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  1. legopaidi

    Online rpg shops in Europe

    I'm looking to make a list with every online rpg shop there is in Europe. Care to help with some links? :)
  2. T

    Reading through Designers and Dragons [merged]

    In Designers & Dragons, the history of tabletop RPGs, the author extensively discusses the nature and impact of the d20 boom (and bust): the era when Wizards of the Coast (WotC) allowed third party publishers to publish material using the d20 game mechanics, under either an Open Game License...
  3. phatonin

    Tell me about historical medieval Europe low fantasy games

    I have this cool seed for a campaign set in the middle ages in Europe. I have however no game, no system and no game-wise reference for this period. I need pointers. Criteria: Historical: I'd be happy if there's some material that is somewhat accurate about society and technology. It doesn't...
  4. W

    The Marseille Conundrum (adventure)

    Hi, I've written a scenario that takes place in an alternate version of Europe in the 1300s, and the PCs are knight templars - that is, if the templars were an order that eradicated real evil. I am posting it here to get some input about other systems that would fit this game. I don't know...
  5. S

    For Sale First 9 Novels of HORUS HERESY (Warhammer 40K) !!!

    For sale the first 9 books of the "Horus Heresy" series [Warhammer 40K].They are all in like new condition. 01. Horus Rising [Dan Abnett, April 2006, paperback, 412 pp.] 02. False Gods [Graham McNeil, June 2006, paperback, 406pp.] 03. Galaxy in Flames [Ben Counter, October 2006, paperback...
  6. E

    Creating an RPG based on Medieval Europe

    My idea was a completely diceless, chanceless rpg based on tokens. The world is very similar to Europe; it is a long peninsula off of a more civilized culture connected to huge empire, like China. All people in the Europe-like country know that their are 2 powerful forces. Decriss (Similar to a...
  7. E

    Cthulhu T-shirts (Europe): now 10% OFF

    With the dollar recovering its power, it was becoming a must for us to better our offer of designs (T-shirts, mugs...) in Europe. So Three Fourteen Games opens a new webshop in Europe: cheaper and faster. Additionally, we have now introduced tote bags (the size of a RPG book!), caps, and our...
  8. Rikimaru

    [God of War 3] Ultimate Trilogy Edition in Europe

    Has anyone in Europe picked up the God of War Ultimate Trilogy set? I went into GAME today to see if I could get it even though I spaced on preordering it, so I was hoping that someone had canceled their preorder. But they didn't have it at all. The manager said someone at corporate HQ had...
  9. Balbinus

    14th Century Europe help wanted

    Hi all, I'm planning to run a game set in the Mediterranean in the latter half of the fourteenth Century, either no magic or if there is very subtle so it doesn't affect much (a bit of second sight, laying on of hands and so on at best). The trouble is, it's not my best historical period. The...
  10. ChalkLine

    How to play a mediaeval character.

    That is, assuming you want to. If you don't, than this is useless to you, but I bet you're gonna answer it anyway! :D Firstly; - Pre-modern people rarely saw themselves as individuals. This really is the big problem most people have playing a mediaeval character; they cannot stop displaying...
  11. R

    Unknown Armies in the UK?

    I've seen it said a lot that Unknown Armies is very American and difficult to adapt to other countries. I've sort of grown used to modern-day role playing games assuming you're running things in America I think so it doesn't bother me so much, but it does occur to me that if I were to run...
  12. T

    [BECMI D&D] My "new" campaign setting

    Sitting at home bored through Black Friday does things to my imagination. Am I Doing It Right?
  13. Z

    Messing about with the 7th Sea Setting

    So, just got 7th Sea. I quite like the system, for all its quirks, and I love Thea, in all its Europe-but-with-freedom-to-make-stuff-up glory... but the map is so godawful it makes my brain bleed. Thus, I set out to make a new map, by simply taking the map of Europe, and giving the lands of each...
  14. E

    WHFRP in Real-World Europe? Has anybody tried this?

    "We are therefore left with calling Germany a body that conforms to no rule and resembles a monster"- Samuel Pufendorf on the Holy Roman Empire, 1667. This is a question triggered by this quote in a previous thread, but I've actually been wondering about this for a while. we know that not...
  15. D

    [UK] Up and Coming Conventions

    Here is a list of some up and coming conventions. Let me know if I have missed any. Who is going to which convention? 0 AGSCON 4. University of Kent campus, Canterbury, Kent. Saturday 1st October 2005. http://www.canterburygamersnews.tk 0 Gaelcon 2005. Clontarf Castle, Dublin. Saturday...
  16. Doc_Klueless

    1880's European Sourcebook for RPGs?

    Anyone know of a good 1880's sourcebook for Europe for RPGs? It doesn't have to be an RPG sourcebook, just a book that could be used as a sourcebook on the 1880's. Does this make any sense? I'm thinking about having my next campaign world based, pretty much, on the 1880's in Europe.
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