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dunegons and dragons

  1. PaladinTroy

    Things you hate that players do in RPGs (pet peeves)

    Personally for me, I hate the following. 1. People who clown around too much, especially in serious situations. 2. People asking me what’s my class and abilities in game. ( learn what I am and what I do in game....that is, if I so choose to show or tell you, either way, let’s role play it out )...
  2. ezekiel

    [All Eds+, Poll] "I like X, but my group doesn't"

    Over many years, I've seen the titular sentiment expressed many, many times. Typically phrased as, "I actually like/prefer [edition/game X], but I'm in the minority" or "in the minority in my group." It also seems, but this could be confirmation bias talking, like this is more common for 4e fans...
  3. I

    [Fate Core] Words of Power Magic System

    Hey! This is my first time posting to the forums, seems like a great community here. I was hoping for some insight on Fate Core's supplement Words of Power. The system's great at outlining how to build and cast spells but it's a little foggy on casting offensive spells. Say I wanted to...
  4. S

    Cross Planes Blog Update

    I've been working on my Blog dedicated to D&D, the OSR, RPG's in general and am posting here to share my updates. http://crossplanes.blogspot.com/2012/06/duchy-of-st-cuthbert-rumors.html
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