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  1. Blizzardborn

    Hut 1, Hut 2, HIKE!! 2018 NFL Season

    We had the Hall of Fame game tonight, so it looks like it's time for this. The Bears looked better than I was expecting, given the last few seasons.
  2. Afterburner

    The RPGNet NFL Football Pool! Who is RPGNet's Foremost Football Prognosticator?

    Soon, it will be that time of year again. The great god Nuffle will bless us all with his favor as weekly rituals are conducted in his name. With that in mind, I propose a little game: The RPGNet NFL Football pool. Each week, those who want to participate in the pool will provide a list of...
  3. Summer Solstice

    [Superbowl] let the chat begin!

    Turns out Pouncey is hurt pretty bad. Thats a game changer :(
  4. Andy-C

    [NFL] Week 17

    The regular season comes to a close today - how does your team look for the playoffs? My Raiders certainly aren't going into the postseason, but should they hold on and beat the Chiefs today, they'll finish 8-8 - the first not-losing season since the 2002-2003 season and Super Bowl 37 appearance.
  5. C

    NFL - Week 6

    Steelers looked great today. Ben was a little rusty, but still looked better than many starting QBs. The Defense was just amazing, though they did let up a little in the 4th quarter. Ravens lost!
  6. C

    NFL - Week 5

    Steelers are off, so I'm not paying too much attention today. Ravens are kicking the crap out of the Broncos. Packers are beating the Skins, though that game is still within reach for the Skins, if they play well. Chicago is beating Carolina, which I did not expect. Maybe they needed a loss to...
  7. C

    NFL - Super Bowl predictions?

    We're going into the 5th week of the season, and no Super Bowl predictions :eek:. My picks: NFC East - Giants NFC West - Seahawks NFC South - Saints NFC North - Packers Wild Card - Bears Wild Card - Falcons AFC East - Jets AFC West - Chiefs AFC South - Titans AFC North - Steelers Wild Card -...
  8. C

    NFL - Week 4

    Steelers and Ravens are tied at 7 right now. Tough game. Refs are busy, though.
  9. C

    NFL - Week 3

    Steelers playing Tampa. Tampa's up 3-0.
  10. C

    NFL - Week 1

    It's opening night! Vikings at the Saints! I expect this will be a great game. :) I'm rooting for the Saints.
  11. A

    World Cup day 3: Algeria/Slovenia, Serbia/Ghana, Germany/Australia

    Links to earlier threads: Day 1 Day 2 Algeria/Slovnia seems to be opening up a bit towards the end of the half.
  12. H

    RPGnet World Cup Game Picks Fantasy

    The RPGnet World Cup game pick'em Fantasy pool is up and running. The other McDonald's one is proper fantasy, this is a bracket-style game where you pick the winners, and pick the score and try to show you are better than every one else! Flex your football knowledge. Yahoo Fantasy: RPGnet...
  13. V

    NFL: the Colts are going 16-0

    I don't see Indy losing a regular season game this year. The only teams that really give them a challenge the rest of the year are the Patriots and the Broncos, and those are both home games. They're going 16-0. You heard it here first. Now, can the Saints do the same? Could we see two 18-0...
  14. C

    NFL - Week 3

    Games start soon. Eagles get to play the Chiefs, so I expect them to win by 10. And Vick will play, which should be interesting. Steelers have to play the Bungles, who actually look pretty good right now. Steelers really need to get their run game fixed. If they do, they win this pretty easily...
  15. C

    NFL - Week 2

    Eagles play Saints, which I think is going to be a good game. I hope the Saints win, but their defense is not that great. Steelers play Bears. Should also be a good game. Bears D is really beat up, and Pittsburgh will miss Polamalu, but I think the Steelers will win.
  16. Quasar

    FIFA 10 demo

    So...what do we think? Now I'm a newb and a dabbler at FIFA, but I found the demo to be pretty fun.
  17. C

    NFL - Eagles haven't had enough off-field problems

    They've picked up Michael Vick. I am pretty surprised by this. McNabb is an ok QB, and definitely better than Vick. I think this will end up being a huge mistake, unless they just use Vick as a receiver.
  18. C

    NFL - Are you ready for some football?

    This week the preseason games start up. :eek::D So, in honor of that, here's my season predictions. AFC East = New England Patriots - Brady's back. AFC North = Pittsburgh Steelers - Only lost 3 starters. Got a bunch of people healthy again. Also, their division is weak. AFC South = Tennessee...
  19. Theron

    Dear Liverpool FC

    Re: Today's 0-0 draw with Stoke City This is why we can't have nice things. :mad:
  20. Quasar

    FIFA 09

    So I downloaded the PS3 demo today. Not too bad. The uncanny valley issues I had with the closeups aren't so jarring this time. Will be interesting to see how PES 09 turns out.
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