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epic thread

  1. U

    Re: [Let's read] Dragon magazine - Part four: No-one expects the 3.5 revision!

    Re: [Let's read] Dragon magazine - Part four: No-one expects the 3.5 revision! Here we go folks. It's been a ridiculously long journey, my writing style has evolved quite a bit in the process, and many other reviews have started and ended in the meantime, but the end is now within sight. Unless...
  2. C

    🎨 Creative RPGnet Setting Riffs Compendium - post your favourite riff threads

    My favourite thing on RPGnet is the creative threads - setting riffs, pimp your setting, what if, brainstorming, etc. This forum consistently impresses me with the quality of ideas and depth of discussion that goes on in such threads. Here I want to create a compendium of links to RPGnet's riff...
  3. U

    [Let's read] Dragon magazine - Part three: Fall and Rebirth

    We've made it through another hundred issues. The second set took a little longer, and was somewhat harder to do, but I've managed to surmount them. But it's this third hundred that'll be a real challenge. We're starting to get into the period where sales were going down, and eventually WotC...
  4. S

    [Dark Heresy] The heartbreak of Headtubes

    This man suffers from Headtubes. So does this poor fellow. Even this nice lady is forced to live with Headtubes. So, we must ask ourselves: what the heck to Headtubes do? What possible sort of advantage to these sods and gits gain from sticking a wrist-thick coax cable into their noggin...
  5. U

    [Let's read] Dragon magazine - Part two: Gimme some Moore

    Well, I've made it this far. 107 issues. 10 & 1/2 Months writing. More than 10 years of history covered. And we're still less than a third of the way through this journey. Can I make it? Just how long will it take? The further we go, the bigger the task seems to become. Stick around, because...
  6. Bailywolf

    [FTL Y'all II] The Jump-Punk Diaspora

    (inspired, a little, by this) In The Age of the $200 hyperdrive we brought you a jumpdrive that could flip a hillbilly's bustedass truck half-way across the galactic arm. It was a glorious age, chaotic. Mistakes were made. Terrorists used the drive to drop rocks on places they hated...
  7. noisms

    [Let's Read] AD&D 2e Monstrous Manual [Part III, Ki~?]

    Part 3. Will this be the final installment of our epic trek? Let's see. Kirre I'd forgotten all about the Kirre - and it's easy to see why, because it's quite a forgettable beastie; really all it is is a glorified psionic tiger with horns and six legs. It has no special abilities beyond what...
  8. N

    cappadocius suspended for two weeks

    for a personal attack.
  9. JasonK

    [Let's Read]AD&D 2e Monstrous Manual [Gi-Z(?)]

    EDIT: This thread is a continuation of Noisms' epic attempt to read/review the entirety of the 2nd Edition Monstrious Manual. Here's the thread where he got started. As you can see, much discussion and many campaign ideas came out of it and all involved had a rockin' good time. Anyway, I'm...
  10. Wields-Rulebook-Heavily

    [necro][In which I play] Limbo of the Lost (warning; Picture intensive)

    As promised, my review/playthrough of the game so you don't have to. (For those of you with no idea why I'd do this, or what makes this game special, read on here. The tl;dr version; It's an adventure game which steals assets from many of the most famous titles in gaming, such as Oblivion...
  11. Paka

    Blood Feud: A world torn between the Demon Prince of the Gnolls and the Ghoul King

    "His "holy" sites are bloodstained rocks in dark corners of the wilderness. Some include a single, jagged chunk of rock thrusting from the ground and scrawled with crude paintings and blistering curses smeared in blood and feces." - Demonomicon of Iggwilv: Yeenoghu, Demon Prince of the...
  12. Bailywolf

    [necro][Mythos Supers] Oh, what may be wrought with this hideous might

    The US Navy definitively located and mapped R'lyeh in the 1960's. They raided the city's storehouses of weird and unknowable artifacts, and took specimens of its slumbering inhabitants. The Navy (and its associated private contractors) used a newly developed drug cocktail of lithium...
  13. Bailywolf

    🎨 Creative [setting riff] Voices From Below and the Long Stairs

    Influences: old school Gygaxian D&D, Stargate, hell from the Hellraiser movies, Alice in Wonderland (and the most escellent JAGS Wonderland), The Atrocity Archives, The Cube, Aliens, The Bourne films, Species. In 1963- post test ban- a nuclear detonation under the Nevada desert knocked a...
  14. noisms

    [Let's Read]AD&D 2e Monstrous Manual [A-Gi]

    If everybody else is doing it. Actually, I love the AD&D 2nd edition Monstrous Manual because it was, believe it or not, the first role playing book I ever bought. I have a lot of fond memories of being twelve years old and, on a long car journey, sitting and reading the thing from cover to...
  15. U

    [Lets read] Dragon magazine - From the beginning

    After much scouring of ebay, and other less reputable places, I finally have a copy of the dragon magazine archive, plus a big chunk of the remaining issues (and hopefully I'll be able to complete my collection long before I reach the missing issues ). Which leaves me with the question of how I...
  16. David J Prokopetz

    💀 Necro Those random game ideas you know you'll never use or develop, but are nifty anyway.

    As the subject line says. I frequently come up with gimmicky little ideas for games or settings that I know I'll never get around to using or developing, but if I don't write them down it bugs me for hours. I've decided I'm going to try posting them and see if that helps. You're all welcome...
  17. A

    I'm just going to say it

    I think the careers system in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is completely stupid. Is there anything you'd like to get off your chest?
  18. S

    [Necro] Creepiest Person You've Ever Gamed With, Part Deux

    I see that the other creepiest gamer thread is now closed, which makes me immensely sad. I was just turned on to that thread recently, and started writing up my own story, just in time to have the thread closed now that I've finished it. I hope somebody else hasn't already restarted this thread...
  19. V

    [d20: The 60's] The KKK, free thinkers, and the unwashed masses

    It started out innocently enough. My roommate is talking about D&D, and at some point mentions that there's a feat: Improved Trip. Me: … Me: You know, that becomes a lot cooler if you're thinking of d20: The 60's. Twenty-four hours later, we're playing it. The idea is simple enough...
  20. colbabe

    [D&D3.0] (Actual Play) X2: Château d’Amberville

    Perhaps it's just Brisbane's strange weather that sends all us Brisbanites slightly loopy. Goths still manage to eke out an existence here, even when heat and humidity would seem to be able to bake them in their trenchcoats and melt the make-up off their faces. Or perhaps it's that, combined...
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