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  1. Shan Andy

    [Dread] (the Jenga one) Looking for tips and advice

    My players are lovely. I offered them three choices for our first game as a group and they, of course, chose the one I am least prepared to run. Bless them. They wanted to play Dread (the one with the Jenga tower). I've never run or played it before, but I have seen the Tabletop episode where...
  2. Seiberwing

    🎨 Creative Plotting a Dread game for Halloween, toss me horror setups.

    If I can get a posse together I'm hoping to run a game of Dread during the Halloweenish season. I'm still brainstorming premises and trying to gather a crew, but I'd also love to see what the motley rabble have to offer in terms of ideas. I've never run a horror game before, or one where I had...
  3. Seiberwing

    [New GM advice] Want to run Dread, how do I use modules?

    I have very limited GM experience but I've really enjoyed the games of Dread I've played in the past, and it seems to fit my preferred rules-light story-heavy style. A friend sent me a module for a spoooooooky carnival with mysteeeeerious cultists (which isn't my jam but I can probably swap...
  4. Faethor

    Dread(RPG)ful rule hacks

    I love the basic premise of Dread rpg and the rather innovative use of "the tower" - I get it ... however ... I am trying to come up with ideas to hack its rules. My basic "difficulty" is with simple resolution of stuff causing downfall (and how to integrate that into the game), how to keep...
  5. M

    The First Book of Pandemonium

    So I've been stumped in the search for a pdf of the game originally known as Dread: the First Book of Pandemonium, I know it was later released for free as Scorn: the First Book of Pandemonium, and as Pandemonio. The trouble is this: I've heard that Pandemonio is a mess of a document, and I...
  6. TheHopelessGamer

    Help me write a scenario for Dread where my players are blindfolded!

    I'm a huge fan of Dread. It got me into roleplaying over a decade ago with its simplicity, and it's the game I use usually to introduce new players to the hobby and format of roleplaying. I've cultivated a group of friends and family who are veteran Dread role-players now, and as is often the...
  7. F

    [Dread(Jenga)] My hack to give it a few more rules

    Hi all, Dread is simply a brilliant one-shot horror game. It drives the tension and story like no other horror game, but I think the rules could be spiced up with a few things. I have tried these things in my games and really liked it. Consequences: Sometimes players don't want to draw or...
  8. Youdontmeetinaninn

    [Dread Actual Play] Finger Lickin' Good

    Welcome to You Don't Meet In An Inn's annual Halloween Horror series! Are you ready to be spooked? Today we begin playing Epidiah Ravachol's Dread! Our heroes this week are going up to a cabin in Northern Ontario that belongs to the family of one of them. What happens in that cabin will...
  9. F

    A small Dread hack (based on ideas from EPOCH and Our Last Best Hope)

    Hi all, this Friday I will run Dread using the EPOCH scenario Harvest. However I will hack Dread a bit. Each player will write on a card why he will survive and on another card while he will not survive. This is done instead answer the questions. The things they write down can be dark secrects...
  10. N

    Running a Dread one-shot for eight people

    I was asked to run a game of Dread for 8(!) people on New Year's Eve. I have only ran Dread as a special Halloween one-shot as a part of a campaign, but it wasn't that interesting, as I couldn't really kill or even harm player characters. What kind of game should I run? I need a quick idea...
  11. P

    [FAE][Dread] Smash-up! Running Fate Accelerated Edition using a Jenga Tower - Dreadful Fate!

    My players are really into the horror game Dread (the Jenga one), and I'm trying to introduce them to Fate but want to ease them into it. We love horror games, so I had a possibly brilliant terrible idea. I'm wondering if there's some way I can replace Fate points with pulls from a Jenga tower...
  12. R

    [Free PDF] Scorn: The First Book of Pandemonium - Tenth Anniversary Edition

    SCORN: TENTH ANNIVERSARY EDITION Available now as a free PDF from DriveThruRPG. ¡Feliz Día de los Muertos! The Last War has begun. Demons walk among us, feeding on the anguish of their unsuspecting victims. You are a Disciple, a demon hunter armed with repugnant magics and superhuman...
  13. A

    Scorn: The First Book of Pandemonium. Scorn?

    What the hell is this? A new edition of Dread? But it's called Scorn? I mean, I'm down (because it's going to be free), but what's up with the name change?
  14. R

    Books of Pandemonium now FREE! Happy Halloween!

    The entire Books of Pandemonium line (Dread, Pent, Spite, Crux 1, and Crux 2) is now free at DriveThruRPG.com. I condensed a mammoth press release into this TL;DR version: Blasphemous, gruesome horror-action RPG line, consisting of two core rulebooks and three supplements, about 900 pages in...
  15. R

    Necrotroph: Playtesting in early November

    Necrotroph playtesting starts soon! Written and designed by Rafael Chandler (Dread: The First Book of Pandemonium, Spite: The Second Book of Pandemonium), Necrotroph is an RPG about heavy metal, religion, politics, cybernetic manticores that eat the poor, corpsepainted Norwegian Kvltists...
  16. metalman42

    [Dread] When to hand out questionnaires?

    So, I'm planning a game of Dread for my brothers and sister on Halloween. I read somewhere that you should hand out the questionnaires well before the game actually starts, but I don't wanna ruin any of the surprise. Would an hour before be enough? Or should I take them over the night before...
  17. M

    Sell/unsell me on Dread the first book of Pandemonium.

    I am looking to get another empowered monsterhunter gamebook with without too many rules and charts. I have heard good things and read a few reviews about DtfboP. So far I have skimmed the unrated version, but I have never been able to read pdfs right through. At the moment I am eyeballing...
  18. R

    [Neoplastic Press] Free RPG Day!

    It's Free RPG Day, so all my RPGs are free. Probably will stay that way for the rest of the weekend, because I'll forget to change the prices until Monday morning. Which is fine. And also, they were all free to begin with, except Spite, which was $6.66 (subtle), but hey, free is free. So get...
  19. R

    Postpartum: The Books of Pandemonium

    This one's for people who were into the Books of Pandemonium, or who thought that the books needed some changes. In video games, we do something called a postmortem. The postmortem can be defined as the analysis which follows the conclusion of a process; in our case, it refers to the discussion...
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