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  1. Aliana

    Calling all Dragon Age PBP Roleplayers

    Hey guys, I'm building an online PBP roleplaying game based on the Dragon Age series for anyone interested. Primarily storytelling-based, will be great for PBP roleplaying writers. Freeform / forum-based. i.e. no dice involved. Original characters are allowed, but canons can be played too...
  2. E


  3. O

    Small Press Itras By: The Menagerie

    The Menagerie is a collection of supplements for the surreal roleplaying game Itras By (originally a Norwegian indie game, in English on Vagrant Workshop in 2012), now available on DriveThru. It includes scenarios, short games, new cards, costuming tips, hacking tools and more from a team of 40...
  4. S

    Looking for a particular freeformy system

    I'm the typical "perpetual GM", but a couple of years ago I had the chance to be a player in an online one-shot. It was some kind of playtest for the GM's homebrew/mashup system, and I think the setting was loosely that of Exalted. I don't remember much about the system, but I seem to recall it...
  5. C

    Cleaning Up - Combatless Adventuring for Beginners

    I'm working on a concept for creating and running a bunch one-offs right now. They are supposed to be: -Systemless. (You can ofc adapt them for your favourite rules.) -Intended for GM-less use. (But will work with a GM as well.) -Low to no combat. -Finished in 1-2 sittings. -For 2-5 narrators...
  6. S

    Freeform RP spots?

    This is going to be a weird question for a tabletop forum, but where do folks go for freeform RP these days? I've realised recently that since CoX fell apart, it's probably been the major form of RP I'm missing. The last time I did anything of that sort was probably teenage Harry Potter RPs done...
  7. K

    The Final Voyage of the Selene: Bumper Pack

    I've just uploaded the Bumper Edition of The Final Voyage of the Selene onto Drivethru. This is a guided narrative freeform in the style of Witch: the Road to Lindisfarne. During the course of 3 acts, bookended by a prologue and epilogue, the six characters will explore their agendas and...
  8. D

    What do you think about absolute freeform character creation as used in [Mythic]

    Hello! Partly inspired by the thread ...yeah I just can't do rolling stats., I wanted to discuss your thoughts on absolute freeform character creation. What I mean by that is a system as used in Mythic. For those not knowing that RPG, using freeform creation, players can pick freely the...
  9. T

    [Mythic] Using wioth OSR Games

    I have used various forms of Mythic to great effect on games, but I have a desire to re-integrate the quirky mechanics of D&D0-2 and their clones and spinoffs like Hackmaster. Obviously, this shifts a lot of the game mechanics toward tyhe emulator engine I build and the modules I use, but I...
  10. Kinetic Energy Weapon

    [Spinoff] Freeform RPGs, Tell Me of Them

    In another thread freeform RPGs were mentioned. They're apparently a thing, but I know nothing about them. What are they like? What's fun about them?
  11. N

    Freeform Roleplay Forum - Valucre

    Valucre is the best play-by-post roleplaying forum in a player-driven environment. Valucre offers versatile forum roleplay featuring a canonical game world with fantasy elements but also allowing members to create their stories in forums outside the main continuity.
  12. R

    Freeform Recommendations

    My group has come to the conclusion that its the story that brings us back to the gaming table, as much or more than the game mechanics. We've tried the more simplistic systems out there (such as the excellant Savage Worlds) but still find the game bogged down in statistics. Can you guys...
  13. D

    Continuum 2010 Freeform & LARP Games

    Freeform & LARP Games at Continuum 2010 Continuum 2010. John Foster Hall, Leicester University. UK. Friday 2nd - Monday 5th July 2010. http://www.continuum.uk.net Here are the Continuum 2010 Freeform Games. More details are available in the Freeform section of the Continuum Website The...
  14. K

    [Recruitment] To Aru Museigen No Crossover

    I'll admit to being initially reluctant to try to run this game here, considering it's freeform nature as opposed to how I've heard that freeform games aren't very popular here, but when I look at the abysmal luck I've had trying to start this on other sites I figured I might as well. To Aru...
  15. U

    Roleplaying Inc! In the Business of roleplaying

    We are a freeform roleplaying site called "Roleplaying Inc" that is small but dedicated forum, providing literate roleplays of any type and genre. From your typical Sword and magic all the way to Sci-fi. Anything you can think of, can be roleplayed here. As they say, we are in the business of...
  16. K

    [Recruitment] Stage Of The Elohim

    Hello, this is my first post on the RPG.net forums, although I've been lurking around for a couple of months reading discussions and the like. Sorry that I couldn't find a Beginners or Introduce Yourselves thread anywhere. I've been GMing on other sites for a while now, initially I wasn't so...
  17. S


    Okay, this will sound kindof stupid... but how do you "do" Systemless? I've never been in a Systemless game before, and I want to run a game concept that seems like it would be better sans-system. Thanks :o
  18. T

    Scifi rpgs with freeform power system

    Are there any scifi (near of far future) rpgs that has freeform power (magic and/or psi) systems similar to Mage Ascension, Omni System and others like those?
  19. D

    [LARP] Freeform Games at Continuum 2008

    0 Continuum 2008. John Foster Hall [also known as New Hall], Leicester University. UK. Friday 1st - Monday 4th August 2008. http://www.continuum.uk.net To all freeform fans, The Continuum Freeform sign up has gone live today 24th June 2008. There are six games (one running twice) for you...
  20. D

    Doc Cochran at Continuum 2008

    So I am only playing one game at Continuum 2008, "It's a Wild, Wild, Wild, Wild West", as I will be too busy to do anything else as I will be helping running the convention. I will be playing Doc Cochran from Deadwood, the HBO series and I am looking forward to it. Finally got my costume...
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