1. Cannibal Smiliest

    An essay about the board rules and feminism, from The Wyzard

    This is a brilliant little Facebook essay that Nathan Easton - AKA The Wyzard, a fellow mod - wrote on the RPG.net Facebook group - and the moderation team agrees that it's good enough to repost here, with Nathan's permission. CAVEATS: This is just my personal opinion (although some of you...
  2. mpswaim

    Lots of links on Feminism & Halloween, courtesy of Metafilter

    One of the folks at Metafilter posted a big link list of Feminism & Halloween related articles here: http://www.metafilter.com/144007/I-bind-you-Hollywood-from-doing-harm. You've got movie lists; http://www.autostraddle.com/rhymes-with-witches-scream-queens-260383/...
  3. Andrew Sheeler

    Recommend some good, kid-friendly, female-empowering superhero comics

    Thread title says it all. My 9-year-old's hooked on Ms Marvel and Gotham Academy. What are some other good titles to get her hooked on? :)
  4. PenguinZero

    [Feminist Frequency] Tropes vs. Women in Video Games: Background Decoration

    The new Tropes vs. Women in Videogames video is up -- 'Women as Background Decoration, Part 1.' Just as a warning, it's definitely a rough one to watch -- it warns at the beginning about nudity and explicit violence, and if anything I think it understates it. I'm not all that easy a person to...
  5. wheloc

    A conversation between Anna Kreider and Ron Edwards

    Anna Kreider posted an email exchange between herself and Ron Edwards in her blog, Go Make Me a Sandwich. It mostly concerns Edwards's new game, Circle of Hands, which is kickstarting now. Specifically the role of women in the game, and the inclusion of rape as a topic for the game. The...
  6. s/LaSH

    Feminism in Media: In what way or ways does it work?

    I think there are two ways, and they're both valuable. The obvious mode of "feminist media" is one where conditions of social prejudice towards women are highlighted and criticised. There's also the less-obvious mode where conditions of social prejudice are simply not present. Female...
  7. Afterburner

    Sinfest: Surfing the four waves of feminism

    Old thread reached 1000 posts. Hence, new thread.
  8. HDimagination

    [Nintendo] Give Zelda her own game

    So, over on facebook, there is a new campaign that people have started: Nintendo, Please Give Princess Zelda a Stronger Role and I thought I would do my part in plugging it here. It's based of the statement by Eiji Aonuma that they would look into having Zelda as a playable character if there...
  9. G

    Watch Independent Lens on PBS for superheroines!

    I just found out that Independent Lens on PBS is screening Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines tonight. It looks interesting and fun. Here's the film's website: http://www.pbs.org/independentlens/wonder-women/.
  10. D

    A rebuttal to the Feminist Frequency Damsel video I actually liked.

    I don't agree with all of it but I rather liked it. At the end of the day, though, it's all opinion. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=HJihi5rB_Ek#! Good job, girl! You mentioned Aya Brea!
  11. Axiomatic

    Tropes vs Men, Tropes vs Women

    You've heard of Anita Sarkeesian and her Tropes Vs Women kickstarter, which asked for 6000$ to explore how women are stereotyped in videogames, and for which she received death threats, rape threats, had her face photoshopped onto various porn images and her wikipedia page vandalized, right...
  12. L

    busty barbarian bimbos kickstarter

    I saw this on kickstarter. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/burrowowl/busty-barbarian-bimbos While I understand the satire of it and I personally think it would be fun with like minded gamers, I understand some social reJection to the idea of it. I'm curious to read you opinions on the topic.
  13. Labmonkey-XL

    Very late to the party - Sucker Punch

    I... like it. I heard so many mixed reviews about it, i don't get the hate from some people. I demand explanations as to why. :confused:
  14. Afterburner

    Sinfest continues to happen

    Old thread nears 1000 posts. Figured it was time to start a new thread.
  15. F

    Gaming as a Girl

    Because I'm Never Allowed to Forget When I was a teenager, young, impressionable and naive, my brothers (all three of them) would play tabletop with each other. I had read Lord of the Rings, I was a fantasy novel junkie, I loved the idea of a fantasy RPG. But I wasn't allowed to play because I...
  16. weaponofchoice

    Feminist Film Festival - Film Suggestions wanted

    My partner is involved in organising a Feminist Film Festival to raise money for a Domestic Abuse charity (the charity isn't gender specific) and we're trying to think of movies to show. I thought I'd come down to you wonderful Other Media folk and pick your brains for some ideas of movies to...
  17. Matt.Ceb

    Space Marine and Feminism - Positive!

    I've noticed that too, when playing the game, but I still feel the need to post this little gem of a post: http://designislaw.tumblr.com/post/10076180504/warhammer-40-000-space-marine-most-suprisingly [Language soooooo fucking not safe for work.] And, yes, THAT'S the kind of female...
  18. S

    The "What About the Men?????" Companion Thread to Question for Women: Sexism in RPGs

    Kynn started a thread asking women to write about their experiences (or not) with sexism, and asked men to not post. Naturally the first several non-Kynn posts were by men. Who have every right to be heard and every right to defend their honor and so on and so forth. Men posting in a thread...
  19. E

    A Feminist RPG or Kickstarter Gold Rush in full swing?

    Talking about this. She's saving us from ourselves. It's a game aimed at the disenfranchised. Thank goodness that the author has deigned to be our champion. Sorry, snark off. I just found this insulting condescending: "I'm no Dwayne McDuffie, but I do want to change gaming by making it more...
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