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  1. QuicksilverFox85

    [HotB/Exalted] Because Chaos Seers Need Some Love, Too

    Recently, I read through House of the Blooded and Scroll of Fallen Races in relative quick succession, and during those two readings, an idea started forming in my head. Do let me know what you think. Bound in Webs of Discarded Fate Much about the Chaos Seers of the Mountain Folk is unknown...
  2. molikai

    [Exalted] Scroll of Lesser Races - Chaos Pattern?

    Looking through the Scroll of Lesser ratings.. is it just me, or is the much maligned Chaos pattern not in it? This being the case, is this something we're ever going to see?
  3. K

    13 Takes on Dwarves (or more if you want)

    Inspired by the thread on Elves, I'm asking what sort of re-imagining have you done with dwarves in your game? Are they the secretive "earth" themed race that is known for their, skilled craftsmen, taciturn manners and strong warriors who spend their lives mining and exploring ever deeper...
  4. S

    [4e] Need Interesting reasons for adventuring dwarves.

    In the vein of the thread about adventuring Eladrin, why would Girda or Magni, my two archetypal dwarves leave the comfort of the mountains and mines for the vast wastes of the surface world?
  5. V

    Stand Your Ground! and Turn Undead

    I have a question about the Dwarven racial bonus Stand Your Ground in conjunction with some other happenings. Here's the situation: We're fighting zombies, and one misses me in combat, but manages to grab hold. Our cleric uses Turn Undead to drive them off. Does the Turning-induced push...
  6. P

    Dwarves as termites

    I was recently coming up with ideas for my new post apocalyptic fantasy campaign. And I had the idea of dwarves being similar to termites. Dwarves life in inhospitable terrain sculpting towering cities. Females are exceedingly rare, maybe one-in-ten dwarves is a woman, because of this women...
  7. C

    [3.5] Character advice for Dwarf Giantslayer game

    Having taken a break from Epic play (2 PCs hit 30th level with the last bout of XP), I finally get to play again. We're going to do a Dwarf Giantslayer game set in Forgotten Realms (Giant-killing specialists in defense of all things Dwarven). We're starting at 6th level with a 32 point buy...
  8. W

    Inspiration- Places in a Dwarven Keep

    I'm writing an adventure set inside a dwarven keep, and I'm thinking of all the different places that would be present inside such a place. Places to have a fight, places that are just iconic to have in a keep, and places that are important but easy to overlook. What do you got?
  9. noisms

    Dwarf and Elf Alternatives

    So what, in the past, present or future, have you done/are doing/will do with elves and dwarves, that is different to the standard tropes? I recently decided that elves in my latest campaign would be based on the woodwose - dangerous, hairy wild-things of the woods. I've also toyed with basing...
  10. G


    Silly little men with beards and attitude problems or profound elements whose roots deeply intertwine with classical mythology? I mean short people are funny aren't they?
  11. Paka

    7 Dwarven Kings

    Our next session begins with the torture of a Dwarven King, with the Orc PC's trying to get him to reveal the secrets of the mountain holdfasts of the Dwarven Kings I thought I would grab some pictures of the various kings from WotC's Character Portrait site and write a few sentences about...
  12. S

    How did Dwarves become Scottish?

    I am greatly enjoying The Order of the Stick gaming comic and of course, they have a Scottish Dwarf. I wonder, did the Scottish Dwarf start with WarCraft? I seem to remember the Scottish-Dwarf stereotype long before WarCraft II in 1994, but I'm having a hard time pinpointing examples. So...
  13. Qusoor

    When did dwarfs get Scottish accents?

    When did all dwarfs start sprouting Scottish (at least Gimli was Welsh) accents? It's an annoying meme--so annoying that when I came across the Scottish-accented dwarf in Dungeon Siege, I dumped him from the party as quikly as possible. Where did this come from? I have a feeling it's...
  14. Steve Conan Trustrum

    Role-playing and accents

    A thread in Tangency brought this up. It is fairly common that people play dwarves with a Scottish accent. This is something that many people tend to agree on. So, what other accents do you associate with other races in rpgs -- mentally or during actual play? Part 2: What do you think is the...
  15. doppelganger

    "Scottish" dwarves

    This is a quote from ace in another topic: I read it and realized that he's right. Lots of people roleplay dwarves with Scottish accents and occasionally even other behavior. Why is that? Even in the Lord of the Rings movie Gimli had a pseudo-accent. In Warcraft 2 the Dwarf Sappers have thick...
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