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  1. N

    EVERQUEST ... The Best Ever???

    It was 1998-99 I remember going to my uncles house and watching him Slash orcs near Crushbone entrance in Greater Faydark... I was so entranced and mesmerized by this fantasy game... I almost foamed at the mouth in excitement.. So later that day I begged and begged and begged some more and...
  2. F

    [EverQuest 4e] Here's an attempt at some racial conversions

    These might be a bit on the powerful side, but that's fine. Races in EQRPG were pretty powerful, and I like them like that. I'm not so concerned with an extra +2 bonus here and there breaking things, but more that the rules and stuff all work with 4E. Let me know what you think of the iksar...
  3. CyberGeek

    [Steam] Holy CRAP that's a deal

    Everquest - including all 15 expansions - is on sale from 3/16 through 3/26 for $2.50, down from the normal $19.99. Ho. Ly. Crap. Even if I only get like 5 days of entertainment out of it, it'll be worth the $2.50. O.o ETA: So yeah, I went ahead and bought it. Here's what-all Sony says I...
  4. Ghostwise

    Everquest I nostalgia

    I played EQ1 for some years, relatively early after its release - I think it was in 2000. Not sure. I remember crossing Antonica via the south path with a friend as a guide and bodyguard. It was long, it was amazing to see all this stuff, and I got killed once at the lake, forcing a long...
  5. D

    [EQ2] Anyone play?

    I've been looking around a bit and I'm seeing alot of WoW topics, a few WAR topics, and a couple CoH and FFXI topics, but I've yet to see anything for EQ2, which is my MMO of choice. There's literally 24 different and unique classes, and 19 races, and every race can be every class (though...
  6. Afterburner

    [EQ1] Amusing fact

    A few months ago, SOE gave 21 free days of play in EQ1 to people who had an EQ2 subscription. While it's unlikely that I would be interested in maintaining a presence in both EQ1 and EQ2 (much less throwing EQ2 over for EQ1), I play EQ1 solid for 1.5 years, and off-and-on for another 4 years...
  7. M

    Hows Everquest these days?

    It's been almost 7 years since I closed my account, but I've had a sudden urge of MMORPG nostalgia ... how is EQ holding up these days? whats the monthly cost like? Are there any free EQ-like MMORPG's these days? (ones with dated graphics that my machine wont complain about running?)
  8. Afterburner

    A Confession

    I am giddy with excitement at the prospect of the upcoming EverQuest d20 books. Is this a fundamental flaw in my character? :D
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