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failbetter games

  1. AliasiSudonomo

    [Sunless Skies] Space Train to the Cosmos!

    While we had a thread here for the Kickstarter, it's actually out now, and so I'm making a thread to talk about it. For the folks who don't know, Sunless Skies is a sequel to Failbetter Games' Sunless Sea, the alt-Victorian-era narrative game that involved being the captain of a steamship...
  2. Pandorym

    IC The Deep Dark Zee (FATE Core Sunless Sea)

    Welcome, delicious friends. Fallen London: once capital of the British Empire, now home of the Bazaar. Deep. Dark. Expensive. Marvellous. Here you can find everything from immortality to unnervingly good mushroom wine. The Bazaar stole London three decades ago. Of course only anarchists and...
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