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elite dangerous

  1. empulsive

    [Elite Dangerous] Transmissions From A New Commander

    Nicho Peregrino here, a new Solo commander who is faced with the trepidatious step of buying his first new ship, and I don't wanna eff it up because credits. Know what I mean? So, I'm calling on the collective expertise of VGO's veteran Commanders for a little bit of help. Help! I'm in the...

    [Returning to the party after a long absence] Elite Dangerous: Galaxy Truck Simulator

    I took a bit of a break from No Man's Sky and felt like firing up Elite Dangerous again. Outside of combat, it almost has an ASMR quality to it; it's just soothing to load your ship up with cargo, fly off somewhere, dock at a station, and sell it for a profit before doing the same thing all over...
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