out the Dragon Age system. But obviously it's a fantasy system and the Titan's Grave book doesn't come out for a while. Magic will still be in the game in a form similar to Mass Effect's...
  14. S

    Small Press Vigilance Press Podcast: Chris Pramas talks Green Ronin, Titansgrave and the AGE system!

    The Vigilance Press Podcast returns! This week, guest Chris Pramas is with us to talk about Green Ronin and how they are involved with the Titansgrave web series! Tune in to learn how Green Ronin went from one "Ronin" publisher to a company working on one of the coolest series in the RPG...
  15. N

    Tell me about the Dragon Age RPG

    I purchased the core rulebook of this game out of curiosity (the one that combined all the sets), and was pleasantly surprised by how weirdly fascinated I am with the system. The stunts are cool, and the foci and talents give depth to the deceptively simple classes of warrior, thief and mage...
  16. S

    Dragon Age has a really cool experience approach/General Dragon Age thread

    Bought the complete PDF yesterday and I just got to the bit about awarding experience. I very much like how instead of making encounters before the session and building them from a budget, you instead look back at the session and see how difficult each encounter was for the players, and then...
  17. S

    [Dragon Age/AGE] How hackable is it?

    Say I wanted to do something along the lines of a Gamma World/Mad Max game using the AGE system. How easy is it to mess around with without breaking anything substantial? I know the game itself is fairly simple, but simplicity doesn't always mean versatility
  18. R

    Dragon Age

    In lieu of actually reading the whole history of the world section aloud to my PC's, are there any good youtube videos which explain the world and current setting which I could show before the first game ? none of my PC's have much knowledge of the world at all.
  19. wirecrossing

    Tell me of Dragon Age

    I have started playing the pc game. Seems fairly standard fantasy. How is the rpg? What is it good for?
  20. Murazor

    [Dragon Age: Inquisition] A short lament about the Dragon Age Keep

    Why, oh why did they not integrate the Tapestry into the game main menu, so you can make the basic choices there or/and check that the correct World State has been imported? Really, I have no problem with Dragon Age Keep per se, but the integration between the website and the game is so clunky...
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