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first edition

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    eBay Auctioning TSR AD&D 1979 Dungeon Masters Guide First Edition 2nd Alpha Misprint RARE

    Hey everyone! I am just dropping by to announce that we have found a copy of this extremely rare book and will be auctioning it on eBay starting on Monday, February 11, 2019 at 8:00 pm eastern. Here is some information about the book: The book was printed in August of 1979 and was mistakenly...
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    History of the "Dawn War" (mostly 1e)

    For good or ill I've decided I'm going to bite the bullet, toss nuance to the wind, and run my group through D&D's ancient history. I'm going to run a game in the times when Corellon took Gruumsh's eye, when Lloth and Miska led a splinter of elves away from the light and waged war on the gods...
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    [Let's Read] Exalted First Edition Corebook

    I first got into Exalted near the end of the first edition run, so second edition was the meat of my experience with the game. Despite loving it to death, I've been kind of an off-and-on gamer the past half-decade or so, just getting back into playing and running (exclusively online). Even...
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    [Exalted 1e] Handling Lunars

    I'm not usually one to mix Exalt types in my games, and... well especially Solars with Lunars in first edition. However, the game I'm planning to run currently is a Haltan campaign and it seems particularly apt to have both Lunar and Solar PCs in the same Circle. mrlost has already expressed...
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    [Exalted 1e] Running: How do you account for Charms and challenge?

    This is a general question about Exalted that may apply somewhat to 2nd Edition but I'm primarily concerned with first, as that's what I'm likely to end up running again. Basically, how do you estimate whether a given enemy or group of enemies is easy, moderately difficult (the usual "sweet...
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    [Exalted 1e] Element Resisting Prana, can I swim through lava

    Okay, you can likely figure this out but my ST is questioning the full capacity of what ERP can do. Now of COURSE he has the final say but he's proven amenable to adjusting calls based on official material ruling a certain way. I don't want to "prove him wrong" I would like a good reference...
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    New Mighty Thews post [SHAMELESS BLOG WHORING]

    I did another one of these. I think I'll do more, 'cause my AD&D 1e Castle Greyhawk (CZ:UW/WG13) campaign is starting to get off the ground (i.e., a couple of PCs are hitting 2nd level and they have a few magic trinkets), so I'll be doing some 1e houseruling / BTB interpretation that I'll want...
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