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exalted 2nd edition

  1. R

    [Exalted] New Ebon Dragon charm - Lie-Painted Lips

    Lie-Painted Lips Cost: – (2m); Mins: Essence 3; Type: Permanent Duration: Permanent, Illusion. Prerequisite Charms: Witness to Darkness The Ebon Dragon can always be trusted to lie, supposedly, but the wise know that the Ebon Dragon can never be trusted at all. After the Warlock acquires this...
  2. SuperG

    [Exalted ?] Sidereals 2nd Ed

    While I've seen Jon Chung make rather snippy comments about the Sidereals 2e book, I don't actually know what the problem is... Just reading through it, it seems to work fine. Heck, it makes me want to run or play Sidereals. They look cool and fun. :) So what ARE the problems?
  3. Eled the Worm Tamer

    [Exalted+, Lunars+] The Glorious methods of the Trumphant Lunar

    Being a thread for the education of Lunar warlords and generals into the use of there abilities in warfare. (and to hopefully dispel some false assumptions on the heroes of the Silver pact.) First, to Correct a misconception. Lunar armies are not poorly trained. Nor do they lack discipline...
  4. Beron the Grey

    [Exalted 2e] Messages From The Dead

    I've looked through various books, but I can't find an answer to a couple of questions regarding ghosts: When someone dies, where does their ghost end up? In the Underworld, or in Creation? If a ghost in in the Underworld, can they communicate in any way with someone in Creation? Any replies...
  5. Beron the Grey

    [Exalted 2e] A Couple of Questions about Backgrounds

    This would have "three questions about Backgrounds", but then I looked in my copy of Sidereals 2e, and discovered that it actually tells you what Backing can do for a character. So, anyway: If a character has the advantage Backing (Lookshy Intelligence Directorate), what should their rank in...
  6. Blaque

    [Exalted] Wherein I Pimp My Houserules

    Hello folks, So, I don't post threads normally. Many of you may of noticed this by now. I comment a lot. I note that i gripe about Exalted a lot but not on the level I think some other posters do. And I try to seem like I have an idea of my views of the setting's workings and stuff. Since...
  7. F

    [Exalted] Who's a cool Evil Daddy/Mommy for a Darth Vader/Luke dynamic?

    Who is a good choice for a big bad parent for a PC? Who would make for a good evil mentor you have to turn on when you realize they have trained you for evil? Who would make for a good evil parent you have to redeem? Woe is me, for my parent is... ...the Scarlet Empress? ...Chejob Kejak...
  8. P

    [exalted] lunar rules explained

    I was talking with some friend and found out that a lot of lunar rules are not very clear. Some details of rules are fount on other pages of the book, but not referred to in the general rule. Other rules you need to read at least 5 times before getting the picture. When I tried to explain to...
  9. S

    [Exalted] A Solar Ascencion to power - how to build an empire

    A Solar with the right charms and spells can really start playing God. Or Primordial, whatever. I had a character concept that evolved by contemplating the possibilities inherent in the Solar powers and I tried to imagine the most munchikinist ascension scenario. Solars are leader, and they can...
  10. Art Wolf

    Exalted 2nd Ed - Cambridge, MA - Seeking Players

    Hey there, Looking for some players to start up a game of Exalted. If you have never played that is grand - I was thinking of running the intro games in Pandemonium to try and generate random players also ;) Drop me a PM if interested. Cheers, John
  11. Lord Crimson

    [Exalted] DotFA - Lion's Roar Recovery

    So, I'm having a discussion with one of my players. I initially allowed him to buy LRR from DotFA for his character, despite my misgivings. And now I realize how big of a problem it (and every other Solar charm in DotFA) really is, especially when the PC can also use the prereq Phoenix Renewal...
  12. S

    [Recruitment] [Exalted 2E] Once more, with feeling!

    Welcome, one and all, to yet another Exalted game. Given the urge to be creative, I reasoned I should involve others so as to keep the enthusiasm going. Recruitment: A minimum of six players is required for the game to begin. I am comfortable running a play-by-post game for a group up to the...
  13. D

    [Exalted 2e] Martial Arts Style

    I've built up this Celestial Archery Style and i'm having some trouble naming some of the charms, setting mote/willpower costs and lining up the skill tree in general. If anyone would like to help me with it, I would appreciate it very much, or you could just take it for yourself without a word...
  14. sun_tzu

    [Exalted] Mortal Martial Arts

    From my understanding, the supernatural martial arts of Exalted go as follows: -Terrestrial: Available to anyone who uses essence (including god-blooded and enlightened mortals), make you capable of defeating an entire squad of soldiers. -Celestial: Available to celestial exalted (and essence...
  15. Beron the Grey

    [Exalted 2e] Some Rules Questions

    Sorry for the slightly random nature of this post, but I didn't think any of the individual questions below really warranted their own thread. Anyway, here a few totally unconnected rules questions :o: When someone dies, and leaves a ghost, where do they end up in the Underworld? Where they...
  16. Plumy Namesake

    [Exalted] Running a (low ess) Boss battle

    So my players threw a monkey wrench and wound up... Not where I had predicted. They're now sailing in a wooden submarine to intercept the Mask of Winters Soulsteel Man'o'War (Who's making a desperate dash on the Imperial Manse in a last bid for survival after the Abyssal Uprising). My group is...
  17. D. Archon

    [Exalted 1e vs 2e] The combat system

    I ran Exalted 1e for a bit, but eventually gave it up because of the roll-count-roll-count-roll-count 9 (or was it 7?) multi-step combat system. Combat took way too long in real time for what you got out of the system, in my opinion. However, I loved the tactical depth you got out of Charms...
  18. F

    Exalted: What if nobody but Sidereals had access to SMA?

    There's a lot of.....discussion over expanding SMA, especially to the DB's on some forums. But what about the opposite way? What if the SMA was handledf assomething mucvh like the lunar Knacks, something soi much a part of the Sidereal nature that they, and they alone could use it, with...
  19. K

    [Original Setting] General Discussions On:

    [Exalted + Original Setting] General Discussions On: I'm new to the board so I make some huge breach of etiquette I apologize in advance. I couldn't find a better forum for this so I decided to drop it here. If it needs to be moved, thats ok by me. So I have just recently started up a new...
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