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exalted 2nd edition

  1. R

    [RPG]: The Manual of Exalted Power: Infernals, reviewed by C.W.Richeson (3/3)

    http://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/14/14232.phtml Christopher W. Richeson's Summary: Presenting the Green Sun Princes, the champions of Hell, <i>Infernals</i> is a fine Storyteller resource but may not work well for those that want to play the Infernal Exalted in a Chronicle. Go to the full...
  2. G

    [Exalted] aquatic peoples

    I want to see if I understand this correctly: Any human with aquatic adaptations via Wyld-mutations is a Pelagrathrope. Any human with often those same adaptations via descent from a Solar experiment is one of the "Sea Folk" (is that name right? I don't have my copy of CoCD: the Wyld with me)...
  3. Save-vs-DM

    [Exalted 2e] Help me run it well!

    So, having determined that my group needs a break from d20, us GM types have been branching out into other systems. My first instinct, Spirit of the Century, was snapped up right quick by my buddy and fellow co-GM. Not that I mind, as it means I get to play a great game. So I turned my...
  4. R

    [RPG]: Exalted 2nd Edition, reviewed by yoacusna (4/3)

    http://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/13/13123.phtml Andrew Clarke's Summary: Basically, Exalted is a good game well-presented, with a number of minor-ish flaws which could be fixed, and a serious omission in the shape of the antagonists chapter. It’s crunchy and high fantasy and as such won’t...
  5. R

    [RPG]: The Manual of Exalted Power Lunars, reviewed by C.W.Richeson (5/5)

    http://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/13/13111.phtml Christopher W. Richeson's Summary: Improving on the first edition in every way, <I>Lunars</I> presents the Lunar Exalted - a group of shape changing Exalted who devote themselves to nation building experiments, genetic engineering, and...
  6. R

    [RPG]: The Manual of Exalted Power Dragon Blooded, reviewed by C.W.Richeson (5/5)

    http://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/12/12431.phtml Christopher W. Richeson's Summary: Dragon-Blooded Second Edition makes the Terrestrial Exalted available for play. These powerful beings rule over much of Creation, using the might of their Elemental Aspects to lead armies and control...
  7. R

    [RPG]: The Compass of Terrestrial Directions, Vol. 1: The Scavenger Lands, reviewed by C.W.Richeson (4/4)

    http://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/12/12440.phtml Christopher W. Richeson's Summary: Scavenger Lands provides detailed setting information for the area just East of the Realm. Mass combat and Mandate of Heaven support, along with stats for the various gods and powerful beings in the region...
  8. R

    [RPG]: Exalted Second Edition, reviewed by C.W.Richeson (5/5)

    http://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/12/12290.phtml Christopher W. Richeson's Summary: Exalted: Second Edition brings a fantastic fantasy setting to life with beautiful full color artwork and inspiring fiction. Go to the full review for more information.
  9. F

    Exalted: Invincible cyborg armies of DOOM!

    We know that the alchemicals are the greatest example of "created" beings in Exalted (at least recently). That being said, between various spells, and magitech artifacts lying about, such as the created critters in Creatures of the Wyld, what should be the upper level, flexibility wise for...
  10. M

    [Exalted] Home Brew Necromancy

    Inspired by the Terrestrial circle spell Internal Flame Death From Within - by MalikaiTheRed@gmail.com Shadowlands Circle Necromancy 15 motes When casting this spell a series of glowing grave green runes appear floating in the air around the caster's hand and launch toward the target in...
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