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  1. A

    🎨 Creative Setting Riff: Space Hulk, crashes on Earth’s moon

    So it was a perfectly normal day. Preachers were ranting about the end of days and of straying from the path. Men were smoking, talking about business and women and whatnot. Old housewives talked about the newest scandals, affairs, and children. Children were playing. Politicians, secret...
  2. C

    Question about Eclipse Phase setting

    I am finishing to read the first edition of Eclipse Phase (in Spanish) and, although I find the setting awesome, there is something that doesn't fit to me. In the game the cornucopia machines are described like devices which are able of making virtually everything, even food, if you have the...
  3. K

    Post-Human Studios and Eclipse Phase 2.0? What happened?

    No updates on their website. I have the draft rules that they released and liked it alot. What's up? Anyone know?
  4. Alex_P

    [Eclipse Phase] Making Eclipse Phase less mission-oriented?

    Eclipse Phase, in particular the Firewall org, is designed to be able to serve up coherent little "adventures" -- sentinels are called in, given a dossier and maybe some supplies, and they do a thing and try their best to tidy it up neatly. Part of the conspiracy-horror stuff is that it's often...
  5. F

    Eclipse Phase---DIY colonies.

    or rather, how quickly can we go from "camp in the wilderness" to "entire society." Say you're a wealthy gatecrasher, and you buy/cash in favors to get a bunch of (legal or illegally obtained) egos, an unrestricted nanofabber, and all the blueprints you can afford, which is a lot, if you're a...
  6. Eduardoh

    [Other Worlds] Eclipse Phase

    Since I got into Eclipse Phase I have been looking for an alternate light system. I tried to do a Savage Worlds conversion, but it ended up being almost as complex as EP system, although the thing that bothered me the most got a little bit easier: changing bodies. I also looked for a PbtA hack...
  7. B

    [Eclipse Phase, Pre-Fall setting riff] "It's not the end of the world, but you can see it from here."

    I've been thinking of running a game of Eclipse Phase set before the Fall of Earth, and I need some disturbing ideas for that brief period where the fall had not yet begun but also could not be stopped. People still go to work and watch tv and complain about the weather, but there's this...
  8. F

    [Eclipse Phase] Any 2e actual play?

    Perhaps I just have poor search fu, but I can't find accounts of actual play, on this site or elsewhere, for the second edition of Eclipse Phase and I'm wondering how the new pool mechanics work out at the table. With the quickstart rules available I'm hoping that someone's tried them and...
  9. T

    Eclipse Phase

    Anyone playing this RPG? My friend had me pick it up, then he disappear. It looks interesting, but need a group to play. Have the pdf. Pretty artwork. >^..^<
  10. Gee4orce

    Eclipse Phase - Second edition incoming!
  11. briansommers

    Can someone counter this? [Eclipse Phase review]

    So I was pretty excited to order EP in book form only to read this: Is it really this bad? I know there is always two sides to a story, what's the counter to this article?
  12. molikai

    [Eclipse Phase] New years day Sale

    So this is popping up on my Twitter feed. Now I *cough* already have all the books, but if anyone else is looking to try Eclipse phase, seems like a good deal? I just hadn't seen any other mention of it!
  13. None Other Than CEBedford

    [Ecipse Phase] Tell me about your experiences, tips,

    I've decided to liberate a physical copy from my FLGS and finally have a somewhat steady gaming crew. I'm interested in home brewing a dense urban setting and running a game of murder, mystery, and intrigue. I'll probably be dialing back the planet hopping aspects, and ignoring most of the...
  14. N

    Roleplaying in Eclipse Phase...hard to get into?

    As much as I love EP's setting, a lot of the times it seems almost incomprehensible to people from the 21st century if they're not already intimately familiar with transhumanism or cyberpunk concepts. Even then it seems difficult as a GM to run, and I'm not talking about the system. People...
  15. N

    [Eclipse Phase] What about the setting confuses new players the most?

    And how did you, as a GM, work around that problem, or how did you explain it to the players? HARD MODE: You didn't set the game before the Fall/in the Jovian Republic. For me, explaining post-scarcity economies, a concept that I myself still can't really grasp, to new players is harrowing at...
  16. F

    [Eclipse Phase] Can you turn a comet into a habitat?

    I know nothing of science, hence my law degree and illustrious undergraduate history accolades, so if this is a stupid question, forgive me. Could you turn a comet into a habitat given EP's technology level? By that I mean, turn it into a roving habitat, effectively, keeping it a comet but...
  17. St.Just

    [Eclipse Phase] Help me understand the New/rep economy (and a few others things)?

    Okay, so on the strength of the last few threads here I ended up downloading the core book and read through it over the last couple of days. And in general I really like it, even if it does wear it's politics pretty heavily on its sleeve (and I'm going to need to reread the rules for hacking and...
  18. P

    [Eclipse Phase] The Minervan Fleet

    Okay, the Minerva and her "rag tag" support fleet are clearly a nod to "Battlestar Galactica". Here' s a link to what we know about them. So, in other words, they're the ISIS of Eclipse Phase: retrograde murdering psychopaths so bad that even the Jovian's don't want anything to do with them...
  19. C

    Eclipse Phase: X-Risks is Out

    Thought y'all would want to know I'll have more to say when I finish reading it.
  20. J

    Eclipse Phase with Fate!

    It is finally here.I like this. Fate isn't my favorite RPG system (in the vanilla version), because I don't like having to do all that work for setting and stunt building. But when it's like this, with all the work done for me (such as with Jadepunk), I like it a lot. Eclipse Phase is the...
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