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  1. Quasar

    Vegetarian cookbooks

    Lately I've been pondering options to wind back a little on my redmeat consumption and to add some variety to my eating beyond things like chicken and seafood replacing said red meat. Thus i figured I might invest in a couple of introductory vegetarian tomes. Now i'd run into a couple of lists...
  2. G

    [Stellagama Publishing] Cauldrons & Casseroles

    Stellagama Publishing is proud to present: Cauldrons & Casseroles The gamers' cookbook! 82 recipes for hungry role-players - from snacks to drinks to pies to poultry and fish! All ready for eating by hand, while playing. As role-playing games are becoming an increasingly popular pastime and...
  3. Dirk Desiato

    A Yank discovers "The Supersizers".

    After searching around for videos on ancient Roman food I stumbled upon the British TV show "The Supersizers". What a fun show! I have watched almost all of the episodes and have fallen head over heels in love with Sue. Yes, I am a very happily married man and she is gay, but I would so give...
  4. G

    The Next Food Network Star

    Anybody been watching? I catch it every now and then at my friend's place. The most recent one I saw was the episode where they let Brad go. Too bad, I was starting to like him. He could have called his show "Cooking with Justin Timberlake!" I was really hoping they would axe Aria. She annoys me...
  5. E

    What the heck to they eat in Pendragon? Food in Historical Settings.

    Food is a thing that makes a campaign setting come alive for me. Which is sort of funny since unlike gear or stuff like that, it pretty much never impacts game mechanics. I got this into my head when I was reading Paranoia XP, which listed the different foods people of different security...
  6. C

    101 Cheap recipes for DnD Game Night

    So, here's the deal. In my gaming group, everyone brings in $5 for food, and I (usually) cook up something great. I wanted to share my recipes with people, and maybe get some other good ideas as well. I have a lot of recipes that cost less than $35 and be able to feed 7 people, preferably...
  7. M

    Food & Gaming - How do you dine and dice?

    Inspired by another thread I was curious about the gaming eating habits of the various RPGnetters and their groups, whats your policy on food at the game table? Edit: Note this doesn't have to be specifically AT the game table or during the game, but part of the social gathering as a whole as...
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