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fantasy craft

  1. C

    Fantasy Craft Adventure Companion is Out

    Well, in PDF form anyways. Print is at the end of the month I think they said. I've only really looked at the crunch chapter so far, and even that in bits and pieces, but I like what I see. There's 3 new settings, 12 new classes (a mix of all three types), and a lot of new feats and tricks...
  2. pkapera

    [Crafty Games] Adventure Companion Released in PDF

    Crafty Games is proud to release the Adventure Companion PDF for Fantasy Craft. The print release will arrive in stores around the end of the month but we'll have pre-release copies at NeonCon this weekend! In anticipation of the print release, Crafty Games will be adding new preview material...
  3. S

    [Fantasy Craft, 2nd Printing] Got the Hardcover

    And it is a lovely book. This is my first exposure to a Crafty Games product, and I am very impressed. The OGL hacks in this really give GM's and Players a lot of freedom, and create some options for dynamic play. The Action Dice mechanic is very cool, mitigating the harshness of the D20 roll...
  4. B

    D&D 4E vs Fantasy Craft vs Pathfinder...

    In the vein of this thread, I wanted to hear people opinions on a match up between D&D 4E and Fantasy Craft, along with Pathfinder and Fantasy Craft. I'd rather not repeat the linked thread as it's about D&D 4E vs Pathfinder so please keep the comparisons between Fantasy Craft and one of the...
  5. S

    [FantasyCraft] Running it in Eberron?

    Has anyone done it? Doubtful, but figure I'd ask... Does anyone familliar with both have any perspective on what would keep it from working? Or what would make it awesome? There's a lot of stuff that I haven't been able to do with Eberron, but still want to do. I just don't want to do it in...
  6. M

    [Blending Systems] Fantasy Craft and True Sorcery

    So, I'm somewhat interested in Fantasy Craft, though I haven't picked it up yet. However, I truly love the spell casting system originally presented in the Black Company Campaign Setting, and redone as True Sorcery. From what I hear, FC's magic system is ok, but not revolutionary for 3.x the...
  7. The Eye

    [Fantasy Craft] Best way to teach?

    When it first came out, I bought a copy of Fantasy Craft because the concepts and execution seemed to be exactly the kind of thing I was looking for: complex, flexible, specific, tactical and strategic, with a lot of structure and mechanical guidelines for the GM. I've read the book through a...
  8. M

    [FantasyCraft] First Impressions

    So I finally picked up FantasyCraft today. I normally run Pathfinder, which I do enjoy, but a lot of FC has appealed to me so I decided to get it as well for my own fantasy setting development. Initial thoughts: - The world building and campaign qualities look to be a lot of fun, if a fair...
  9. Particle_Man

    [Fantasy Craft] - is there an SRD for it?

    I know that Pathfinder has an SRD online. Does Fantasy Craft?
  10. J

    Fantasy Craft - how does it play?

    There was a lot of buzz surrounding the launch of Fantasy Craft and the read-through reviews were almost all positive - but now, nine months later, it hardly gets mentioned. So I was wondering how FC holds up in actual play. If you are / have been playing in an FC campaign, please take a...
  11. S

    Spycraft 3.0 Announced

    3.0 http://www.crafty-games.com/node/1014
  12. S

    [Fantasycraft] Character generators?

    I'm wondering- is there a chargen program or utility out there for FC? I prefer Excel, but am interested in anything available.
  13. V

    FantasyCraft vs D&D 4e: what can you do in one that you can't do in the other?

    I'm very familiar with D&D 4e (and own a dozen books for it), but Fantasy Craft sounds interesting. I am well aware they have significantly different mechanics in some areas. But what I'm interested in knowing is: what can you do in one game that you can't do in the other? For example, do you...
  14. M

    [FantasyCraft]Epic feel.

    So, mathey brought this up in another thread, and I figured I would toss up a thread specifically for this. What defines "epic" what things does an rpg system need to do to support that sort of feel. I am trying to see how FantasyCraft can create those moments, or support that style of play...
  15. T

    [Fantasy Craft] Resource and New Content

    This purpose of this thread is to gather our homebrew material (in the form of new Alignments, Campaign Qualities, NPCs, etc) as well as online resources that you can use for your campaign or character. As new information is posted in this thread I will copy/paste it to the first post (creating...
  16. G

    [Fantasy Craft] Magic System Wonkiness

    So I've been learning some of the "deeper secrets" of Fantasy Craft as I've gotten more comfortable with the system (which I love, overall). However, the magic system has a bit of strangeness to it that I wish would have been drawn out explicitly in the magic chapter. In particular: Spell...
  17. G

    [Fantasy Craft] First play impressions

    So I ran the first actual-play session for my Eberron campaign that I recently switched to Fantasy Craft. I was very pleased with the results. The quick analysis: it felt like a crunchier Savage Worlds. The night started with a bit of roleplaying between the characters and a couple NPCs...
  18. G

    [Fantasy Craft] Player's first character

    So I'm switching my Eberron campaign from 4E to Fantasy Craft, and one of my players had a Warforged that was a StarPact Warlock that was an interrogator/torturer. He had the amusing line, "You are made of three things: flesh, blood, and information. You will give me one of these before I am...
  19. bastion_korupt

    [Fantasy Craft] Can it do Gamma World?

    Hi! I know that Fantasy Craft is the first Master Craft game and I am totally crushing on it (STILL) after getting it over the holidays. I love it. But my favorite D&D setting is a spin off of D&D called Gamma World. My question is, while I know that they are expanding the Fantasy Craft...
  20. BPIJonathan

    [FantasyCraft] Birthright

    So all those out there that play FantasyCraft, how would you do Birthright using it?
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