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games workshop

  1. Tumbleweed

    Warhammer ... you know, for kids!

    It took me a bit to realize this isn't just a belated April Fool's joke. On the one hand, it makes sense-- GW has a heck of a lt of IP, and getting kids onboard early (or even earlier than usual) is a good way to develop new fans and make money. On the other hand, the whole point of that IP...
  2. Montegris

    Wizkids and Games Workshop announce new partnership

    Well, I never expected to see something like this: https://wizkids.com/2017/10/19/wizkids-announces-new-partnership-with-games-workshop/ Queue Warhammer 40000 dice masters and heroclix, as well as reprints of classic games that FFG also reprinted, I guess.
  3. A

    Adeptus Titanicus Discussion Thread

    I am really looking forward to this game, even more so then Necromunda. I love Giant Stompy Robots, I love Warhammer 40,000. I especially love Giant Stompy Robots in Warhammer 40,000. I want to collect an entire Titan Legion. I want to write stories and backgrounds for my princeps, get painting...
  4. nos4artu

    Necromunda Returns!

    First looks here folks: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/08/13/breaking-news-necromunda-returnsgw-homepage-post-1/ MOD EDIT:
  5. F

    [40K] 8E Launch - New Edition, New Thread

    With Killfalcon's excellent observation and suggestion that 8E is moving from rumor to fact - new armies aren't the only way to celebrate! It's a few hours before the FLGS my partner and I preordered at opens (I have a timer so 5 hours 15 minutes 22 seconds (no, you're a nerd)), though at least...
  6. J

    Updated (after some sold): Vintage Games Workshop Games + more

    --Dungeonquest (First Edition) $55 Box and contents in excellent condition, mostly unpunched. Missing a few of the plastic marker tokens. --Dungeonquest Catacombs (First Edition) $70 COMPLETE! Box and contents in excellent condition, mostly unpunched. --Dungeonquest Heros (First Edition) $110...
  7. Cessna

    PETA Asks Games Workshop to Ban ‘Fur’ from Warhammer Characters.

    PETA Asks Games Workshop to Ban ‘Fur’ from Warhammer Characters. One more time... PETA Asks Games Workshop to Ban ‘Fur’ from Warhammer Characters. My first thought was that this was pretty funny. A few joke websites clearly follow 40K and know enough about it to get some good lines in, like...
  8. WightMutt

    Blood Bowl is back!

    https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/Boxed-Games?Nu=product.repositoryId&N=1782049846+3252425321&qty=12&sorting=rec&view=table&categoryId=catboxedgames Used to love playing this back in the day. So good to see it back again, and hopefully a fair bit of support. That being said £65 feels a...
  9. Rain242

    [Sell Me On] Deathwatch Supplements

    Prompted by the end of Fantasy Flight's partnership with Games Workshop, it seems like it's probably time to pick up a couple of supplements for Deathwatch before they disappear. I can't afford them all, so I'd like to get recommendations on which are the best books to pick up. So far, I have...
  10. DrFaust

    FFG and Games Workshop Part Ways

    https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/9/9/a-new-path-forward/ I may have put off buying into Talisman too long. :o
  11. DireLlama

    FFG loses Warhammer license

    The rumor mill has sort of seen this coming, but now it's official: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/9/9/a-new-path-forward/ So go grab whatever Warhammer-related FFG stuff has been on your wish lists, because it's going away soon.
  12. Aesthete

    Warhammer Age of Sigmar - now with points values

    So Age of Sigmar General's Handbook is about to drop, including the following stuff: So, we'll have point values again, as well as Path to Glory Warband play (which I understand to be similar to the old Realm of Chaos warband play in spirit) for a subset of factions. I have to say that is...
  13. A

    A questionnaire on the subculture of GW

    Project information sheet: I am working on a MA research dissertation within the University of Nottingham, under the title: Games Workshop gaming and how it exists as a subculture. Hence, I am researching traditional table top / board gaming, specifically Games Workshop games...
  14. S

    So, Age of Sigmar- what's good about it?

    I have enough friends steeped in Warhammer Fantasy to know that it's not been overly well-received by a sizeable chunk of the folks who have been playing Warhammer up til its release... and with the announcement of certain armies being removed entirely, I've seen friends abandon it entirely...
  15. Geoffrey21

    [AoS/WHFB] RIP Tomb Kings

    I had been eyeing a unit of Tomb Guard for a Frostgrave warband of all things. Then GW squatted the Tomb Kings and took the whole line out of production last week and the remnants sold out online realllly quickly. So I thought my dreams were done. Today I found a box of the dusty bastards at a...
  16. D

    So, Game Workshop's Half Yearly Report is Out...

    And the results look decidedly mediocre: http://investor.games-workshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/2015-16-Press-Statement.pdf All the numbers analysis is a bit out of my wheelhouse, so I'll leave the dissection to the far more qualified here. I do notice that there's no mention at all of...
  17. S

    Interactive Investor reports only 20% of Games Workshop customers are actually gamers

    http://www.iii.co.uk/news-opinion/richard-beddard/games-workshop-agm:-relentless-profit-machine?utm_content=buffer1c3b8&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer Mind, the report is based on an off-the-record conversation, but that would explain a whole heck of a lot...
  18. Aesthete

    Games Workshop rebranding -> Warhammer

    According to this, Games Workshop are in the process of rebranding their stores to "Warhammer" Even as my interest in Warhammer is on the wane (AoS did not manage to grab me, alas), I find the business developments intriguing. Have any of you seen this new rebranding in the flesh?
  19. V

    So, why are Games Workshop products so expensive, anyway?

    Everyone complains about the cost of various GW products (myself included). I thought the new resin models would reduce the prices from their metal figures, but that hasn't been the case. Their new hardcover codex books are beyond expensive ($58 for a 175 page book). My question is, why? In...
  20. Owesome

    [WHFB] It's GW Business Time: Warhammer Fantasy 9th Edition

    In what is either a bold new direction to synthesize core synergies and leverage brand value to maximise profit to our shareholders and increase investor value proposition, or a betrayal of their core audience and the games that made a once-proud British institution great, the rumour mongers are...
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