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gaming blogs

  1. PaladinTroy

    Things you hate that players do in RPGs (pet peeves)

    Personally for me, I hate the following. 1. People who clown around too much, especially in serious situations. 2. People asking me what’s my class and abilities in game. ( learn what I am and what I do in game....that is, if I so choose to show or tell you, either way, let’s role play it out )...
  2. Allandaros

    (non-OSR) Gaming Blog Recommendations?

    So after I found out about the various OSR games out there, like OSRIC, Labryinth Lord, LotFP, and so forth, I also found a bunch of blogs discussing those games. Blogs like Grognardia, Playing D&D with Porn Stars, Ancient Vaults and Eldritch Secrets, and so forth. I've been reading a lot...
  3. Imperator

    An interesting post on realism

    Of course, as it's written by Justin Achilli, I expect some people to dismiss it without reading. Nonetheless, I think is interesting and well written. http://www.justinachilli.com/blog/2009/11/6/realism-stinks-or-what-its-all-about.html What do you think?
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