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    [Exalted] Any Solar Exalted fans still around?

    I remember there were a few of us, fans (or fanboys when things got heated. :)) of the Solar Exalted though the later Types always seem more popular (as far as this site went, I can't speak for general Exalted fandom). Any of us still around? I think the way the views/presentation of the Solars...
  2. N

    [Exalted] Reasons to dislike Solars (and how you'd fix them)

    The recent Infernals thread diverged into discussing the issues some have with the Solar Exalted. These including "power creep" and what they felt was a negative impact on the themes and potential of the other Exalted. What could be done to fix these perceived issues?
  3. S

    Exalted: Eclipse Diplomatic Immunity

    So it makes sense in terms of Heaven and Malfeas, but everything about Eclipse Diplomatic immunity suggests that it was something negotiated and of course sealed by their Anima. But how did the Solars do that, in that who has the authority to agree for all Fair Folk instead of just a particular...
  4. F

    exalted: infernals can make 3rd circle demons--what can solars make?

    It is possible for a high essence infernal who follows the heretical path to eventually create his very own 3rd circle demons--and as w'eve seen, third circles range from very powerful to near incarna levels of powers. That's fine and thematic-- but equally a Solar can have the theme of "mighty...
  5. Ultima

    Exalted - Can Solars be redeemed?

    Solar Exalted are ultimately damned. Their Great Curse ensures that eventually they will fail at what they do, and as they grow older the Curse will only get worse, eating away at them until they are insane like Salinan or the Hierophant. Is their any way to transform them into Green Sun Princes...
  6. Ultima

    Exalted - Why don't Solar Exaltations take righteousness more into account?

    Considering that Sol Invictus was originally a god of righteousness and the absolute antithesis of the Ebon Dragon before he was the god of awesome, why aren't his exaltations utterly repelled by unrighteous people? I know it broadens story possibilities but what is the instory justification?
  7. N

    [Exalted] So why does Creation need the Solars?

    Or any other Exalts aside from the Dragonblooded (except for perhaps the Sidereals). Came up in another thread and I thought it was interesting enough to have it wown Discuss?
  8. E

    Why is Desus a monster?

    I mean, especially monstrous? I was looking at the TV Tropes Exalted page, and they go on about how much of a monster he is, so much so that deathlords and yozis pale next to him; I've also seen this sentiment espoused here on RPGnet. But all I can remember from Dot1A is him being an abusive...
  9. S

    Exalted: the term "solar fanboy" whys it used so hostiley.

    the term "solar fanboy" Is used fairly often on exalted boards to try discrediting someone else. one problem with the setting is while yes it IS morally gray.... how morally gray tends to vary from product to product. the "games of divinity" came out AFTER I'd started looking at the...
  10. R

    [Exalted 2e] Wyld-Shaping Technique Poll

    I've completed a poll about Wyld-Shaping Technique. Please provide your input.
  11. N

    [Exalted] Solar Bond "sleazy"?

    I've seen this sentiment and similar feelings about the Solar Bond background pop up several times recently and I was wondering if anyone wanted to offer more about how the feel. I never felt it was a sleazy background, just specialized but to be fair I really haven't thought about it as I...
  12. D

    [Exalted] Solar/Abyssal Charm Comparison

    As they're written, it seems like Splinter of the Void is just better than Essence Arrow Attack. Abyssals using SotV can stack multiple effects, and their damage-adder improves post-soak damage (which I'd personally prefer over raw, as Hardness tends not to be a major issue when you're already...
  13. Rand Brittain

    [Exalted] Re-Envisioned Lunar/Solar Wyld Shaping

    In some Lunar discussions a while back, it occurred to me that an important part of helping Lunars feel more unique, and giving them a place in the setting, would be to give them Wyld-Shaping Technique and letting the Solars have Harmony with Reality Technique. Lunars are supposed to be at home...
  14. That Old Tree

    [NECRO] [Exalted] Scroll of Errata & Rules for the Great Curse

    The latest update to Scroll of Errata is up. Latest additions to the errata can be found on this wiki page. Within, in addition to the rules and guidelines for Abyssal Redemption and other great treats, one can find this: Discuss.
  15. J

    [Exalted, Hax] Solar Hero Style

    Solar Hero Style Solar Hero Style (or Fist of the Daystar Style among the Fivescore Fellowship) is a Celestial Martial Arts Style. It considers all brawling aids (fighting gauntlets, iron boots, cestus, khatar, spiked harness, any other M-tagged weapons that function on the same principles as...
  16. Q

    [Exalted] Exalts after their patron dies

    What happens to Exalts if their patron Incarna (or the Dragons/Autocthon/etc) dies?
  17. R

    Custom Solar Hero Perfect Parry

    Meteor-Halting Palm Cost: 5m; Mins: Martial Arts 4, Essence 2; Type: Reflexive (Step 2) Keywords: Combo-OK Duration: Instant Prerequisite Charms: Solar Hero Form The hands that grip the throat of hell can halt steel or sky. The character invokes this charm in response to an attack which is not...
  18. W

    [Exalted] Queen Kadulu... or something like like that.

    Apparently, a Solar Queen of the First Age did something spectacularly ill-considered and basically turned herself into Cthulu. What's her name, and where do I find information on her?
  19. S

    [Exalted] The Problem with Solars

    Over the course of the line from Dreams of the First Age up through Glories of the Most High, the increasing thematic decline for Solars has gradually taken me from one of their most steadfast supporters to mildly irritated every time they come up in conversation. The main cause of this seems to...
  20. R

    [Exalted] Solar Melee Charms

    Armor-Cutting Chop Cost: 1m Mins: Melee 4, Essence 2 Type: Supplemental Keywords: Combo-OK Duration: One action Prerequisite Charms: Hungry Tiger Technique No aegis is sure enough to offer sanctum against the Solar Exalted. What they set out to destroy will fall, even if it takes to the end of...
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