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  1. Andrew Sheeler

    [Exalted] Who's still playing it? Tell me about your game.

    I'm wistfully looking at my Ex3 PDFs and longing to run Exalted again but it's unlikely I'll be able to get a local group together for it any time soon. So since I'm missing out, I'd love to know what you're group is up to in Creation. Are you playing in the 1e, 2e or 3e setting? What have you...
  2. Beron the Grey

     [IWIRR] Exalted 2e: Compass of Terrestrial Directions - The Scavenger Lands

    Introduction This thread was inspired by a thought I had a while back, that in many ways the Scavenger Lands book for Exalted 2e best exemplified how I'd like Exalted to be. But that's just an idle thought: how does this book actually stand up on a more detailed examination? Hence, this In...
  3. K

    [Exalted 2e] Do raksha have a dice limit? Plus other Graceful Wicked Masques related questions!

    I appreciate that 2e Exalted might not be a topic on most people's minds nowadays, but I've been playing it a little recently and I've got some questions around the raksha and GWM that I could do with the meta-wisdom of internet RPG folk for. Do the raksha have a set maximum dice-cap for dice...
  4. L

    [Exalted 2nd Edition] Training Charms and Extras

    Hi I come today with the next doubt, what exactly is considered an extra ? If only non essence awakened humans are extras, does that means that all the population on a country can be maxed all of their traits with Terrestrial edification program, and if some of them exalts as a Dragon Blooded or...
  5. Eled the Worm Tamer

    Exalted 2e, how much can an ethical Necromancer actually acomplish?

    Let us say for now that ethical amounts to: Shadowlands circle only, reanimation only of non-human remains, no use of powers that directly invoke oblivion or send things directly there, no enslaving of ghoasts, though bribery threats and barter are all fine. In all a firm philosophy that death...
  6. L

    Exalted 2nd Edition. Mass Combat- How does Might work ?

    Hi. I'm asking because I've look into some books and I've noted that Might doesn't work as described in the Core rulebooks. For example in Manual of Terrestrial Directions The Scavenger Lands. Lookshy Gunzosha Troops have might level of 4. By Core Rules non enlightened humans wearing Gunzosha...
  7. A

    Exalted - faster homebrewed crafting rules.

    So I was looking at the crafting rules for 2e, and I realized that even the most basic of artifacts, artifact 1, requires you to wait at least a season to finish an artifact. And that's if you maxed out everything. So the question is, are there any homebrew that makes the crafting faster...
  8. A

    So what fun have you had with Exalted demons?

    So what have you used your exalted demons for in your games? I'm currently writing a fanfic involving a sorcerer in Worm, so I was hoping for getting the maximum mileage out of it with Demon summoning. So sorry if I take some inspiration and some ideas from here. So, a small rundown: The...
  9. A

    How to depict superhuman ability in Exalted

    So basically, I'm working as a clerk within the army for now. And so I was wondering. If, say, I had a Solar with intelligence 5, Bureaucracy 5, and then threw in a full powered excellency, what would it look like in: A. An office. B. A small shop selling cakes C. Online trading.
  10. M

    [Exalted] First edition or second edition?

    I was considering 2E vs 3E but quickly figured 2E was the clear choice, for me personally. Now the question I have is 1E or 2E Exalted. I'm considering things like which requires less prep work, which is easier to handwave stats for NPCs and/or monsters, does either have a stronger product line...
  11. legopaidi

    Exalted 2e best books?

    I already have the 3e corebook and a mostly complete 1e collection but for some reason I'm thinking of getting at least some books from the second edition era... What would you recommend?
  12. F

    [Let's Read/Compare] Exalted 1e, 2e & 3e core

    Brief introduction: A couple of weeks ago, I picked up Exalted 1e when it was offered as part of a Bundle of Holding. I’d read a some Exalted 2e books, but hadn’t really followed it for years, or paid much attention to 3e’s launch. Then, when I began looking at the 1e book, I was struck by how...
  13. N

    [Godbound/Exalted] An Excuse for Me to Make (or Convert) Characters

    Since I've gotten my virtual hands on the Godbound Deluxe beta, it was pretty much inevitable that I use it for Exalted purposes, especially since Kevin Crawford made it so easy to do so right out of the box. Details on this are all over the place, particularly in the very long Godbound thread...
  14. A

    [Exalted 2.5] First time running

    My group has decided to play Exalted. Version 2.5, to be exact. I played 1st edition for a while, and followed 2nd edition mostly from the sidelines. I have some of the books, and just downloaded the errata. Now I'm going to have a ton of questions for you Exalted veterans, but I'm a bit...
  15. F

    Exalted : Age of Discord (Skype Text Chat)

    Play Location/Method: Text Chat Skype Game/System: Exalted V2.5 (and likely some house rules) Player or GM? Seeker is GM of the game Time/Frequency: Planned day is Saturday 7PM EST (Issues may cause game to initially be Fridays at 7PM EST) Genre: Exalted Setting, 5-10, leading to a...
  16. Dorchadas

    [Exalted: Heaven's Reach] Is there any good homebrew out for this?

    I finally picked up Shards of the Exalted Dream and Heaven's Reach is firing up my imagination, so I'm looking around the internet for modern Dragon-Blooded Charms, Heaven's Reach aliens, and so on, but I haven't found that much and I'm curious if there's something major I'm missing. I found...
  17. K

    Exalted 2e: Infernal Devil Tigers - What they become and what can they do?

    It looks like I might soon be running a game in which an Infernal NPC going Devil Tiger may be an important plot point; while I thought I understood what Triumphant Howl of the Devil Tiger did, having gone back to the Broken Winged Crane after a while, I'm now not so sure. So, after taking the...
  18. Jade Bells Ringing

    [north Chicagoland suburbs] Exalted

    well, basically, 2e Dragonblood based out of Lookshy. More role-playing than action in this tabletop game.
  19. Dorchadas

    How to make form-fillable WW/OP-style bubble character sheets?

    In preparation for my Warlords of the Mushroom Kingdom test game based on this fantastic thread and using Exalted 2e (mostly) mortals-level, I've hacked together an NPC sheet in Inkscape that has the stats and multiple health tracks for groups of NPC mooks. Now I want to add forms to it (using...
  20. Dorchadas

    [Exalted] Fan-created sources for 2e thaumaturgy?

    I posted this on the White Wolf Exalted boards too but didn't get any response, so I'm trying here in case anyone knows of anything I missed. :) I'm trying to compile a master list of thaumaturgical rituals for a 2e mortals game and I'm looking for more sources of fan-created rituals to flesh...
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