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exalted: fate conversions

  1. L

    Graceful Wicked Masques - is it any good?

    The title kind of says it all. I may pick it up for my FATExalted game for the fluff. What do you guys think?
  2. S

    [Fate, Exalted] Converting Exalted Charms to FATE stunts

    I'm attempting to use FATE to run Exalted, as originally described in this thread. As described there, I'm using a custom 'Essence' stress track to deal with motes, and charm costs. With these rules in mind, I've attempted to convert some of the Charms from Exalted 2e into FATE, and I was hoping...
  3. Jürgen Hubert

    How would you run Exalted with Legends of Anglerre?

    What the title says. How would you adjust the rules of Legends of Anglerre to run Exalted?
  4. J

    [FATE3] Yet Another Exalted Conversion Thread

    I have been flipping through my Exalted books again. I am one of those "Like the setting hate the system" hater-types. It is mostly due with my small child-like hands that can't hold more than five dice at a time combined with my inability to count past +8 or -8. I have been trying to figure...
  5. A

    [Exalted] Stealing From SotC

    That's Spirit of the Century, as if you weren't aware. This is a short idea for a system hack for Exalted. It steals on of the better ideas from Fate/SotC, Aspects and tries to tie that into the mechanics of Exalted. Essentially the idea is to take Intimacies (which currently are only the...
  6. Aetherdyne

    [Exalted -> Fate] The Age of Exaltation

    I am one of those who loves Exalted's setting but can't stand the CRPG/D20-like system. In order to revive my old Obsidian Requiem game, I'm working on my own conversion to Spirit of the Century/Fate 3rd Edition. I am basing it, for the most part, on first edition Exalted, since the only...
  7. S

    Spirit of the Exalted: Yet Another SotC Conversion

    So, I like Exalted, but I basically hate the rules with a burning, unholy passion. In an effort to get a Dragon-Blooded game going among my usual circle I've whipped up this quick and dirty rules-hack for Spirit of the Century, which I present here for perusal, criticism and the edification...
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