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dwarf fortress

  1. empulsive

    Dwarf Fortress To Be Released On Steam and Itch.io

    Per Toady's announcement and a small sampling of the many articles about it! I've been playing DF for a very long time now, have given Toady some money in the past, and I plan on buy it on Steam the moment it's available. Already have it wishlisted. This is exciting. I'm excited! :D
  2. LeftWingPenguin

    [Let's Play] Dwarf Fortress: The Library of Mirrorconfused

    This is the story of seven disenchanted college students from the dwarven civilization known as Mestthos Rakust, "The Citadel of Tombs." One day they were hanging out on the quad at the University of Dwarven Arts and Sciences discussing their future prospects. "I mean what, really, is the...
  3. LeftWingPenguin

    [Let's Play] Dwarf Fortress: The Tale of Inkedpeaks

    So I've always wanted to do a Dwarf Fortress Let's Play, and with the advent of the new libraries feature, I think it may be the time, since I just love the thought of a fortress full of dwarven academics. So here's the setup: In the year 125 Cilob Hamebody, the noted astronomer, threw a fit...
  4. Jay O' Bedlam

    Getting started with Dwarf Fortress

    How does one find a good starting location in Dwarf Fortress? I played the game years and years ago, but it has been calling to me again recently. However, when I load it up the location selection screen is so... opaque. Any hints and tips for how to find a good, fun (and FUN) starting locale...
  5. S

    Dwarf Fortress for Dummies

    So I've been wanting to play this for a while because just reading about it is entertaining. I do know about the high difficulty curve so I'm sort of prepared for that. That being said, what are some basic tips that I should know?
  6. 0Megabyte

    Dwarf Fortress continues to advance...

    So, in playing the newest update to Dwarf Fortress, now people dwarves can come visit your fort, and even decide to stay. Well, that just happened. A baroness consort, wife to a baron, visited, and liked the place so much she decided to stay on with the goal of being part of the military. It...
  7. mrlost

    [ACKS] Tell me about the Dwarf classes, and suggest how I might adapt it for a Dwarf Fortress style setting?

    So I now am the proud owner of both the Adventurer Conqueror King corebook and players guide (one was a birthday present, the latter I had bought a year ago to see what the fuss was about). Anyway I was thinking of creating a few more Dwarf classes to model the different things you can do in...
  8. DrunkenGrognard

    [Let's Play]Dwarf Fortress: The Wondrous Realms

    So. The Structure Damage guys have talked me into doing another one of these, so my Dwarf Fortress is up to date and has just finished generating a world. And thus, here I am; speaking to you, oh VGO, to choose a location to settle our party of damned souls; er; bold settlers, as they set out to...
  9. mrlost

    [Any edition] Which edition has the best domain management rules?

    After playing D&D with Devlin1's Traveller hack, I've experienced a recent resurgence of interest in attempting a Dwarf Fortress generational campaign where the players must track logistics, establish a colony/mine, defend their new settlement while expanding it. So what edition of D&D (or OSR...
  10. 0Megabyte

    New Dwarf Fortress is Out

    Just today, in fact! Sounds like there are a ton of bugs, but that was made clear going in. Expect a bunch of bugfixes. Still! New stuff. Lots of it. Multi-tile trees. Myriad new plants. Goals and dreams for dwarves. Lots of new adventure mode stuff. Anyone here taking a look?
  11. Mostlyjoe

    [Lets Play] Spacebase DF-9: Technical Difficulties Edition

    Before I get this party started I wanted to bring this game to your attention. Starbase DF-9, Dwarf Fortress IN SPACE!!! It currently is up on Steam for $24.99. It's being made by Double Fine. I'm going to run a LETS PLAY based on my early alpha/beta access. Prepare for glitchiness and...
  12. C

    Dwarf Fortress The Next Generation

    I figured I would give my new fort it's own thread. Our story starts in the year 550 in The Land of Hurricanes… oh wait dwarf fortress crashed making that world. Uhm. I guess our story starts in Oruksmater, The Infinite Realms, in the year 305 during the third age of legends. Bomrekiklist...
  13. C

    Dwarf fortress fun

    So recently I decided to try dwarf fortress again and started to play using a step by step learn to play guide on a saved game, that came with the download along with a tile set. First game half the dwarves die of thirst in the winter when I run out of booze. Quit the game and decide to start...
  14. Jay O' Bedlam

    Dwarf Fortress these days

    Once upon a time this forum was filled with Dwarf Fortress LPs and threads, but I haven't seen one in yonks. What's the current state of the game? Has everyone given up playing, or is it so good now you can't drag yourselves away to post about it?
  15. Pip

    Dwarf Fortress 2012: I've started playing again, looking for something challenging

    So, I've decided to start playing some Dwarf Fortress again, and have found that the latest build has a load more fun and interesting features I'd not seen before, like egg-farming, shearing, and mine-carts. I've still never had any "fun" though, it always seems pretty easy to make a fortress...
  16. T

    [Let's play] Dwarf Fortress-Razorfaithful

    Good day all! I figured it's a been a bit since there has been a DF Let's Play so i'd give it a whirl. I generated a planet(The Absolute Planet!) with plenty of beasts, minerals, and no aquifers. And since I believe RPG.net has has fortresses in all sorts of locations but never by an...
  17. iTim

    Dwarf Fortress has become more hardcore, huh?

    I've been playing my first game in a while, and I'm pleasantly surprised at the effects of the recent changes. As ever, the beauty of Dwarf Fortress is not so much the features themselves (vampires and werebeasts? whatever) but how they play out in the game. In my most recent game I had a...
  18. Menteroso

    [Dwarf Fortress] Regale us with your tales of awesome!

    Dwarf Fortress confuses and delights me. I've got very little experience, mostly digging a hole and then having everyone starve, because I forgot to bring food, but I love to hear the tales of epic greatness and epic failure everyone else seems to have. So, storytellers, tell your tales. We...
  19. Bailywolf

    Dwarf Fortress - Help me get past the nightmare UI and finally play

    I love complicated sims filled with unexpected emergent behaviors. I like engineering puzzles. I dig (har har) fantasy uber architecture. After hearing about it, reading Boatmurdered twice, and looking at the fan community, I decided to give it a try. And... gah fuck. The UI poisons my...
  20. Sabermane

    Strike the Earth! The Dwarf Fortress RPG

    Completely unofficial, by the way. Link is HERE! So you too can finally have FUN! Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.
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