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  1. F

    Salt Lake City, UT - LFP for Eberron Campaign Setting

    Play Location/Method: Cottonwood Heights, UT, face-to-face Game/System: Want to try Savage Worlds, but been playing D&D 5E Player or GM? I am the DM looking for a few more players Time/Frequency: Monday Nites 6:30-9:30pm Genre: High Fantasy with Wide Magic in Eberron Campaign Setting Current...
  2. Jian

    A slightly different take on Eberron

    I've always wanted to run a game in Eberron, but never quite got round to it; as I did with the Forgotten Realms, I just wanted to change it up a bit. Add in what relevant fantasy I've read in the last few years (the Divine Cities and Foundryside by Robert Jackson Bennett, the first Craft...
  3. Syrasi

    [Pathfinder] Eberron: Gears of Fate

    This will be a campaign journal of sorts of the game I had been running since March of this year (2018) on roll20. It has currently been on hiatus for over two months due to major scheduling conflicts by multiple players (and myself, being a busy graduate student), but I have every intention of...
  4. R

    Eberron Novels: Good Ones?

    The arrival of 5E Eberron in the DMsGuild has rekindled my interest in the setting. While I have most of the game books, I have never read any of the novels. Are any worth recommending, even if just for summer beach reading? Are any really stand out? Completely abyssmal? Thanks!
  5. DMH

    What do daelkyr make beholders from?

    Or any of their aberrant creations? Are they made from flesh, shadow, stolen or personal emotions, memories, knots in reality, or something even stranger?
  6. Jürgen Hubert

    Ironport-Splintertown - building an Eberron campaign home base

    I originally posted this in the "Let's Read the Eberron 4E Campaign Guide" thread (which sadly remains unfinished), but since we can now add Eberron material to the Dungeon Master's Guild I feel like I should expand this into a publication on its own. Here is what I've got so far: Every...
  7. C

    D&D-Genesys Hybrid System - Eberron

    Good afternoon everyone, This is my first time posting in this forum but I've progressed far enough in my project where feedback would be extremely helpful. The Problem For several years now FFG's Star Wars RPG system (Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, Force and Destiny) have been my...
  8. U

    Good organization rules for player controlling the Lord of Blades?

    Hi all! So I am currently running a 5e game set in Eberron. I had a potential player who was interested but was not sure he could make the time commitment. I also wanted to use the Lord of Blades in my campaign but didn't have any particular plans for him. So I decided to give him to the...
  9. L

    [FATE Core] Running Eberron/D&D?

    Looks like after a bunch of other stuff, my RL group is back to running a Sky Pirates game in the D&D Eberron setting. I'm pretty jazzed about this because MALZEN OF XEN'DRIK RIDES (flies) AGAIN. I think the last time we ran this, we did it using Legends of Anglerre, which was a little too...
  10. jacobkosh

    How do you geographically isolate a town in Eberron?

    A decade ago while GMing 4E I whipped up a little micro-sandbox for my players' low-level party. It was set in Daggerdale (in the 4E Realms) and the general premise was that the dale, and particularly its one major town, Dagger Falls, were under unofficial siege; a plague of lycanthropes...
  11. CitizenKeen

    🎨 Creative 101+ Genesys Characters

    Okay. Let's make some Genesys characters. I'm hoping this will demonstrate (for myself, if nobody else) the extent to which Genesys is good for generating characters and campaigns in a hot minute. Anybody's welcome to join in. I'm going to be working through on my own independently. I'll do one...
  12. F

    Eberron OSR hack?

    I want to play Eberron but with a lite system. Maybe OSR-stuff. Any suggestions or known conversions?
  13. M

    Best guide to Eberron

    Hey folks what do you feel is the best introduction to Eberron? The 3.5 campaign guide, or the 4e campaign guide and player's guide combo? I'm not really interested in the rules content as I'm going to be running in another system, maybe 5e or something else altogether.... thanks mal
  14. U

    Adapting Maze of the Blue Medusa into Eberron

    Hi all. I'm currently running an Eberron campaign but I have always wanted to run Maze of the Blue Medusa. Fortunately, one of the players gave me an excuse when he created a tiefling of similar appearance to some of the Maze's denizens. Unfortunately, the background of the adventure is not...
  15. D

    UK Wolverhampton or Birmingham - D&D3.5 - GM or Player - Regular group, familiar with D&D3.5 to form or join

    All, Whilst I currently game in a mix of systems and settings I would very much like to join or form a regular group that plays Dungeons & Dragons 3.5, ideally using the Eberron or Freeport settings (maybe combining both) or even Dark Sun. I would like a group who an play serious but also have...
  16. H

    Show Support for an official 5e Eberron

    I've heard it said a few times that if WOTC sees enough interest in releasing support for 5E Eberron books they would be willing to announce it. I have played 5e and like it but as I play in Eberron and its not fully supported yet I'm not playing it as much as I would like. I know the arguments...
  17. D

    Eberron thieves guilds?

    Hello! I'm working on some stuff and have been researching thieve's guilds. I've been looking at examples in several settings but must admit that I don't know a lot about that aspect of Eberron, and the Eberron wiki hasn't helped a lot so I was wondering if there were any canonical examples of...
  18. AlHazred

    ISTROKO Ancient Elven Secret Societies in Eberron

    So, I'm running an Eberron game in 5th edition. It's been going on for a while now, and the players just popped to 9th level. They're in Xen'drik, the jungle continent, and they've hit the Ring of Storms. This was the location of the old Dragonshards MMO, and has some development in Dragon and...
  19. V

    [Eberron] are there any differences between 3.5 and 4e versions?

    Obvious mechanical differences aside, are there any differences in Eberron between the 3.5 and 4e versions (history, politics, etc)?
  20. H

    [Eberron] Open Table Hexcrawl

    I've been toying with the idea of an open table hexcrawl style game for Eberron for a while, but I'm not sure if it quite fits. Eberron is really intended for Indiana Jones type adventures, with travels to far-off points along dotted lines. How would you folks adjust the hexcrawl format to fit...
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