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galactic dragons & godwars

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    Tips for running Galactic Dragons & Godwars

    Well, since we have a thread on Paladins & Princesses, I thought I would ask for advice on my favoured 'style' of D&D. Or rather, the style I aspire to - most of what I've run in the past has been 4th edition, but I'm looking to get my players interested in a trippy old-school campaign, probably...
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    [Theory & Playstyles] Running a Galactic Dragons & Godwars game.

    From the theory thread: http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?668828-Theory-Flavors-of-D-amp-D I enjoy this style probably over all others. I come to the game to play a Big Damn Hero. However, it has a few problems. How do you enable players to kick serious amounts of ass without succumbing to...
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    [Theory] Flavors of D&D

    Flavors of D&D Well, I’ve been using this as shorthand for a while now, and some folks have noticed, so I thought I’d put it out there for public consideration/critique/destruction. It’s an attempt to provide a shorthand way of referring to the various major ‘flavors’ of D&D, in a way that’s...
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