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  1. J

    Wages, prices & so forth for fantasy games: is this a decent source? Any better ones?

    So, while trolling the intarwebs in search of resources that could tell me something about wages for characters of such and such a social status, cost of this good or that service, I found this list of prices mainly from 12th to 15th century England, which purports to compile various books...
  2. Kevin Mowery

    The Daily Show just destroyed CNBC.

    The guest tonight was supposed to be Rick Santelli, of the "Chicago tea party" rant fame. Santelli "bailed out," and Jon Stewart devoted pretty much the entire show to what horrible, incompetent financial reporters CNBC has. Watch the second airing or catch it tomorrow. It's awesome.
  3. Tumbleweed

    Publishing and the Economic Crisis?

    I just thought I'd throw a couple of thoughts out for everyone, as it's a topic I'm kind of curious about, and I wondered how Other Media might weigh in. In any case, so we have this recession buisness. Now, I have to wonder what it's going to do to the Publishing industry. I've read about a...
  4. K

    Goodwill economy: How would this work?

    What would an economic system look like without money? Not just simply barter, or some other cash-less economy, but what it a society never developed the need to "keep score" in regards to their economic transactions?
  5. E

    How much do slaves go for in Athas?

    Are there any rules on this? All I found was "It varies alot" in the Dark Sun merchant book. I ask because a group of PCs may need to be buying their allies out of slavery in the near future. I was thinking about just stealing either Tekumel or Exalted prices, but I don't know how to convert em.
  6. C

    Reality Rosa: A world where Communism works (GURPS Alt-Hist)

    Reality Rosa "The greatest danger that I see in the present situation is that Germany may throw her lot in with the Bolsheviki..." -Lloyd George, British Prime Minister, 1918 "The abolition of the rule of capital, the realization of a socialist social order — this, and nothing less, is the...
  7. Jürgen Hubert

    Need names for socio-economic classes

    I'm trying to work out the social classes of Urbis in a bit more detail. So far, I have three different legal categories for people living within the city-states: - Citizens: These are the people who own actual property within the city (as opposed to renting an apartment), and are generally...
  8. Greg 1

    At what GURPS TL could all ordinary goods and services be free?

    At what GURPS TL could all ordinary goods and services be free to everyone on Earth? The idea is that anything you want, within some reasonable bounds, is provided by a government service. You get a free reasonably sized apartment (by our present day standards) and can stack it with whatever...
  9. P

    [oWoD] The banking crisis makes me like Mage: The Ascension

    I never liked Mage: The Ascension. But the recent fiscal problems have made me think about how economics is basically sorcery- it only works because we all believe it works. Money is only valuable because we all agreed to treat it as valuable. So the Syndicate- and how you could have a...
  10. F

    Payback: Revenge, Capitalism, "The Wire" and Hardboiled Action

    I'm running a Shadowrun 4e game and one of the questions I'm asking myself is: What is this game about? And what it's about is hardboiled revenge. For those of you who haven't followed my other threads, it's basically the A-Team played straight and noir: the PCs are members of a special-ops...
  11. Acrozatarim

    [WFRP] What does a Goblin want to trade for?

    My WFRP players-to-be, stay out! So, my new WFRP game is to be set in the Border Princes, and I want to include a goblin caravan that travels around, trading with both human and orc settlements across the region. What kinds of things are they likely to want to trade for, and what will they...
  12. O

    [4e] Why No Copper?

    Working on adding a little color to my latinesque game, I decided to stop using the terms 'gold piece' and 'silver piece,' saying instead 'aureus' and 'denarius.' I'd also like to use the sestercius, the copper coin, but the players' handbook really doesn't give more than lip service to the...
  13. P

    [Create-a-Setting] Left-Wing Military Sci-fi

    Unlike the last thread, standard rules apply: one fact or central idea per post, no contradiction of previous posts (except to state "except..." to a general rule), no side chatter. First fact:
  14. StanTheMan

    [ISTTTROKO] Prices and Currency in Revolutionary France

    ...circa 1795 (the years of the Directory). So, I'll be playing a one-shot that will probably turn into a campaign if all goes well. Using Burning Wheel to play the Napoleonic Wars. PCs start right after the Directory has been declared. But I wonder--how much is a Franc (and later assignats)...
  15. Z

    [4e] Residuum - I don't get it.

    So I've been hearing about this Residuum doohickey. To all those people who've read the books, is it actually explained in detail anywhere? 'Cause to me it seems like the perfect currency that's about to drive gold coin out of the market.
  16. Unseelie

    Layoffs at WotC

  17. S

    [Planescape] Help me with interplanar trade!

    Okay, I'm finally sitting down and putting serious work into a potential Planescape campaign for M&M. But the actual logistics of running fantasy (and specifically, a modified version of Planescape) in M&M is a different hairy beast that I haven't even tried to tackle yet. My brain works in very...
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