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fate core

  1. Lord Crimson

    (Wearing the Cape/FATE) Absorption Power: How do?

    So, I want to create a cape that's basically an Ajax type, but other than a small initial Physique upgrade, their primary powers are a) absorbing kinetic attacks and turning that into a larger Physique Boost to strength; and b) absorbing energy attacks and turning that into self-healing and/or...
  2. The Unshaven

    How Fate of Cthulhu (currently on Kickstarter) is doing something with mythos storytelling I've not seen before.

    {I'm not affiliated with Evil Hat or the project in any way, I just want to talk about the project.} So the kickstarter for Fate of Cthulhu just started, and hit its funding goal within four hours. Here's the blurb: And there's a lot about the premise that interests me. According to this...
  3. redwulf25_ci

    [Fate] Trying to come up with a mad science system

    Working on a Weird West setting to play when my nephew visits and his character's high concept is "Mad Scientist of Action!". Now I think I've got it mostly worked out, I don't need it to detailed. When he wants to build a mad science device he tells me what he's building and then rolls Lore to...
  4. Herodarwin

    [Re-recruitment] Mythic Fate a JRPG upto 3 slots

    Due to the unplanned absence of a player, the rest of the group realised that the game requires more players. Mythic Fate is a Fate Core game set in a JRPG themed world, where the player characters are dealing with the fall out of crossing a powerful member of a Conspiracy. The setting is high...
  5. Pandorym

    IC To Sail the Sleeping Stars

    Space. A vast expanse of almost uncharted depths, each tiny light a chance for exploration and profit. Such is the wages and wiles of the Rogue Trader, with a dynastic right granted by the Emperor himself on the Warrant of Trade, to go forth and do what must be done to help expand and enrich...
  6. Pandorym

    OOC To Sail the Sleeping Stars

    This is the OOC thread for To Sail the Sleeping Stars, a game set in the galaxy of Warhammer 40k using the FATE Core system. Specifically, the particular flavor for this tale is Rogue Trader. We have six players: @Donan @kitty voodoo @Raveled @Sabermane @Starcrash @wormmonda Naturally, this...
  7. Pandorym

    OOC Save Game: Fight the Zeroes!

    This is the Out of Character thread for Save Game: Fight the Zeroes! using the FATE Core system. I'm the GM, Pandorym, and we have three players this time: @Unka Josh @Crimson Carcharodon @t@nya As always, this thread is for rules discussion, absences, and other things unrelated to the...
  8. Pandorym

    IC Save Game: Fight the Zeroes!

    It is quiet tonight, something unusual in the rubble-strewn, war-torn streets of Cartridge Gardens - the last remaining city on Tendoria Island free of the Glitch. The once-bright island is heavy with tension and fraught with peril, as the guards continuously patrol the streets, eyes peeled for...
  9. storynow

    [Interest/ Recruitment] Xar, Arabian Swords and Sorcery [FATE Core]

    I would like run an Arabian themed Swords and Sorcery game. It is based on a sample campaign in Ron Edwards Sorcerer and Sword book, but I will run it with FATE Core. The players would be roguish con artists and adventures, making their way through conflicts and exotic settings. Inspiration for...
  10. The Unshaven

    The Fate Space Toolkit is available in PDF, and is doing an interesting Early-Access thing.

    Here's a link to it on DriveThruRPG. Basically, if you buy the PDF for $10, you get all the text in the book in about the right layout - there's just no art because Evil Hat figured out that they were overextended and didn't have funds for the art and printing. So, they've taken a...
  11. pstjmack

    Best FATE Core Homebrew/Fan/Free/Adaptation games/settings

    Can anyone tell me their favourite recommendations for homebrew, fan-built, adapted, or free games or settings using FATE Core? That's not FATE Accelerated, nor the commercially available games (Dresden Files, Diaspora, etc.) I'm thinking of something like the Warhammer 40k implementation of...

    [Fate Core] Tachyon Squadron: adapting for mecha pilots? (BattleTech or otherwise)

    The release of the new BattleTech box sets has me itching to bash robots together, and also got me thinking about roleplaying in the setting. I'm not a big fan of the official RPG system, though; it doesn't look bad, just way crunchier than I prefer. Anyway, I just happened to have this thought...
  13. The Unshaven

    Massive last-chance $10 USD or less sale at Evil Hat.

    Evil Hat are getting rid of slow-moving inventory with a sale of books at $10 USD or less for products that by the sound of things will not be reprinted. This is the stock that is available, so Now Is The Hour. (The sale effectively is US only, since for sensible reasons there's no shipping...
  14. H

    IC [Fate] Mythic Fate: A JRPG

    Meta thread. OOC thread. Wiki
  15. H

    OOC [Fate] Mythic Fate: A JRPG

    This is the OOC thread for a JRPG-inspired Fate Core game played with Mythic, Mythic Fate: A JRPG. Interest/Recruitment thread Wiki Proposed Scene 1 setup: The Setup The party is trekking through heavy snow on the trail of a group of Green Scar bandits. They have taken over a nearby village...
  16. B

    IC Masters of Umdaar - Rumble in the Jungle

    Opening Scene The Genesis Jungle has stood for ages since the loss of the Demiurges untouched by the ravages of the Masters or the protection of the Lords of Light. Border disputes between the War Engine and a number of other Light Lords and rival Masters were all that had kept Thresher Kahn...
  17. B

    OOC Masters of Umdaar - Rumble in the Jungle

    Here's the OOC thread for the temporary winter campaign. Put up what you've got and finish anything that needs to be finished here. Campaign Issues: The Genesis Jungle, Unexplored The War Engine Revving Back Up Tiger Court's Precarious Politics I'm about to put up the current scene. I hope...
  18. H

    [Interest/Recruitment] [Fate/FAE] A game that we run with Mythic Game Master Emulator

    I'm checking interest for a Fate game where we run through Game Creation, run through the Phase Trio, finish creating our characters, then run with Mythic and with Mythic structure. I don't know whether I should GM exclusively an run it in Mythic style, or be a PC with everyone else and let...
  19. B

    [Fate Core] Anyone ever try to hack things using the Deck of Fate

    Question is in the thread. I know there's a Fate Adventure World (Andromeda) that tries to make extensive use of the Deck of Fate but it's the only official product that I know of to do so. Has anyone done anything else? Have any of you tried to implement it?
  20. E

    FATE/FAE Power Scaling Question

    As someone who owns a bunch of Fate/FAE-related material but has never actually played, I'm wondering about what might seem like an obvious situation to those with actual play experience. There appear to be a number of ways to deal with power levels and scaling depending on the Fate...
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