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drive thru rpg

  1. CptPhoenix

    Indie Games Little Pointy Red Hats and Claustrophobia!

    In the deep darkness below the earth, there is only Claustrophobia! Grab your pointy hat and say goodbye to the daisies, it’s time to embark on a perilous subterranean journey as a brave — or suicidal — garden gnome. Face grueling challenges and unique monsters as you explore the dark places...
  2. D

    Drive Thru Hottest Titles = Bad Idea

    I am not going to flip through a scroll bar when doing a quick check if anything new is a top seller. With the new setuo if it isn't in the top three I'm not seeing it. Bring the side bars back. You can keep the new banner scroll things to help push sales and combine with the side list...
  3. CptPhoenix

    [Pathfinder] Lunatic Labyrinth Solo / 1-on-1 adventure.

    If you're a solo gamer or a GM looking for a 1-on-1 adventure please check out my little adventure, Lunatic Labyrinth. It works with the Pathfinder rules, including the Pathfinder Beginners Box. And, if you're a solo gamer and you haven't been to Solo Nexus before, it's worth checking out...
  4. J

    d20 Character Sheet opinions

    Okay, so when not working on other projects of varying ridiculousness, I have started publishing a line of Complete Characters on my own over at DriveThru. The first nine are up (5 free, 4 cheap) and did well, so for the last bit I've been going through the next phase, which is the exercise of...

    Frustration with Drive-Thru RPG

    I lost most of my data with my last computer meltdown; I salvaged what I needed with my thumbdrive, then reformatted (it needed it). What was lost included a goodly number of PDF prodcts, but I didn't sweat it; I could just log in and redownload them, right? But just recently, I tried to do...
  6. Aysez

    [Trinity] Quality os PDFs on Drivethru?

    Alright, quick question. How is the quality on the pdfs for Trinity on Drivethrurpg? Specifically, how is the Player's Guide? Long story short, I'm reading a bunch of old stuff and started going over Trinity again. The problem is that I can't find a few books. The Tech Manual, Alien Report, and...
  7. S

    Your ship, your name. Get the "Advantage"

    Your ship, your name. Scaldcrow Games wants to hear about your AAR-5 "Advantage." We are going to be dedicating a web page on our site to generic role-play of the AAR-5 and would like to hear about the names that the ships have been given and, how they are being used. Ships will be Christened...
  8. S

    Special Forces of Starships

    Scaldcrow Games AAR-5 "Advantage" is now available from Scaldcrow Games. Let the "Advantage" take your players to far away places in adventures that encompass ground and stellar functions. In the world of Starships, this one has more in common with the versitility of Spec Ops than just navy. It...
  9. L

    Free WoD Core Rules on RPGNow/DTRPG

    Did I get scooped? Maybe, but White Wolf is giving away the WoD Core Rules pdf as part of the "Read an e-Book, Why Don'tcha" celebration, or whatever. They've also got their bundles on sale for 25% off. http://www.rpgnow.com or http://www.dtrpg.com
  10. C

    Haiti Mega-Bundle - Why Aren't the Big Guys Involved?

    The Haiti Mega-Bundle from DriveThruRPG is awesome, but I wonder why none of the big companies are participating. No Catalyst, no FFG, no WW, etc. It seems like it would have been an easy to build good will in the gaming community...
  11. naturaltwenty

    WotC halts sale of pdf's through RPGNow/DriveThruRPG

    From rpgnow.com http://forums.gleemax.com/showthread.php?p=18268325#post18268325
  12. J

    [EXXXalted] I'm faintly disappointed this is a joke

  13. D. Archon

    DTRPG D&D GAZ scan quality

    Anyone have any of these? What is the scan quality like?
  14. P

    One benefit to the RPGNow/DTRPG merger . . .

    While I have issues and am waiting to see how this works out one immediate benefit jumped out at me this afternoon: Roanoke is getting better placement on RPGNow. We'll see if the merger helps other, worthy PDFs gain more "air time" but for now I'm happy with this one -- minor -- result of the...
  15. Reverend Keith

    Drivethru Freebies?

    I'm having a hard time remembering when Drivethru offered a free PDF that wasn't an issue of the Wyvern eZine. I've never read this eZine, so for all I know it's the bee's knees, however I'm wondering if anyone knows if any RPG books will be back in the freebie queue in the future.
  16. Ace

    Drive Thru RPG -- No Thanks

    Well i went and checked out Drive Thru RPG --- Color me uninterested On the good the site wasn't too difficult to use, the selection was great and the DRM activation hoorah was nicely explained Bad side-- the prices were flat out ridiculous -- FREX I looked at Eden Studios book of Hod --...
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