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firefly rpg

  1. M

    Firefly type game: Nightwolf

    Welcome to the Nightwolf, which is being played on Nova,we travel through space on adventures,and land on different planets for work..We have our fun times too.. This ship is bigger than Serenity, The Night Wolf.. When we visit planets we help others too,and get work from low life people, and...
  2. Andrew Sheeler

    [Firefly] Filthy lucre

    I've talked about this on here before, I think, but I struggled a bit with how money is such a non-entity in Firefly. I don't want Shadowrun-style money tracking, but it feels like for a game based on earning money however you can to keep flyin', money plays such a minuscule role in things. So...
  3. M

    MoonHunter Sayeth 20171225

    One of my favorite game sessions and what we can learn from it I was recently chatting with someone I met at a convention. She was a drop in on one of my Serenity Games, but never really joined the chronicle. Chatting with her reminded me of a conversation we had during one of those game. I...
  4. Andrew Sheeler

    [Firefly RPG] To boldly go...

    Has anyone used the Firefly RPG to run Star Trek? It seems to me that the system would perform that task admirably, with distinctions being a great way to sort out alien races, different branches of Starfleet, etc. And it's the right combination of cinematic that fits in a Trek 'verse. If you...
  5. K

    [Firefly RPG] Looking for Reaver stats

    Hi there, when I was browsing the books, I was wondering that there are no stats of Reavers (only for one ship). Do you have any Reaver stats for Extras, Minor GMCs and Major GMCs?
  6. SibKhatru

    [Firefly] Other Systems

    I dabbled with Firefly via MWP. Don't like it much. Also did a bit of Serenity. Both fell flat with my players. We enjoyed the Unisystem "hack" for it (found in an issue of Eden Studios Presents). These days, with a "call" from a few players to try some role playing in the Verse, I've been...
  7. V

    Star Wars using Firefly (Cortex Plus)

    I am considering running a Star Wars game using the Firefly rules but I need some ideas of how best to incorporate the Force into the ruleset. I am currently thinking: 3 new skills; Control, Sense and Alter (as per d6 Star Wars) Force powers as Specialisations of one of the 3 skills - Some...
  8. D

    [Firefly] So how is it?

    What's your opinion of MWP's Firefly RPG? What works and what doesn't? I'm familiar with Cortex Plus but am wondering about that game in particular. Thanks.
  9. Shiro

    [Firefly] GMCs, Distinction Triggers, and Assets

    I'm finally about to run my first session of Firefly (in around 8 hours!), and ran into this curly question when designing some GMCs. GMCs still get Distinctions and Triggers, but what happens when one of their Triggers would create an Asset? GMCs aren't allowed to take advantage of Assets, so...
  10. heilel

    Firefly RPG: Is it any good?

    I noticed for the first time in our local Pop culture store (called Zing, they sell boardgames, toys, that sort of thing), they have just started stocking rpgs, well just one RPG atm. It's the Firefly RPG core rules and some campaign/background book. Assuming you like the Firefly TV series of...
  11. Tango Samurai

    Firefly RPG resources anyone?

    Nothing on the Margeret Weis website. Not even PDFs of the ship and char sheets. Or am I just missing it?
  12. thealmightyrob

    About to run Firefly - any advice?

    I'm planning to run a one shot of the Firefly system this week, because a lot of our regular group can't make it. I'm not doing anything fancy, just using the pre-made characters and the adventure in the book. I've never run Firefly, or any of the cortex plus games for that matter, but I have...
  13. F

    Is Anybody Playing Firefly?

    Is anybody still playing Firefly? I heard a lot of talk about it, but not much since, and with a new book out, I was wondering about people's thoughts.
  14. O

    IC Firefly -- The Path of the Righteous

    PERSEPHONE, EAVESDOWN DOCKS The roar of a ship taking off a few bays over briefly drowns out the thunder and sussurous hiss of the rain that's been coming down since this morning. Undeterred, crowds of people still mill under cook shack canopies and in small knots of conversation. Porter mules...
  15. O

    OOC Firefly -- The Path of the Righteous

    Behold! The OOC thread for Firefly: Path of the Righteous, a tale of Travellers in the 'Verse aboard the midbulk transport Righteous Wrath. All aboard, and sound off if you aim to misbehave! I'm going to use Orokos.com as an online die roller because I can post my rolls (Invisible Castle has...
  16. Kathara_Khan

    Firefly/Serenity - tell me about your games?

    Hello, I'm currently in the early stages of planning and putting together a game in the Firefly/Serenity 'Verse, and am on the hunt for inspiration. As such, I'd really like to hear about your games. If you could regal me with stories of your crews, ships, and their misbehaviours, that'd be...
  17. TorgHacker

    [Firefly RPG] Guardians of the Galaxy hack

    Here's the link to my Guardians of the Galaxy hack for the Firefly RPG, including the 5 Guardians and the Milano. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B24zRdGaNLBvNWtqVS02S2lyM1E/edit?usp=sharing Warning: Spoilers!
  18. Monica Valentinelli

    [Margaret Weis Productions] First Echoes of War Collection Heading to GenCon!

    Howdy Browncoats! I’m very happy to announce that we will have a new Firefly RPG release coming off press this coming Friday, August 8th, and available for you to order today. Printed copies will be available at Gen Con and then hitting retailers everywhere shortly thereafter. Order from us or...
  19. G

    Firefly or Serenity plus Supplements?

    So there's the motion that the next game I run should be Serenity. I own the Serenity rpg and the adventure book and Out in the Black. I think it's a system that's... okay. A little clunky here and there (like how to run ship stats vs. pilot stats) and the tracking of damage, but mostly...
  20. D

    Firefly RPG (Cortex +) - what is it like in actual play?

    So I have been buying the odd RPG, mainly to see how other systems work, getting a feel for what's out there. Maybe find "the" system. Latest purchases were Barbarians of the Aftermath, Mouse Guard and Firefly. Reading Firefly it had lots of clear examples, was interesting to read the...
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