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dresden files rpg

  1. S

    Adapting Gumshoe's investigative philosophy to Fate?

    So I'm a big fan of Fate, and have recently read Nights Black Agents and fallen pretty hard for the "investigative abilities always work" bit, and am wondering how it can mesh with Fate. I'd probably do something with the Dresden Files RPG (not Accelerated). Going for a feel somewhat like the...
  2. HumAnnoyd

    DFA: Looking for Players in Seattle

    We are looking for a player or two for our long running Dresden Files game in Seattle. We play twice a month on Sundays. Drop me a line if you are interested and we can see if you are a good fit.
  3. Rook S.

    🎨 Creative [Dresden Files Accelerated] Revisiting an old character build

    The original character was for a DFRPG game at the "Submerged" power level, and can be found here. The goal of the current exercise is to figure out how many milestones it takes to build the same character in DFA. I'm afraid it's going to be quite a few. The obvious way to do this is to start...
  4. J

    Dresden files accelerated

    One simple question... What size is the book? Is it the same as the original DF books or the size of the fate core rule book?
  5. S

    [Dresden Files Accelerated] Let's talk about Scale, Stunts, and Sample NPCs

    Long title, I know. I've started trying to convert some of the NPCs in Our World to DFA stats, to have a library of stuff I can drop into a game on short notice. In doing so, I've come across several issues, all rather intertwined. I love the game, but I'd like to see what other people think...
  6. PK

    SJ Games [GURPS] Pyramid #3/104: Dungeon Fantasy RPG

    Defeating a lich Is easier than finding Armor in my size— Roodnat, Ogre Cleric If you've been reading the forums or our social media, you know that the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game is making its way through physical production on its way toward an October release. If you're anything like...
  7. HorusArisen

    Dresden Files Core vs accelerated

    So easy question but why would I choose DF accelerated over the original release, or vice versa. No agenda or preference here just genuine curiosity.
  8. PK

    SJ Games [GURPS] Unboxing video for the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game box set!

    Our tooling samples just came in from the printer, so Hunter did an unboxing video! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sjgames/videos/10155191345301007/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m49s4yGNiLw Check out the unique Cardboard Heroes (both adventurers and monsters), huge and...
  9. HumAnnoyd

    🎨 Creative DFA: Bring me Your Mantles!!!

    My group has been enjoying the recently released Dresden Files Accelerated. In fact, I think it is fair to say that it has reinvigorated our 7 year Dresden Game with an infusion of new ideas and content. That said I am a bit shocked that there isn't more fan made stuff being put up for it. I...
  10. T

    [Dresden Files Accelerated] draft available to backers!

    Check your email. :) Looking pretty cool so far ...
  11. D

    [Dresden Files, Fate] Would You Recommend DF for non-DF Fate Games?

    Howdy all - thinking of picking up the Dresden Files RPG in DTRPG's Halloween sale. Thing is, I'm not that interested in the setting; if I get it I'll probably never run a Dresden Files game proper. What I am interested in is things I can crib for use in other Fate games - particularly, an...
  12. rickjthree

    [Fate] Dresden Files without Dresden

    Does anyone know how much of the Dresden RPG system is open? If one, for instance, wanted to rip the Creatures and Magic systems out of DF and, after scrubbing all of Butcher's IP from it, produce some sort of generic Fate: Urban Fantasy book. Is that even possible?
  13. K


    I have evocation: spirit, earth, water, con 4, power 3 Focus item that gives +1 offensive power Magic boots that let me doge a hit as a defensive action twice a session And know shaolin, jujitzu, and that israli britilization martial art in character. My lore is 3. My endurance is 2. We have...
  14. R

    Dresden Files RPG: How Spoilery?

    I have played the Dresden Files RPG at a con once or twice and enjoyed it, and I really like FATE in general. But I recently actually got into the Dresden Files novels and want to finally pick up the game books. I have a question, though: how spoiler filled are the core books? What novel should...
  15. J

    [WIR] The Dresden Files Roleplaying Game

    I picked this title up many moons ago, after being recommended it as a very cool modern urban fantasy game. Gave it a skim, saw great production values and a whole lot of references to in-universe stuff that I didn't understand. It seemed cool and all, but I just wasn't prepared to be able to...
  16. The Unshaven

    Calling kindly beta testers: Please tell me about Dresden Files Accelerated

    Hello everybody! I've been hearing very positive experiences of Dresden Files Accelerated through the ether, but I'd like to know more. How does the system work? How is magic different? How fast is it to resolve, or to build characters? Any information would be fantastic - particularly if...
  17. F

    Dresden Files goes Savage Worlds (sadly only for Germans)

    Hi all, I just read in an update of the kickstarter for the german Dresden Files version that they will be releasing a Savage Worlds conversation PDF. Wow that is just great. A cool urban fantasy setting for Savage Worlds. I am looking forward to it.
  18. HDimagination

    [Fate] Tweaking with the Magic System in Dresden Files

    Ok, so my Wraith the Oblivion Game kinda petered out, which is what happens when people cajole me into running a game without any good idea where it’s going. So instead, I’m going to run a High School Based Dresden Files game instead, which should be a much more positive experience. Now, the...
  19. Mr Adventurer

    [Dresden Files FATE][+] This book is huge! Like Xbox!

    Okay, so a little while ago I got given FATE Dresden Files, the first, character-centric book, as a gift. Great, I think, I love the DF books and the TV series. Buuut I've never read or played FATE before and the book is huge, huge like Xbox. I'm intimidated. So, where should I start? What, as...
  20. W

    [DFRPG/Fate] Self-compels vs "just roleplaying"

    I was wondering if folks had good guidelines for where the line between a self-compel and "just roleplaying" is. I have a hard time adjudicating such and knowing when to hand out Fate points or not. Like, let's say you've got a character with a stereotypical "Smartass" Aspect. I think clearly...
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