1. E

    🎨 Creative 101 heroic acronym organizations, a la '60s spy shows

    A little background: my next campaign will take place in an area called Septagon City. The city is divided into seven districts, each reflecting a different genre of fiction. Within a district people's behavior and the laws of physics work as they would in the corresponding fiction. For example...
  2. M

    MoonHunter Sayeth 20180615

    Setting: Empire of the Emerald Road - Agents of Blue Lotus Seven Worlds Bound by Fate Conquered by other worldly armies Held by the Magic of the Emerald Road Ruled by the Masters of the Emerald Robe and their Mandarins. Seven Worlds, One Empire It is the 12th year of the Seventh Reign...
  3. S

    Top Secret New World Order - Where do I buy the box set?

    I'm trying to find a place that sells the Top Secret New World Order RPG box set. I can't see it on ebay/amazon/nobleknight. Anyone here has any idea where I can purchase the physical game online? thx!
  4. F

    Top Secret New World Order Rules Discussion/Questions

    1) On pg 94 under Crashes it mentions that basically if you fail a High Speed Maneuver roll you must roll on the Crash Table but it does not tell you what die type to roll. In all other instances the situation tells you what die type to use when rolling on the Crash Table. How am I to know...
  5. K

    Advice on a villain for a Espionage RPG

    I am thinking about getting either Classified or the new Top Secret game. While brainstorming, I came up with a antagonist faction for the game. They are basically a cult that is a mix of Thugges and Hare Krishna who worship Kali,the Hindu Goddess. They are based in India but have influence all...
  6. M

    MoonHunter Sayeth 20180309

    Setting: Phoenix Rising A different kind of espionage chronicle Blog Bit I was just using one of the random 101 threads as a writing seed. I do this to help build my word count (learning to write faster and better), stretch some creative muscles, and just try out ideas. Thus I stumbled over...
  7. F

    What is the best espionage spy game of all time?

    What game do you think is the greatest espionage spy game of all time and why do you prefer it? Covert-Ops, Top Secret, Top Secret SI, Top Secret New World Order, James Bond 007, Classified, Spycraft 1e, Spycraft 2e, The Company, White Lies, Night's Black Agents, Agents of Oblivion, etc.
  8. Borbetomagnus

    [Night's Black Agents] Seeking Advice: 2 player campaign

    I'm tossing around the idea for a Night's Black Agents campaign involving two regular players. More may be added in the future as they become available and/or interested, but for the near future (2-6 months) I'll have two regular players. I plan to either use the Dust or Burn mode. NBA players...
  9. SibKhatru

    Tips and Tricks for Running the Spy Genre (TS/NBA/etc)?

    I started a short scenario for Night's Black Agents, to introduce myself and my (rather lazy) players to the Gumshoe system in the supernatural spy mode... it's 1877, the scenario that is pre-Edom, with aspiring "agents" of the early burgeoning spy agency of Britain, the operation located in...
  10. T

    🎨 Creative 101 Spy Gadgets

    Give me your best modern spy gadgets. Cars, guns, watches, pens, anything. Gimme what you got.
  11. G

    I'm sure someone's done this?

    Last week, it crossed my mind that I like espionage games-- Top Secret was my first RPG, and I am growing to like Powered by the Apocalypse's "engine". Has anyone put this chocolate with this peanut butter?
  12. Kinetic Energy Weapon

    [Sell Me On/Off] World of Secrets & Any Other PBTA Spy RPGs

    I like Apocalypse World hacks and I want to do some modern-spy roleplaying. I found World of Secrets via google, but almost nothing about it. Has anyone actually played it? Is it any good? Are there any other PBTA spy games? I'm open to different variations of "spy game"--shooty action vs...
  13. icemaster109

    🎨 Creative [NECRO] 101+ Espionage Plot Ideas

    So I've been tossing around the idea of playing a Mission: Impossible game - but for the life of me, I've always have a tough time coming up with a big bad plot for my players. I wanted to go to the rpgnet community and amass a bible of plot ideas for spies, espionage, and covert plot threads...
  14. B

    [Interest]Occultic Espionage

    I'm really in the mood lately to GM a game about characters who work for a branch of the US government which is dedicated to hunting down and supressing supernatural threats to the country, in the vein of Delta Green, The Esoterrorists, Conspiracy X and especially The Laundry Files. I'd be...
  15. T

    Sell me on: Covert Ops or Classified!

    I've been looking at the Nest of Spies bundle, and these are the only two games that interest me out of the bundle. However, I'm unsure how much I might actually be interested in either. Classified, a retro-clone of the infamous James Bond RPG, sounds as if it's perhaps not held up too well...
  16. K

    DriveThruRPG Secret Dossiers

    The Secret Dossiers are a set of eight characters for an espionage and action-themed simple story game, where each of the eight playbooks contains the following: An outline of the character for you to build on and flesh out as you play. The characters abilities and what they bring to the team...
  17. I

    [Covert Ops] How does it stack up?

    I came of age in the '80s and started roleplaying in 1979/80. One of my very first games — after D&D, of course — was Top Secret. I loved Top Secret. I played scads of Top Secret. And when Top Secret/SI came along, I played the hell out of that, too. Meanwhile I was also playing James Bond...
  18. F

    Any good sources on modern intelligence/intelligence agencies?

    My go to gaming supplement for information on intelligence agencies and gaming used to be Delta Green and Delta Green: Countdown, but they're about twenty years old at this point. Can anyone recommend any good books on modern intelligence and intelligence agencies around the world? Especially...
  19. Miss Atomic Bomb

    [FAE] My spy-fi one shot made me a believer

    I ran my sixties spy-fi game, "Goodbye is Forever," at Gen Con. I picked FAE because it's simple to teach, but has the Fate features I like best. It went over brilliantly enough that I'm now being asked to reprise the game on Hangouts. I figured I'd give a summary and ask what other folks are...
  20. briansommers

    do real spies carry a gun?

    Aren't real spies suppose to live a quiet life to blend in? Why is it that every TV/Hollywood production always shows them as guns-a-blazin type? If you want to blend in, you wouldn't be blowing and shooting everything up? Am I correct in this? or ?? I'm trying to figure out something about...
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