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exalted 3rd edition

  1. H

    [Exalted] Sell/Unsell on Exalted 3e

    So, I'm thinking of getting into Exalted 3e and have been reading up on it. Just to show where I'm coming from, I was a fan in the abstract during 2e (lurking on discussions here and elsewhere, reading wikis, listening to actual plays etc.), I never actually purchased any books. Over time I...
  2. E

    [Exalted 3E] Need the advice/help of the mechanics savvy folks...

    Hi all, So our GM has offered to lead another Exalted campaign and this time around, we will give the newest edition a real spin. It has been a while since i last read through the corebook and i am not finished with the pretty new Dragon-Blooded book. I want to go for something I'm not...
  3. M

    [Exalted] the Realm is here!

    At least if you pre-ordered it through Kickstarter. Bummed that I'm so busy today, because I'm actually more psyched for this than I was the main Dragon-Blooded book. Maybe I'll take it as motivation to work more efficiently (which would surely appease the Dragons.)
  4. I

     [Exalted 3E] Are there areas of the setting where solars are openly accepted?

    So I finally got around to reading my backer pdf that I got years ago. What I'm not clear on after reading it, is now that the Empress is gone, where are Solars openly accepted, canonically? Or do they just pretend to be Exigents, or have to hide their animas all the time? My recollection of 2E...
  5. Ember Dragon

    [Exalted] What do you want to see for Sidereals in 3rd ed?

    I've really liked what 3rd edition has done so far with the various splats, so that's had me thinking about Sidereals. They've always been my favorite Exalt type, since way back when 1st edition core came out and we knew nothing about them except a brief mention. But I've also never really...
  6. Patkin

    [Exalted 3e] Trying to understand Craft through the Dragon-Blooded

    Okay, so, this is unrelated to the other creative thread I have about Exalted right now, but I'm trying to determine something. Is the way Craft in 3e works, the way projects work, going to make a Terrestrial artificer's life difficult? One of the things that fed a... resentment, I guess you...
  7. Andrew Sheeler

    [Exalted 3e] Across the Eight Directions

    Just got the latest Exalted Kickstarter email and it mentions a supplement currently in First Draft called “Across the Eight Directions.” Ok, that sounds intriguing. What is it?
  8. Andrew Sheeler

    [Cortex Prime] [Exalted] Tomb of Dreams characters converted

    I've spent the better part of this evening converting the NPCs from the Tomb of Dreams scenario into @Blackwingedheaven's Exalted Blood and Fire Cortex Prime rules. I would love any feedback anyone has to offer on how to tweak them. I haven't playtested them yet, but I'm pretty happy with how...
  9. Andrew Sheeler

    [Exalted] What does the tapestry in Tomb of Dreams do?

    Thread title says it all. What did you have the tapestry (whose powers are intentionally left un-described) do in your game?
  10. S

    🎨 Creative [Exalted] - The Dreaming Sea: Adopt a Hex

    This is just something I spent the morning tinkering with: I put the Dreaming Sea on a hex grid, on the off chance that I'd run a hexcrawl on it someday. I also labeled the axes for ease of reference. Numbers along the bottom, and letters going up the side. For the even-numbered columns, the...
  11. Beanduck

    🎨 Creative [Exalted 3rd live streamed campaign] Full Party | Updated as new episodes posted on YouTube

    Hi everyone! This is where I will post YouTube episodes of Full Party, a new EX3 campaign. We will be streaming every Monday evening on Twitch and subsequently posting the episodes on YouTube. Follow this thread if you want to be notified when the new ones are up. Full Party | Session 02 -...
  12. Andrew Sheeler

    [Exalted] Who's still playing it? Tell me about your game.

    I'm wistfully looking at my Ex3 PDFs and longing to run Exalted again but it's unlikely I'll be able to get a local group together for it any time soon. So since I'm missing out, I'd love to know what you're group is up to in Creation. Are you playing in the 1e, 2e or 3e setting? What have you...
  13. N

    Ex 3 Lunars: A few questions

    Started this thread so as not to clutter the main thread with a topic some might find unpleasant or too much of a divergence. Have the previews so discussed or revealed much the relationships and interactions with Solar Exalted, past or current? Where do their powers stand relative to one...
  14. L

    [Exalted] No Supernal Sorcery Is Hypocritical, Now That I Think About It.

    Hello everyone. I'd like to discuss with you how not giving Solar Supernal Sorcery isn't just a flaw of the system and Exalted 3rd edition, but completely hypocritical and counter to how Solars are designed in general as well as their themes and purpose in Exalted. I will be telling you exactly...
  15. P

    [Ex3 Lunars Kickstarter] King, General, Vizier, WEREWOLF. 12th Feb!

    In anticipation of the Lunars Kickstarter kicking off on the 12th of February 2019, I thought I’d make this thread! Personally I need to tally up my red packet monies to see joe deep I can go on this one. I’m way more hype about it than the DB’s Kickstarter. Us Onyx Path board regulars have...
  16. Aysez

     Exalted Third Edition, Exigents rough date?

    With the Dragon-Blooded Book getting closer, anybody know what the rough plans for the next books are? I know Lunars are next, and then the much hyped (in my mind) Exigents afterwards. Does anybody have a guesstimate as to when they're getting released? I'm SERIOUSLY hoping the Exigents book...
  17. Rand Brittain

    [Exalted] Dragon-Blooded: What Fire Has Wrought backer PDF

    I just got mine and skimmed it. The art is a huge improvement over anything else Onyx Path has done recently. I had a lot of bad things to say about the art in Scion and Trinity (and they were all true) but this book looks excellent, and it has zero pieces I'd call truly bad. More in-depth...
  18. Isator Levie

    [Exalted 3rd Edition] Lunar Exalted preview

    So Onyx Path has put up a preview of the Lunar Exalted as a whole, with what look like sections from the introduction and setting chapters. It can be found here. We've got a brief history of them, an overview of the Silver Pact and the manner in which it has fought the Realm, the concept of...
  19. Kingslayer

    💀 Necro [Exalted 3rd ed] What didn't work for you?

    Let me preface this. I am a huge fan of Exalted. I played in a long running 1st ed game. I bought most of the 2nd ed run and tried to run two different campaigns that fell apart after one or two sessions for out of game issues. I figured that I would never have the opportunity to run this...
  20. P

    Exalted Third Edition Lunars Playtest

    If any of you guys are interested in getting a little advance knowledge of how Lunars are shaping up in a Third Edition, The Deliberative had a chance to sit down with the playtest and spill quite a few beans! Check out episode 12, or the web link is below...
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