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final fantasy xi

  1. Hashmalum

    [FFXI] How do people feel about level 99, etc.?

    So, there's been a fan fest in Japan, and the dev team announced a bunch of big changes, including a gradual increase of the level cap to 99 (announcement here), three new small expansions (but not like the infamous mini-expansions, these will come with new areas), and server merges. How does...
  2. Ubermonkey

    [MMO Long] WoW and FFXI, an endgame whore's comparison

    Ok, first off, I'm one of these people who plays an MMO for the endgame. The levelling process is just something that happens on the way there. Y'all might be in it for the story and the exploration, I'm in it for the loot and the challenges. With that out of the way, it's time for the meat...
  3. Rachel Cartacos

    Tell me about: Final Fantasy XI

    So in another thread it was suggested that I look into a MMORPG with a player base here on RPG.net. So for my first choice I picked Final Fantasy 11, because the models look nice and I really really REALLY like the ability to change jobs in game. So I'm wondering, is there a large player base...
  4. Ubermonkey

    [Necro] [FFXI] So what are you doing now?

    Myself, I'm making steady progress toward Sea. My static has gone 1/1 on every fight after diablos, and we're just gearing up for the Airship fight now. I'm also levelling Ninja, 62 at the moment. Good lord this job is expensive. I'm looking forward to hitting Salvage for some of the...
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