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  1. gaminggeek

    Infernal Humanoids 28mm 2D Fantasy Gaming Miniatures

    I've launched an Indiegogo campaign to produce a new set of 2D gender-variant player-character miniatures - Infernal Humanoids (commonly known as "Tieflings"). If you're looking for inexpensive and easy to use miniatures for your tabletop RPGs, check 'em out. This set will become part of my...
  2. Quasar

    Sarah J. Maas

    So digging around youtube I see the works of miss Maas are really pretty damn popular and she is pretty prolific, though she’s not an author I’ve read or really know anyone who’s read. This I’m wonder what the rpg.net hive mind think of her works and whether there’s a standout series of hers I...
  3. Steve Conan Trustrum

    Misfit Studios Monster Brief: Oddities for Savage Worlds

    Monster Brief: Oddities for Savage Worlds Buy it now. Create some trouble in your Savage Worlds game by including some encounters with new creatures that are a bit out of the ordinary and offer up the unexpected in Monster Brief: Oddities. In this product you will find: * The Aglebemu...
  4. W

    Legends of Novus Fantasy Tabletop Boardgame

    ⚔️ If you love DnD, but need something a little lighter for when the group can't get together or just something different and epic, check out this! ⚔️ Some very awesome art commissioned specifically for this game but could very easily adapt to your use in a DnD campaign. AND... if you do pledge...
  5. B

    Precis Intermedia Two-Fisted Tales + Man, Myth & Magic Now Available!

    The Roleplaying Game of Man's Greatest Adventures is Back! Discover the Riddle of Stonehenge... the Secrets of the Pyramids... the Mysteries of the Ancient World... as you play Man, Myth & Magic. The classic 1982 boxed set returns as a PDF and Softcover (pre-order, read the PDF while you wait)...
  6. fedcomic

    MICRONOMICON funded in 3 hours! Now pushing for stretch goals! Come join the fun!

    Hello, all! We have launched the Kickstarter campaign for the MICRONOMICON: A Compendium of Magic for Tiny Dungeon 2e and other games. It's a fun book full of gorgeous art, and lots of great ideas and options for magic-users. It's built for TD2e, the minimalist fantasy RPG, but as we all know...
  7. fedcomic

    New Tiny D6 supplement: the MICRONOMICON

    Hello, all! We have launched the Kickstarter campaign for the MICRONOMICON: A Compendium of Magic for Tiny Dungeon 2e and other games. It's a fun book full of gorgeous art, and lots of great ideas and options for magic-users. It's built for TD2e, the minimalist fantasy RPG, but as we all know...
  8. theaaronstory

    Twelf Kingdoms [an experimental, interactive fiction]

    Hi there, I have recently started to work on an experimental game called "Twelf Kingdoms". A CYOA game, heavily influenced by classic gamebooks, D&D and like games. The goal is to break the tradition with usual choice games, and bring you a plethora of options/paths, whilst thriving to elevate...
  9. Anigart

    *Kickstarter* Last few hours on Kickstarter: Knights of Frontier Valley

    Kickstarter Project The last 24 hours are closing in fast... this is how it feels like running against the Kickstarter clock:
  10. C

     Digital painter available for work or commission

    Hello, My name is Steven, I'm available for art related work. i usually do a lot of dnd characters, but i would love to do tcg project as well. i'm open for a wide variety of genre, even if most of work is fantasy genre. If you like my work,feel free to contact me by email...
  11. Aure

    Roadwarden - an RPG / Visual Novel / Text Adventure fantasy hybrid that I'm working on

    Greetings, I'm new here! I'm looking for feedback related to a weird game that I'm currently developing. Roadwarden is an interactive fiction in which you explore and change a hostile, grim realm. Everyone knows to stay away from the wilderness. Most people would never risk a lonely...
  12. George Bennett

    Digital illustrator specialising in creatures and monsters available for hire!

    Hi there! I'm George Bennett, a freelance digital illustrator. I love all things monsters, whether they be sci-fi or fantasy and I'm also a big fan of horror too. I'm always up for a challenge, and I'm currently open for work. You can view my portfolio here...
  13. D

    Great Sword RPG

    Hey everyone! :) I created a new fantasy RPG called Great Sword. https://www.great-sword.com/ It's a d20 high fantasy RPG, that focuses primarily on combat. I'll be doing a kickstarter soon for a print run of the book, and to fund future expansions. The core rules PDF and the free quick...
  14. BSGTony

    *Kickstarter* City of Tarok: 3D printable medieval fantasy houses

    Join us now and you will receive six highly detailed stand-alone buildings as STL files for your 3D printer! Link to the project: CITY OF TAROK: 3D PRINTABLE BUILDINGS City of Tarok is a project we wanted to make for years. We had plenty of experience as we create our maps in 3D and we also...
  15. T

    Fantasy + Supers: an Unexplored Genre

    I've never heard of a story that combines a fantasy setting with the supers genre. I know comic book publishers sometimes publish stories about medieval times, where magic is real and knights wield enchanted equipment, but I mean something different here. I'm also distinguishing this concept...
  16. mhensley

    Kickstarter for English version of Drakar och Demoner!

    The English version is called Ruin Masters and it looks pretty damn cool. Anybody have experience with the original system? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects...rs/description
  17. F

    kickstarter - ARCANORUM

    Hello, I have registered in the forum to promote a patronage on the kickstarter platform, I am not the author, although I know him, I hope you like it and can collaborate on the project. We present you This legendary artifact and mystery that will leave your friends and colleagues in awe. We...
  18. theaaronstory

    Twelf Kingdoms Video Game/Gamebook

    "I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I embarked on this marvelous journey . . ." Greetings fellow enthusiasts, role-players, video game masters, magical and non-magic folk, demons, heroes and heroines, beings and creatures of the never ending lands of imagination, and every other...
  19. J

    Smacks & Guzzlers RPG

    A Sword and Sorcery RPG of Heroes and Paperwork, based on S&G comics. Hirukoa Publishing House
  20. Locrpg

    Looking for an affordable September LARP?

    Flight of Corvus is a LARP for adults. It's a chance to play with the darker themes and find light in the darkness. This isn't a game for everyone - it's full of drama and intense emotions. But for the people who want to experience the widest possible range of human emotions, it's a great...
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