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  1. Mavarga

    🎨 Creative Reimaging Dwarves

    Having run across this thread: http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?630950-No-John-you-are-the-elves I thought the subject of dwarves would be in line. Elves actually have a fair range of cultures and images in rpgs. Physically they are taller than men, except when they are shorter. Some are...
  2. Malckuss

    [Setting Jam] Help me develop some non-standard High-fantasy ideas

    So, I'm tired to death of standard (insert overdone genre) here, and genre mash-ups aren't entirely what I am after. I want to try to do something different without throwing out the baby with the bathwater. So I want to try to turn some of the standard fantasy tropes on their ear. I would like...
  3. Count_Zero

    [Delve Deeper] Why Didn't I Play This Sooner?

    I picked this game up from Steam during one of their indie bundles, and I finally got around to playing it yesterday, and found myself quite impressed. The game is, in essence, Carcassonne plus Lemmings with some Dwarfy trappings. Has anyone else played this yet? If so, as a side question - has...
  4. heilel

    (DnD, PF etc )So, do Female Dwarves have beards?

    This question came up in a Pathfinder campaign in the Golarion world. I'm pretty sure I've read in various fantasy materials for DnD (probably not for Golarion tho) that Dwarven women have beards, not big beards like Dwarven males, but lesser types. Or maybe I dreamed it in some weird kinky...
  5. M

    JUSTIFIERS is back!

    Hi, everyone! I already posted the news in the "business-area", but perhaps I can find here some readers too. After a long time of "gone", JUSTIFIERS returned! Why? Well, I am a german fantasy/horror/SF-author (realname MARKUS HEITZ (f.e. The DWARVES) and I was a JUSTIFIERS-player long long...
  6. M

    Making Dwarves Different

    So those of us who have any interest in fantasy (and trust me, I don't have all that much) know that dwarves are just about the same in almost every setting/novel/video game. They live underground, they drink a lot, they have long beards, and they always have Scottish accents. So I figured it...
  7. D

    Dwarf fortress artifacts

    The legendary items I've seen in let's plays (boatmurdered, headshoots, syrupleaf) are awesome. Just right for spicing up fantasy tabletop. Could some of you dwarfs show me/us these objects of legend?
  8. Old Gumphrey

    [4e] Seriously what the hell is up with dwarves?

    They've got: -more racials than anybody -better feat support than anybody (all exotic hammers/axes PLUS weapon focus in one feat, second wind as an interrupt, a bunch of other heroic tier stuff that sounds like it should be paragon or epic) They don't got: -5 speed; who cares they all wear...
  9. K

    Dwarven Weapon Memes

    In most art featuring Dwarves they are almost always shown wielding an axe or hammer and their ranged weapons are always crossbows. No spears, no swords and no bows. Of course in a lot of older rpg art these things were commonplace and indeed the dwarves in The Hobbit all carried bows. So does...
  10. D

    My DM is running a Dwarf Fortress-themed campaign - is this awesome?!? (Y/N)

    FUCKING WIN. One of the GMs in our circle is kicking off his new 1e sandbox campaign tonight. During character creation the other night, it occurred to me that we should do an all-dwarf party - right after I took this picture, go figure: Everybody went for it, and we're now an advance party...
  11. Kredoc

    101 things the Dwarves left behind when they fled Moria

    I'm going to be running an old school sandbox campaign loosely based on the Mines of Moria from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings (some blog posts here). When the Dwarves were driven from Moria by the Balrog, what did they leave behind? 1. Massive mechanical screws and hammers driven by giant gears...
  12. EvilSchemer

    [4E] My version of Hammerfast

    Our current campaign is taking the PCs to Hammerfast. I couldn't wait until May for the official version of Hammerfast, so I decided to make my own. My Hammerfast is slightly different from Chris Perkins' Hammerfast from the podcasts. I'm not sure I'm hep to the idea of ghosts of the ancestors...
  13. C

    [4e] Dwarf Society

    Have we had any actual information on the names of dwarven cities? Things like their ancient capital city or homeland would be kind of cool. Is there any information at all about the dwarves in 4e books? I assume that they have the same "slaves of giants, etc etc" that they've always had, but I...
  14. D

    [Brainstorm] Our Dwarves Are All The Same

    The basic idea and topic of this thread comes from here Thinking recently about a semi-traditional fantasy setting, I realized that, like every other Fantasy setting creator since Tolkein, had no idea what to do with Dwarves. Yet another short, isolationist race with strong beer, thick beards...
  15. Chaot

    [Fantasy Setting Riff] Death Cult Dwarves

    You all know the rules. Add something that doesn't contradict stuff said before. So I was thinking about Durin the Deathless and those creepy hole dwelling secretive dwarves. What if dwarves were a bunch of incredibly well organized cultist in thrall to an ancient dwarven Lich-King who was...
  16. Z

    What is your take on Female Dwarves?

    Female dwarves are depicted differently from game to game if shown at all. The first method is they have beards like the males. The second method is they have beards but shave. The third preference is they half only partial facial hair like sideburns. The fourth is they have no facial hair at...
  17. Z

    [Fantasy] Elf and dwarf bad guys.

    Here is an idea that popped in my head.Elves, Dwarves, and Halflings oppose humans and are the primary Antagonists while goblins and orcs are neutral mercenary types.How is that for a change of pace? Would it be a good idea?
  18. ElDiabloBlanco

    [Setting riff, sorta] If Goblins are minor monsters and Dwarves are everywhere . . .

    who are the legendary smiths/crafters of a lost age? Many myths and folk tales tell of Dwarves or Goblins crafting mighty armour or armourments, but in DnD both of these races have well defined roles. So who are the lost and mysterious smiths of legend?
  19. Lewd Beholder

    when did dwarves become scottish?

    was watching some of yahtzee's reviews and well...when did dwarves get associated with scotsmen?
  20. J

    [Decipher: Lord of the Rings] How big is a dwarf?

    was trying to create a character, a dwarf. It says size, height, weight, etc. I can't find what the top out is for that. Just the age. How big is a dwarf?
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