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fan fiction

  1. Shay Guy

    FanFiction.Net genre popularities

    As some of you may remember, I've done some on-and-off application of my screen-scraping skills to fanfic. Going through some of my old coding projects, I found a program I wrote a few years back that scrapes data for all categories on FanFiction.Net with 100 fics or more, along with how many...
  2. Shay Guy

    A question about fanfic history

    Are any of the stories that inspired Paula Smith to write "A Trekkie's Tale" on the web anywhere? Are any of them even known to still exist? I don't know where you'd go to read archives of early-1970s Star Trek zines.
  3. acksed

    [Fanfiction] Where did 'Soulmarks' come from?

    OK, so. I'm a fan of a particular fanfic. So are other people, to the point they make a dedicated subforum to discuss it and make little mini-fics. I'm late to this particular party, but I have fun reading all the serious and mildly cracky snippets. And then this idea/prompt on 'Soulmarks' comes...
  4. K

    [Fanfiction] A discussion of ShakespeareHemmingway

    For those who don't know, ShakespeareHemmingway is a fanfiction author. In my opinion, SH might be THE fanfiction author, as his works are unmitigated brilliance. There's a fine line between genius and insanity, and ShakespeareHemmingway rolls down that line on a Harley Davidson while blaring...
  5. Shay Guy

    Long fanfics are looong.

    To the best of my discernment, I have completed my years-long, on-and-off quest to chronicle all stories on FanFiction.Net with at least 800,000 words. There are 266 of them. Or 264, depending on whether you count certain "stories". I'll count them for the purposes of this post. 130 of them...
  6. F

    How many people have written a fanfic and...

    Suddenly realized; screw this-- I can take this storyline and do an original story AND possibly get paid for it!
  7. E

    [Fanfic] Recommended Fanfiction

    I've seen other fanfic focused threads in this subforum, so I trust that there won't be any issues in regard to this. This thread should be used for the posting of fanfic recommendations, hopefully with each post containing at least one recommendation. Links would be nice when possible and so...
  8. F

    What makes you stop reading Fanfic?

    Well? Three on my list: 1. Bad grammar. Not just "bad" as in this person didn't have a beta reader, but bad in "I can't figure out what this paragraph means." If it makes it hard for me to understand the story, I probably won't like it. 2. Mary Sues. Now I don't mind challenges, or even a...
  9. Mostlyjoe

    [Meta] Of metaplot and fan ficition.

    I always had an quandry as to why I enjoyed the most horrible of fan ficitions. But the more I consider it (and thanks to reading ab3's stories) the more I come to think it's because fan ficition is much like mucking with the meta plot of a universe. Some of the best Star Wars games happen when...
  10. Wields-Rulebook-Heavily

    [Necro] The Big Fan Fic Discussion Thread

    We've been getting fanfic threads lately. Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality and Harry Potter and the Iain M. Banks Crossover and maybe more that I'm missing. How about we just have a big general thread where we can discuss and post and generally indulge ourselves? :p My favorite...
  11. Alyx

    Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality

    Apologies if this is something that's already been posted, I haven't been keeping up on OM as much as I should. But still, when one finds something interesting, one wants to share with everybody: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5782108/1/Harry_Potter_and_the_Methods_of_Rationality It's a weird...
  12. Robert A. Rodger

    The Castle sequel I would watch the hell out of

    Detective Alexis Castle. No real hook, but I could completely see it.
  13. C

    Good Harry Potter fan fic?

    This post kind of scares me, but I am looking for a non-canon Harry Potter-verse fix and this seems like a good place to start looking. I'm looking for a reasonably well written fan fic series set in the Potter-verse. I don't care when it's set (Harry's time, before Harry gets to Hogwarts...
  14. K

    New Collaborative Writing Forum

    Fractured Dreams is a new forum geared towards writers of all genres. It's a place to meet other writers, get help improving your writing, and a place to write or role-play with others and practice your skills in a fun, safe and friendly environment. Whether you write Mystery, Fan Fiction...
  15. T

    I have a Fan Fic

    A Gundam Wing fanfic. I wonder how well it will be received.
  16. Pyranose the gnome

    [Doctor Who] The Ten Doctors tale is done

    And thus ends probably the best fan comic I have ever read. What a great trip it was. The entire two-year plus run is downloadable as a pdf from Rich's website. I think pretty much all the readers are amazed at Rich's talent and dedication to bring his story to a close. I'm looking forward to...
  17. Ken Finlayson

    [OzMob] Erotic Fan Fiction

    Sydneysiders take note: the Sydney Writer's Festival includes a reading of erotic fan fiction on Thursday 21 May, at 7.30pm. The fanfic is written by professional writers, rather than being culled from online, so I doubt there will be any wingfic or tales of Harry Potter as a cube. However, the...
  18. A

    Terrible Crossover Fanfic Idea Generator

    Refresh until your eyes start bleeding. http://kaction.com/badfanfiction/ -------------------- Epsilon
  19. Azimer the Mad

    The Greatest Harry Potter Fanfic ever

    I just recently updated Firefox, which restored a years old bookmark page...and helped me discover my friend old Harry Potter fanfic. This is just a taste. "Now, Dobby." Dobby knelt before his master. Harry withdrew his guitar, Fuckslayer, from a dimension where all screamed for naught...
  20. M

    Good Fanfic?

    Given that 99.99% of everything is rubbish There has to be 1 in 10000 fanfics must be good So rpg net what good/great fanfic would you recommend...?
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