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  1. S

    Qwixalted and Exalted 3rd

    So, Exalted 3rd is out. Qwixalted is my go-to system for emulating Exalted and that doesn't look like it's going to change anytime soon. But, Exalted 3 has exciting new possibilities for incorporation into Qwixalted. The setting changes obviously translate over pretty well, but what about some...
  2. Blackwingedheaven

    [Cortex Plus] Exalted: Blood and Fire

    After taking basically forever to do the work on it, my Exalted hack for Cortex Plus Heroic is basically done. It uses the existing Marvel Heroic Roleplaying rules, advice from the Hacker's Guide, some rules changes from Fantasy Heroic, and a bunch of my own changes to the game. The primary...
  3. Elvish Lore

    Apocalypse World -- Is there an Exalted hack?

    Does anyone know of one? The closest I've found is some work done on an AW hack called Set Apart (which was kind of like Exalted but not exactly) from a couple years back.
  4. F

    [Exalted] Born of the Rising Earth Style

    Okay, so let's talk Exalted from the ground up. Just some general ideas and stuff, I'm kinda curious. The recent discussions have made me think about this a bit and ask these questions of myself. So let's assume we consider but are not constrained by what came before. We are going to take...
  5. S

    [Exalted] Mass Combat

    Could be this has been discussed on here before, I'm relatively new to the forum. But Exalted mass combat has been sort of...dissatisfactory for our group--it's too complex, clunky, time-consuming and confusing--and I was wondering if anyone here has houseruled a better way of doing it. I had a...
  6. S

    [Fate, Exalted] Converting Exalted Charms to FATE stunts

    I'm attempting to use FATE to run Exalted, as originally described in this thread. As described there, I'm using a custom 'Essence' stress track to deal with motes, and charm costs. With these rules in mind, I've attempted to convert some of the Charms from Exalted 2e into FATE, and I was hoping...
  7. C

    [Exalted 2nd] Sidereal Charms Rewrites?

    I'm a bit out of the loop with regard to Exalted at the moment, but I'm actually thinking about preparing a Sidereal campaign. (:eek:) Anyway, I'm looking for good fan rewrites for 2nd edition Sidereals charms. What's out there at the moment and how does it hold up in play? Or, alternatively...
  8. N

    [System Hack] What's the Best Exalted System Conversion/Hack

    A decade late, but one of my players piqued my interest with the notion of taking the ST reigns from me and starting up an Exalted game. I like the settings, I like the big-ballin-bad assery, and I like the IDEA of the Charms, but lordy is it crunchy. And I'm running Aberrant! So, what liter...
  9. WightMutt

    [Exalted] Alchemical XP haxs

    Has anyone given any thought to applying the XP haxs (I think it was Jon Chungs work) to Alchies? The basics where each exalt got free access to all there Excellencies (when they qualify for them) and free Ox-bodies. But I'm not sure how that will work with the 4th, 5th and 6th augmentations...
  10. S

    [BASH!] Idle curiosity: could BASH do Exalted-level epic fantasy?

    Not do Exalted per se, but do fantasy where the characters could conceivably end up as demigods ready to go toe-to-toe with the Titans and World-Eaters?
  11. Pip

    [Exalted 2] System Ground-up Rewrite: A Fallen Age

    A Fallen Age is an attempt by myself and a group of friends to come up with a full ground-up rewrite of the Exalted 2nd Edition system. Our feeling is that simply patching the system as it currently exists isn't enough to fix the problems we perceive with it, as many of them are more fundamental...
  12. L

    [Exalted+] Unsatisfied with either 1e or 2e, so here I go!

    Like the title says, I'm seriously unsatisfied with both 1e and 2e Exalted, and want to come up with something that more matches what I want to do in an Exalted game. For that, I obviously want to enumerate a bunch of goals, so that I can figure out if I meet them. Also, I could definitely use...
  13. S

    [Exalted+] ORE Exalted: Ultimate Exalted

    Ok, so I've been in love with Wild Talents as of late. This morning, having a cup of coffee I jotted down some quick notes on a napkin about a sort of reimagining of Exalted using ORE. This is what I have: - Sources: Old Testament, Odyssey, Iliad, Shah Nameh. Excise anime. - Toolkit Creation...
  14. P

    [Exalted] Brainstorming a new Mass Combat system

    As I see it, the current mass combat system has two flaws. First, it's too complicated, and second, it is part of why the setting and the rules contradict each other (for example, the armies of the Deathlords don't actually mean much, in comparison to the Deathlords' personal power). As a...
  15. F

    [Exalted] Radiant: Another Light Hack

    Well, it's about time I got my crap together and posted this, reflecting some thoughts that Charlequin, passengerpigeon, and I have about stuff we liked and didn't like about the system. It's got an implementation of the 'crunchless Charms' thing we've been batting around, and a ton of...
  16. P

    [Exalted] Simplified Social Conflict

    So I've used Social Conflict [http://fixalted.bazzalisk.org/index.php?title=Social_Conflict] before in the past, and I found it to be a vast improvement from the core system, but too complicated. Also, I didn't like the rearrangement of the Virtues or the timing system. Thus, I've revised it...
  17. nos4artu

    Wushu Exalted Idea: Green Sun Princes.

    Now it may be because I’m drunk, but I’ve recently had an idea of incorporating the Green Sun Princes into Bailywolf’s Wushu adaptation of Exalted. I’ve been thinking of their Charm mechanic, and I’ve had an idea that I would like to open to you all for suggestions. I’ve cobbled together...
  18. F

    [Exalted ++AX0R] Revisiting the Offense/Defence Economy

    Okay, so we're talking about the offense-defence issue here: Perfects cost 4m presently, which is staggeringly cheaper than most significant attacks. As a result, pingspam is a dominant combat strategy. Here's my bat at the idea: Set perfects back to the 3m, 1W standard of 1e. This means that...
  19. J

    [Exalted, Hax] Hacking Exalted: Removing Extraneous XP Sinks

    Based on the principle that dice-adders are boring but necessary, and things that are boring but necessary should be built into the base character template rather than eating into a character's limited resources as a tax - things that cost character resources should be nice, not required. In...
  20. J

    [FATE3] Yet Another Exalted Conversion Thread

    I have been flipping through my Exalted books again. I am one of those "Like the setting hate the system" hater-types. It is mostly due with my small child-like hands that can't hold more than five dice at a time combined with my inability to count past +8 or -8. I have been trying to figure...
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