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  1. JavierBravomalo

    Freelance Illustrator/Concept artist Looking for Work - Javier Bravomalo

    Hey! My name is Javier Bravomalo, I'm a freelance illustrator/concept artist and i'm interested in taking on freelance jobs. If you like my work and would like to work with me me feel free to contact me at: Online portfolio:
  2. F

    Fantasy Clip Inks by William McAusland

    In recent months I've added four new sets of fantasy stock art to our line. Just added are spot art sets 9, 10, 11 and 12! Overall, we now have 20 sets of a press ready, 300 dpi tiff files for use by game publishers, game masters, webmasters, fiction authors or other's looking for crisp, black...
  3. JediSoth

    Scars of the Sundering: Malediction

    I got my cover art yesterday. Huzzah! I also had a new map made, too Art by Anna B. Meyer) I'm back on track to having this novel available for sale at Gen Con (I wanted to debut it at ConQuesT in Kansas City back on Memorial Day, but things got away from us). The 1st draft for book 2...
  4. G

    [Guardians Knot] - Free Online Illustrated Novel

    Hello, I'd like to share with you my free online illustrated novel - Guardians Knot. It's been in production for a while and we've just launched and released Episode 1 of the first act. We'll be releasing the episodes as regularly as we can, and have some bonus stuff on the site for those...
  5. S

    Skull Dixon, Illustrator and animator for hire

    Hello, I am a freelance Illustrator and Animator. I have worked on Illustrations for books, playmates, and cards sleeves. I have also worked on commercials, a cartoons series, animated short films, video games, and banners. Please take a look at my Behance site or my linkedin site
  6. L

    Artist, Graphic Design and Layout

    I can draw, do digital illustrations, take photographs, design web pages, and do book layouts. I charge a reasonable rate ($13 an hour for each hour I'm commissioned). My deviant art page is linked below. I'm also going to provide an extra link to my portfolio. I'm interested in doing layout for...
  7. N

    [Lesser Gnome Kickstarter Project] Whisper & Venom Boxed Set w/Minis/Poster Map + Love Old School RPGs? Like deluxe products for fantasy games that come with the best extras including miniatures, poster maps and dice? Is quality art, cartography and custom sculpted 28 mm figurines...
  8. L

    TROS Remake - Blade of the Iron Throne - Kickstarter.

    I know there are lots of Sword and Sorcery fan's that love good hardcore combat. For those of you that dont know Blade of the Iron Throne is having a kickstarter. If your familiar with TROS it's a game of deadly swordfighting, but Blade stick's to a core concept of S&S. Lavish Wealth, come's...
  9. E

    [Fantasy Art] Let us collect the best fantasy art to be found on the net.

    Hi TRO, As the title says, let us collect the best fantasy art on the net. As the members have very different tastes, i am sure this will be an interesting thread to come back to. I hope we will have art in all the different directions - Gonzo-over the top art, realistic art, dark and...
  10. E

    [Inspirational art] Post your epic/heroic character art

    Hi TRO, I am again looking for your help. Post your favourite fantasy/fantasy-ish epic/heroic character art. I am especially looking for characters that would fit perfectly into a game like exalted or anima. My google-fu turned up some good stuff but you know, i have only so much time and i am...
  11. MikeBurns

    Mike Burns, Illustrator seeking work

    Hi my name is Mike Burns and I am a freelance illustrator looking to expand my client pool in the gaming industry. I have done work for Savage Mojo and Headless Hydra Games. Some of the work has not yet been released but if you are interesting in hiring me and would like to see the work I did...
  12. D

    Earthdawn Illustrator Looking for Freelance B&W Interior work

    Hello All! My names David Michael Wright (Dave), I'm pretty new around here so please excuse me if I stumble about a little. I do work as a freelance illustrator specialising in mainly fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and rpg art. Some of my recent work includes illustrations for the Redbrick...
  13. whiskeytangofoxtrot

    D&D Art - Personal Annoyances?

    So, I'm running a D&D Dungeon Crawl in Risus at some point soon, and I'm doing some cartoony sketches to give the game a bit of flavour. As the rest of the game will be lampooning D&Disms, I figured the art should do so too. So tell me - what do you really hate about D&D art? Pics of...
  14. B

    Bruno Balixa's illustrative artwork

    Hello everyone. I'm an artist working in a local video game studio. Parallel to my professional work, I've been working in improving my conceptual and illustration skills. I am actively searching for opportunities to develop my style further into the fantasy and sci-fi illustration field...
  15. Lenin

    Trends in Fantasy Cover Art

    Orbit have put up a couple of not-very-serious posts about trends in fantasy cover art in the US market, that I thought might be of interest to OM. Part 1: Part 2: I don't know if there's another chart coming, showing trends in male representation on fantasy covers, say. It's my impression...
  16. S

    Has Wizards locked up all the art archives?

    After a long absense from visitng the Wizards boards (connectivity issues that wouldn't let me load them), I came back and found things VERY different than they used to be. I went looking for the old archives of art from the various books that used to be on the site and all I could find were...
  17. M


    I was just looking for some inspirational art to help with game ideas, and came across artist Arthur Ranson's site. Lots of really great stuff on there, but what really grabbed my imagination was his artwork for a 2000AD comic called Mazeworld. I've never read that particular series, but it...
  18. J

    Joe's new thread

    There were a bunch of dead links in my old thread and I haven't posted in a while so I figured I'd start a new one. Here's an oil portrait I started this morning and finished tonight. And then there's a cover for NGoM
  19. Storn

    Art useful for 4th ed

    I have a thread of my art in the general section, but 4th edition has led to an explosion of art commissions of a fantasy nature. And I thought there might be folks who really only come to this section and might get a kick (and hopefully use). Or at the least, get some inspiration. I invite...
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