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  1. Pandorym

    IC All That Glitters Is Red (Vampire: Blood and Smoke)

    The roar of thunder from the raging storm outside rattled against fine-cut glass, bounced off immaculately polished wooden floors, and met its end triumphantly in the high arches of the richly decorated ceiling above, quaking the carved crystals dangling sanctimoniously from the gilded...
  2. Pandorym

    OOC All That Glitters Is Red (Vampire: Blood and Smoke)

    Welcome to the OOC thread for All That Glitters Is Red, a game of Vampire: Blood and Smoke set in modern day Edinburgh, Scotland that will begin on September 1st. This game has three players: Pheidias, playing Elaine Coventry/Allen Grey, Mekhet Mnemosyne investigator CatNosferatu, playing...
  3. J

    Shops in Edinburgh?

    Hiya I'm traveling and need a new book. What are some good rpg shops in Edinburgh? Preferably with World of Darkness. Thank peeps
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