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dragon magazine

  1. V

    [Let's Read] 4e Dragon & Dungeon Magazine: Monster Articles

    EDITED! So, inspired by Bira's recently begun Let's Read of 4th Edition's Monster Manual and its Monster Vault update, which you can find here, I've been thinking of doing my own take on such a project. I don't want to steal Bira's thunder by examining the monsters from the 2nd and 3rd Monster...
  2. B

    [Video Series] Dragon' Up The Past - new show on hobby game history

    http://grogheads.com/category/books-movies/dragon-up-the-past First 2 episodes are up now, and more every Friday, as we explore the roots of hobby gaming while going thru classic back issues of The Dragon magazine We'd love to hear your feedback :)
  3. Ultima

    Dragon Magazine and souls?

    There is a rumor floating on the internet that there was a Dragon Magazine article that gave a guide for the practical use of souls that you have collected. Does anyone know anything about it?
  4. T

    Dancing with excitement at some ideas in old issues of the Dragon

    Hi everyone. Before I get to the subject of this post, let me tell you a little about my acquaintance with D&D. I started playing it in late 1990s or early 2000s, when the second edition of AD&D was on the way out and 3E looming just ahead. I had a bit of tabletop experience, read some...
  5. Khyron

    I've come to realize my D&D learning experience might not be typical

    Let's start at the start, I thought D&D was kind of a like a boardgame but also sort of not, so when I was eight I looked for D&D in a box. Got the Ravenloft campaign setting box. I read the entire thing, but had no idea what any of it meant, although I did find some of the domain lord...
  6. V

    Dragon magazine: what is your all-time favorite cover?

    Back in the day when there actually *was* a Dragon magazine, there were some absolutely incredible artwork on the covers. Post a pic of your favorite. Here's mine. I find it so evocative.
  7. J

    What issue of the Dragaon.....

    i am looking for the issue of the Dragon that had a particular artice. The artice came out during the early days of 3.0 d20. The article was about weapons in the author's campaign. Weapons were not magical, but were made of different type of metals and had histories behind them. the one I...
  8. Leonaru

    Last Dragon issue with OD&D content?

    Which issue of Dragon was the last one to have content for OD&D? I know that the line is a bit blurry here because OD&D, BD&D and AD&D content is similar or even interchangeable and OD&D very AD&D-like at the end of its life span, but was there a cut off of any sort?
  9. G

    [1E AD&D] Dragon magazine classes

    Does anyone who plays AD&D use any of these? I started with 2E but the local gaming store had loads of back issues of Dragon stretching back and I remember there lots of different weird classes in Dragon - witches, sumotori, ranger-archers, piao shih, incantatrixes, duellists...I guess maybe...
  10. N

    What would it take to get you to buy Dragon and Dungeon magazines again?

    Would anybody buy them again if they did all this? http://dyverscampaign.blogspot.com/2014/01/an-open-letter-to-wizards-of-coast-or.html
  11. S

    (4E/WotC) Dungeon & Dragon are dead... at least temporarily

    From the editorial of Dragon 427 published today: Damn. And just when we were starting to see consistently good content....
  12. J

    A bold experiment: Dragon Magazine!

    http://www.wizards.com/DND/Article.aspx?x=dnd/dungeon/2012November "This month, we're trying an experiment and publishing the magazines as single PDFs containing the month's worth of articles and adventures." The more things change...
  13. U

    Re: [Let's read] Dragon magazine - Part four: No-one expects the 3.5 revision!

    Re: [Let's read] Dragon magazine - Part four: No-one expects the 3.5 revision! Here we go folks. It's been a ridiculously long journey, my writing style has evolved quite a bit in the process, and many other reviews have started and ended in the meantime, but the end is now within sight. Unless...
  14. D

    [4E] Indispensable Dungeon/Dragon Magazine Articles

    Hello, My work on compiling my fully-errated, fully house-ruled collection of everything I am going to use in my upcoming big 4E campaign continues. To keep things simple, I had planned on just banning all material from Dragon and Dungeon magazine. However, a friend recently pointed out that...
  15. N

    Largest Sage Advice index on the web with over 1800 questions and answers.

    Love it or hate it, the Sage Advice column has always been a hot topic with Dragon magazine readers. Nevertheless, it is filled with errata, spells, proficiencies, monsters, deities, comedy and more for AD&D as well as for other TSR games. PurpleWorm.org, home of 2nd edition AD&D, currently has...
  16. K

    Regarding customized classes article (Dragon 109)

    I was wondering if anyone here has any experience using this Dragon article? Thanks.
  17. G

    Greatest Ever D&D Redesign Survey?

    Hey guys, Found this going through old Dragon magazines recently, and thought it was interesting to see what questions they asked, and what questions they didn't ask. It was in Dragon #124 and I believe it was also published within the RPGA, possibly in Polyhedron magazine. Fingers crossed...
  18. G

    [4E] Warrior Forge Artificer powers (Dragon 381)

    Hi everyone! Feels like an age since I posted here... I'm playing my first ever Artificer. (If you ever read my thread about building an Eberron version of the Doctor...well. This is nearly that guy.) Since I partner up with a Paladin (we're old buddies in our back story), I have chosen some...
  19. M

    eBay 136 Dragon Magazines and Complete Set of SPI's Ares Magazine

    For sale on eBay: two lots of classic/golden age role-playing magazines. 1) Complete set of SPI's Ares magazine with ALL games unpunched. LINK to eBay Auction Page 2) 136 issues of Dragon Magazine - includes issues 31 through 167 (with issue 35 missing) LINK to eBay Auction Page Yours, Stanley.
  20. M

    eBay Three Large Lots of Dragon, Different Worlds and Ares Magazines

    For sale on eBay: three large lots of classic/golden age role-playing magazines. 1) Complete set of SPI's Ares magazine with ALL games unpunched. LINK to eBay Auction Page 2) Nearly complete set of Different Worlds magazine (1 missing), the lot includes issues 1 to 10. LINK to eBay Auction...
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