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  1. T

     [Actual Play Podcast] Tides of War [5e Dragonlance Homebrew Setting]

    This is a post for nothing but shameless advertising of a soon to begin podcast of a D&D 5e campaign. We have our team, and have already begun recording episodes, but have uploaded nothing yet. Come on back here or check our Twitter to stay up to date on what we're releasing, when we're...
  2. Sosthenes

    A weird thing just happened: I'm going to run Dragonlance in 2017

    I posted here just a while ago looking for a new campaign to run that's not dungeon-based D&D-ish (we ran GURPS/Ptolus), and got a few great suggestions. Due to some potential player fluctuation, I decided that I didn't want to run something really prep-heavy (so preferably a pre-made campaign)...
  3. V

    [Dragonlance] what is your favorite core sourcebook?

    As far as I know, there have been three D&D core books/sets for Dragonlance. The 1e AD&D Dragonlance Adventures, the 2e AD&D Tales of the Lance box set, and the 3e Dragonlance Campaign Setting. Which one do you like best and why? I'm not including the Saga set(s) because I have that. I'm...
  4. R

    [Fate Accelerated] Dragon Riders

    I’ve always been enamored by the idea of dragon riders. Maybe it was a Dragonlance thing, or that Council of Wyrms boxed set for AD&D 2e that I never got. Or maybe it was the awesome Dragonknights! thread from long ago (man, I would have loved to see that as a finished product). Anyway, the idea...
  5. Ravenclaw74

    Fate of the Dragonlance Campaign Setting

    Folks, Well for all intents and purposes, the Dragonlance setting is on-hold (to say the least). No new novels in the works and no new gaming material. The novels ended with many loose threads hanging: - The minotaurs invaded and occupied Silvanesti - Takhisis is still dead, Paladine is still...
  6. legopaidi

    What's the best version of the Dragonlance setting?

    What's the one, single product that best describes the setting in your opinion?
  7. M

    Pls Delete

    Oopsy. Duplicate post.
  8. S

    [3.Whatever] Dealing With Alignment (Neutrality, Good, and Evil) In D&D

    Let's start with something we can all agree with. Alignment in most editions of D&D isn't just "problematic", it's fucked from the jump. Orcs as a race of (fantasy monster) people are "usually Chaotic Evil"? I'm not the kind of guy who gets offended by stuff, but that's straight up fucking...
  9. J

    Dragonlance - Age of Dragons Timeline

    Some of you might have only a cursory knowledge of the world of Krynn, perhaps knowing about the War of the Lance and not much beyond. For many years Dragonlance had novels and supplements supporting it and furthering along the story of the world and many of these were quality products...
  10. R

    [eBay] Signed Dragonlance D20, New Vegas/Witcher 2 Coll Ed, VtR Clanbooks, Shadowrun 4th

    Time to pay down some debt and clear some space for a possible upcoming move. Where am I moving? I'll know in March. But if I do, everything I sell is one less thing to pack and carry to some other state. All auctions have free shipping within the USA. Dragonlance D20 3.0/3.5 Campaign Setting...
  11. O

    (DL) Who regularly runs Dragonlance? Or, Dragonlance appreciation thread!

    The Dragonlance novels were my intro to the D&D world 15 years ago and I read the heck out of the first 6. Not long after I picked up the first Drizzt trilogy and I've been a Realms guy ever since. I've read the 25+ Drizzt novels and a handful of Greenwood novels and have been running explicitly...
  12. V

    For Sale Dragonlance D&D 3.5/d20 Autographed Sourcebooks

    After five years away, I recently made the trek up to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and retrieved items I've been holding in storage for over five years. Among the many personal items I have is a lot of brand-new game books, novels, and collectibles. I started an online yard sale on Facebook that...
  13. W

    Dragonlance - Which version?

    I have of late taken some interest with Dragonlance. I am a sucker for the classic artwork. Can´t help it. I´ve just started reading the first series and can´t really say I am well versed with the setting. I think the novels are ok by D&D novel standard at least. I would probably had liked it...
  14. A

    [WIP] Death Knights of Krynn

    Before reading this post, I strongly recommend you read this entire thread, which chronicles my playing of the prequel. This is kind of important since the save data from the prequel imports into the sequel (and the data from this game will import into part 3, The Dark Queen of Krynn) So, one...
  15. B

    Dargonlance 2e Character concepts

    I'd like some help with Dragonlance Character concepts. Here are some I have right now : 1 - A gnome Warrior that live in Sancrist far from Mount Nevermind, because his father is an emissary for mount Nevermind. He went to the gnome schools, and learned "science" but in fact he watched the...
  16. Owesome

    Man, That Dragonlance Animated Movie is Just Unrelentingly Horrible, Huh?

    I was hoping to get at least a good voice performance or two out of it, but given the material they had to work with Sutherland and Lawless (heck, even Rosenbaum) just really couldn't make this eyesore worth my while. And the animation! Jeez. Was this done by the same people who did the Lady...
  17. A

    [WIP] Champions of Krynn

    This thread may get one update a week as my job doesn't leave me a lot of time to play. Some background info, Champions of Krynn is a 2nd edition AD&D WRPG done in the Gold Box engine that takes place in the Dragonlance campaign setting. Most of the other AD&D Gold Box games are 1st edition...
  18. J

    Dragonlance 30th Anniversary?

    So, last night I was looking at my Dragonlance 15th Anniversary book, which was published in 1999. That made me realize...it's 2014 now. Is Wizards doing anything to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of Dragonlance?
  19. C

    (Spoilers) Tell Me About Dragons of Summer Flame

    Was reading something that claimed this book really alienated a lot of Dragonlance / Krynn fans and was curious what happened in the book that led to such wailing and rending of garments. I found a summary online but didn't see anything in there that was angst-worthy. So what am I missing?
  20. Libertad

    [Let's Read] Dragonlance Campaign Setting (3.5)

    Ah, Dragonlance, a grand setting with humble beginnings. The setting's creators, Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, came up with the fictional world during a car trip, and were hired later by TSR to write adventures. Around this time there was plenty of information on dungeons in RPG...
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