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fiend folio

  1. Dweller in Darkness

    Let's Read of the Fiend Folio (2003)

    I don't think there's been one of these recently, at least. It's a dog's breakfast of a bestiary, in my opinion, with far more good ideas than good mechanics, but it doesn't get much love. It looks like most of the pictures are available online. If a couple of people express interest, I'll start...
  2. Leonaru

    💯 {Staff Pick} [Let's Read] AD&D 1e Fiend Folio

    Welcome to my Let's Read of the Fiend Folio! The Fiend Folio was basically AD&D's second Monster Manual and for the most part a collection of creatures from the Fiend Factory column from White Dwarf magazine - many of which were created by British roleplayers. The book also includes...
  3. sagaston

    What Fiend Folio Monsters Have Been Updated For 4E?

    I just came in to possession of the 1st Edition Fiend Folio, along with the 1st ed Monster Manual II and a ton of other 1st and 2nd ed AD&D books. I'm getting ready to run an old school inspired 4E game, and would love to use as many of the weird ass classic monsters as possible. Has anyone...
  4. Khyron

    How much like humans are Frost Men (Fiend Folio 1e)

    The description in the Fiend Folio at the end of the main portion of the description says that Frost Men have character classes, with the vast majority of them (75%) being fighters. What does that mean? Do fighter Frost Men use the fighter or monster to-hit/ THAC0 tables? Do fighter Frost Men...
  5. B

    [WIR] 1e Fiend Folio with fond OSRemembrances

    Well here I go, lets see how much fortitude I have, there being over 100 monsters in this book. I get a kick reading others tales of their great games and characters of times past, so please add to this thread, if there is inerest. If not I will slowly let the thread sink into sweet oblivion...
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