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elite: dangerous

  1. empulsive

    [Elite Dangerous] Transmissions From A New Commander

    Nicho Peregrino here, a new Solo commander who is faced with the trepidatious step of buying his first new ship, and I don't wanna eff it up because credits. Know what I mean? So, I'm calling on the collective expertise of VGO's veteran Commanders for a little bit of help. Help! I'm in the...

    [Returning to the party after a long absence] Elite Dangerous: Galaxy Truck Simulator

    I took a bit of a break from No Man's Sky and felt like firing up Elite Dangerous again. Outside of combat, it almost has an ASMR quality to it; it's just soothing to load your ship up with cargo, fly off somewhere, dock at a station, and sell it for a profit before doing the same thing all over...
  3. briansommers

    Is anyone doing anything with Elite Dangerous RPG?

    I just picked up the core rulebook as well as the exploration supplement and after a quick scan. I'm impressed. anyone else play this in a group or solo it?
  4. General_Tangent

    Resources for Elite: Dangerous Role Playing Game

    I've been floating a few ideas for a new game with a new group of players. A couple of them have expressed an interest in Elite: Dangerous Role Playing Game . I'm going to go through the basics of the game with them soon but I don't know much about the game universe beyond my days playing it...
  5. ColinChapman

    [Sell/Unsell] Elite: Dangerous RPG and possibly contrast with SWN

    So, Modiphius are pushing the Elite: Dangerous RPG, but I was wondering what folks think of it? I understand that everyone gets their own starship, but what are the rules like? Is it all nitty gritty detail or more fast and loose, for example? Similarly, I know little of the setting beyond it...
  6. Tango Samurai

    Elite: Dangerous RPG PDF now up at DTRPG

    Link: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/238339/Elite-Dangerous-RPG-core-book?src=newest Along with the Traders, Military, and Espionage supplements. Core Book is 354 pages. Wow. At full price I don't know if I want to pull the trigger just yet, but if it hits a Deal of the Day or bundle...
  7. Madcat

    [Elite:Dangerous] Details on 2.3's multicrew, beta starting Feb 26

    FDev just posted details on multicrew. https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/326211-2-3-Dev-Update tl;dr - telepresence into ships, owner is always helm, other two roles are fighter and gunner. You can have two fighters if you have have enough fighter slots. Rewards divied out...
  8. Madcat

    [Elite:Dangerous] Thargoids! Yes, actual encounters.

    First encountered by some Xbox players a few hours ago, everyone went off to the Aries Dark and Pleiades sectors. After a bit (quite a lot) of wandering around, I finally got interdicted. https://www.twitch.tv/elitediamondfrogs/v/112428227 You can scan its wake, but not follow it - just get...
  9. Knockwood

    Elite Dangerous... Did the new expansion (Engineers) break the game?

    So, last night I fire up Elite: Dangerous. I see that the new expansion Engineers is included--apparently it's only a few hours out of beta. I'm in my A-rated Python and decide to go get some Powerplay merits. I'm pledged to Mahon, they want combat pilots to go and oppose a couple Winters...
  10. Madcat

    Elite: Dangerous - I'm going to be on FDev's community stream on the 3rd

    I'm going to be on Frontier Development's community stream, "Educating Ed" on Thursday the 3rd of March @ 19:00 GMT, representing the Diamond Frogs.
  11. Quasar

    Elite: Dangerous 1.0

    I begged for this practically my whole adult life. Its kind of weird being a backer and having betas and such and how that has somehow tainted what should have been a momentous occasion. Not that it isn't great, but its still not the momentous occasion the 10 year old me imagined. I guess it...
  12. Matt.Ceb

    Saitek's Elite:Dangerous guides.

    While I still have no interest in the game thanks to the "no singleplayer" part, I realize that it's a cool game and that the people who are playing it deserve to play it well, to maximize their enjoyment. And Scott Manley just tweeted a link which should be of interest to quite a few people...
  13. D

    Has the latest controversy affected whether or not you will pre-order games in the future?

    Sometime on Friday, the upcoming game Elite: Dangerous released their newsletter #49. Tucked away inside was confirmation that this game will have NO truly offline mode. This has caused a huge uproar in their forum, and several articles in gaming news sites. There were quite a lot of people who...
  14. Matt.Ceb

    Elite:Dangerous scraps offline singleplayer mode.

    Story here: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2014/11/17/elite-dangerous-no-offline-singleplayer/ And I just emailed my refund request. Another game lost to always-online design. :/ I even believe them that they have good reasons for doing what they did, but those reasons mean that it's not a...
  15. wheloc

    Tell Me of the "Elite: Dangerous" Universe

    Maybe I should have posted this in the "Tabletop" forum, because I'm actually trying to make up my mind about the Elite Encounters tabletop rpg kickstarter, but I decided to try here first since the franchise is mostly computer games right now. So, please tell me about the universe that the...
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