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  1. yalborap

    [WIW] GAMERS! Where the hero might, in fact, be the dumbest one I’ve ever seen.

    Nobody participated in the game! Jerks. I kid, I kid. I love you all. So now that we’ve hit some of the big shows I’ve wanted to do for a while, it’s time to get at some of the lighter things! And mostly, I mean lighter workload. One-cour specials that I can burn through in a fortnight. Is...
  2. Bailywolf

    'gamergate' is bad and all, but lets not forget the REAL victims here

    The gamers, of course. So when did they start trying to flip the script on this? I'm sure I'm only just noticing something that's been ongoing, but it has started to penetrate the unruly frontiers of my social media networks.
  3. Spiritbw

    Death of the Gamer identity?

    Well, that seems a bit misleading. It would be more accurate to say the death of the Gamer identity that some segments seem to cherish. It came up elsewhere as a note on how bad the news in the Gaming industry has been of late specially the vitriol that has been flying around. Some of the...

    [Charity] Movember

    Hey, I seem to have posted this twice somehow. If we can delete this extra thread, that would be helpful.
  5. rpgresearch

    Female tabletop role-playing gamers you know?

    How many female tabletop role-playing gamers do you currently know? Have known in the past? This is the gender of the player, not the character. This is ( as far you know) the biological birth gender, not the identity or altered gender.
  6. rpgresearch

    [necro] Verified "celebrity" tabletop role-playing gamers?

    Who knows of some famous people that also have publicly acknowledged they do, or previously have, participate(d) in tabletop role-playing games? Please post the name(s), with at least one link showing "proof" that this person at one point participated in a tabletop RPG. These are not limited...
  7. R

    Looking for a new D&D group

    I am a gamer looking for a group again i just moved form Mi to houston so if u are in the east side or near it looking for a new member plz email me at Remxeli@gmail.com I own all the 3.5 books and some of the 4th edition i know the rule and how to play i am 19 so plz email me hope to hear from...
  8. A

    Age Restrictions on Playing RPGs?

    This recently came up again in another group I'm involved in, which reminded me of this one: There is a group of gamers I know that with few exceptions (usually because they forgot to mark the game as such) require all players to be 18 and older. I find this somewhat sad, as many times the...
  9. Castille

    [Rollcall] Calling Brisvegas Gamers!

    How many of you are out there in rpgnet-land? Anyone in Australia is free to stick their hand up as well, but I'm curious how many locals there are. And how many might be looking for a game... -Cas
  10. jontheman

    HARD SIXES - New UK gamer's store open!

    Make a note in your diaries. Tattoo it on your body. Scream it from the rooftops. Hard Sixes is open for business. We're open now. Boardgames, Wargames, Roleplaying games... if the game needs your imagination, we'll be doing it. It's our goal to not only cater for the exisiting gamer but to...
  11. S

    Saints Row 2 Help

    Hey I just bought Saints Row 2 in a Gamers Choice edition. Anyway i started installing and it asked for the cd key. Only problem is that the box came with only a promo and the cd. No sticker with the cd key. Should there be some kind manual? Should i return it?
  12. R

    What to Feed Your Raiding Party: a Comic Book Cookbook

    Former Chef-Turned-Comic-Artist Challenges Gamers to Cook--Not Fight--Their Way Out of a Junk-Food Dungeon Estimated at 150 pages, containing a 5-part original comic series as well as over 50 recipes, the artist is accepting pledges via Kickstarter.com in order to cover production costs...
  13. D

    [Concord NH Area] Established Group LFP

    We are an established group who has currenlty lost some players and we would like to rebuild by adding 2 or 3 folks. We run a 50/50 roleplaying/combat mix with great storylines. Games on the shelf are Rifts, Star Wars (WOC Saga Edition), Palladium Fantasy, Recon, Robotech, Star Trek (Decipher...
  14. Z

    [NE Indianapolis/Noblesville, IN] C&C Campaign Looking For 1-2 More

    We are currently looking to fill 1-2 spots (and meet some new gamers!) for our regular Friday evening campaign. Our group is located in Noblesville, on the north side of Indianapolis. If you’re in the area and have been looking for a potentially long-term, reliable, friendly, relaxed group of...
  15. Yo! Master

    [Rant] The state of the hobby? Yeah, it's all our fault

    Part of a 'discussion' at the local gaming club help about an hour ago, before i just left the DH one-shot i was there to play at. When i got there there was this guy who for some reason was having this rant against D&D 4e. Loudly. While trying to build my character he wouldn't stop & at some...
  16. D

    Wanted: Pictures of your roleplaying group

    For those who don't know me (I've been away for a long while), my name is Bill and I maintain a roleplaying advocacy website called The Escapist (www.theescapist.com) Recently, a reader submitted an idea that I like a lot - posting pictures of gamers enjoying a good RPG or LARP on the FAQ page...
  17. Piestrio

    How many Gamers do you know?

    For the purposes of this poll "Know" should mean that you: 1.) Have met the person, in the flesh, on more than one occasion in the last year 2.) Know their name So how many Gamers do you know? EDIT: By "gamers" I mean Role-players.
  18. Mr Teufel

    [LTTP] Gamers: Dorkness Rising.

    I'd seen the original Gamers, (by Dead Gentlemen Productions), and it was really just tolerably funny if you were a role-player; just recognising the tropes the movie mocked. But otherwise it was really little better than a high-school film project in quality. So when I sat down to see the...
  19. P

    Help! My boyfriend won't stop gaming.

    http://lifestyle.msn.com/relationships/articlematch.aspx?cp-documentid=17858320 I'm just glad they weren't referring to video-gaimg, because I don't consider that to be gaming. :cool:
  20. Old DiceMan

    Politics and Roleplaying...any correlation?

    I realize all I am getting is anecdotal data. Yet even that is worth something. In your experience, what are the political demographics of roleplaying in the U.S.A.? Is there any perceptible biases left, right, middle? (And of course, this can be nuanced -- fiscal conservative, social...
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