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free downloads

  1. V

    FYI RPGNOW Halloween Giveaway

    FYI the rpgnow Halloween special event started. 13 pages have pumpkin icons on them, if you click them a free product (stuff like All Flesh Must be Eaten Revised with d20 conversion stat appendix) is added to your cart.
  2. Ineti

    Good sites for royalty free or public domain artwork?

    Anyone have some suggestions for websites that contain decent downloadable royalty free artwork? I'm updating my blog and want to create a new header, but need some good free images to play with and photoshop. I'm looking for fantasy, historical, or similar art. Maybe even scans of medieval...
  3. M

    Free System + Games Links (legal pls)

    So the more I hang around here the more free systems I hear of. So post your links to free and legal systems/complete settings... Paladin Mini-Anit6 Diaspora Pathfinder GURPS Lite Ares Magica That should get things started.
  4. T

    Free RPG Day Online

    For those who can't make it to the store, why don't we throw up links to our favorite Free RPG systems/SRDs/Quck Start Rules. FATE Portal Tri-Stat dx The Shadow of Yesterday And because it has to be mentioned Violence The RPG ;-) What about you?
  5. M

    Free background music for games

    Greetings! In 2007 I posted a thread on this forum where I offered my music for gaming groups to use as background music and it got so good response I thought that after a long silence I could refresh the memory and mention the same thing to "the next generation" as well. I'm not sure if you...
  6. B

    [Dungeon crawls] Suggestions appreciated!

    I am running a fantasy campaign for a small group (three players) of complete and utter beginners. They've been having fun with a sandbox-style game until now, but after five or six sessions I'd like to introduce a little change of pace and style, and send them on a small dungeon crawl. I think...
  7. B

    Become an Expert in Free RPGs - 2009 in Free RPGs

    I have just posted up the Free RPG Blog's 2009 Free RPG review post. 29 Free RPGs listed, blogs, podcasts and resources for your free roleplaying delectation. If there is something free that I really should have reviewed, please do let me know! You would be hard pushed not to find something you...
  8. J

    Pathfinder SRD available for offline browsing

    I have created a downloadable version of the Pathfinder SRD and made it available on the downloads page of http://www.d20pfsrd.com. Come on by and check out the site. It includes all monsters from both the Preview Bestiary and Bonus Bestiary that are not available on the Paizo PRD. Better yet...
  9. K

    [Delta Green] Another scenario free to download.

    The DG scenario 'PX Poker Night' (originally published in Dungeon magazine way back) has been spruced up and made available for free on Pagan's site. Spotted the news on yog-sothoth.com so follow the link to find the scenario...
  10. R

    [necro, goodness] E6: The Game Inside D&D

    E6 was born in House Rules over at EN World, but I promised to post the new version here once it was ready. This is E6’s sixth major revision. The .pdfs are linked at the bottom of this post. Enjoy! E6: The Game Inside the World’s Most Popular RPG What is E6? Earlier this year a fellow...
  11. Cannibal Smiliest

    Which free rules systems are as good as published rules systems?

    Besides FUDGE and FATE, for instance? Color me curious. -Darren MacLennan
  12. M

    Free background music for games (revives)

    For those of you who read my last thread some time ago regarding free background music I've composed, I just wanted to inform you that I managed to get out from Teosto, which means that all the music is officially free again. I rebuilt the mikseri.net pages and revived the projects. I haven't...
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